Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 34


Hotel room in Goa,

Arjun was sitting on the bed & surfing the channels of television, there was nothing interesting to watch. Finally, he found the highlight of a cricket match in Sports channel. He settled into the channel. Samaira came out from washroom after taking bath & started wiping her wet hair with a towel. She noticed Arjun was engrossed in television. She went & sat beside him, but no response, his eyes glued on the television screen. She took the remote & switched off the television.

Arjun- arre…

Samaira put her finger on his lips to shut him up.

Samaira- Mr Mehra you should pay more attention to your wife than this TV as you are in honeymoon.

Arjun- So, what kind of attention Mrs Mehra want?

Samaira- Just keep looking at me & only me.

Arjun- yeah of course, I know I have to only look at you only till my last breath.

Samaira smacked on his arm. “Whenever, I try to get romantic, you always say something which is highly irritating.

Arjun laughed & lie down on the bed. Samaira came closer to him.

Samaira- You are not going to use negative words like last breath’ in front of me.

Arjun- Death is the ultimate truth of life.

Samaira- Arjun please…

Both remained silent. Finally, Samaira broke the silence. “Thank You.

Arjun (Furrowed his eyebrows)- for what?

Samaira- for not cancelling the trip.

Arjun- My wife looks beautiful when she smiles, I don’t like her sad serious face.

Samaira placed her head on his chest. She can feel the beating of his heart. She played with the button of his T shirt.

Arjun- But I have a complaint. You did not complemented me on our marriage day about how handsome I looked.( with a small pout)

Samaira- oh really? Hmm. Then, I should make up, what say?

Samaira sat up & removed the black robe she was wearing & Arjun’s breath hitched looking at her. She was looking s*xy wearing a red satin nighty. She got on top of him & started to unbutton his shirt.

Arjun(fumbled)- What are you doing?

Samaira- I am in mood to loving my husband. (with a mischievous wink)

Samaira removed his shirt & threw it carelessly on the floor. She kissed his eyelids & then put her lips on his. He kissed her hard. Their tongues met for a dance as ageless as time. She sucked on his lips & he moaned.

Arjun( in a low tone)- You are driving me crazy. I don’t think I can control anymore. I know you must be sore after last night. So, don’t instigate me further.

Without saying anything, she leaned down, licked & kissed on his neck, his nipples & the hollow of his navel. He moaned louder & he was unbearably turned on.

Samaira (her eyes clouded with passion)- I could not get enough of you. I want the ache.( in a husky tone)

Peeling off the shoulder straps of her nighty & pulling off the trunks of himself, he pushed her on the bed. Her head fell back with on a gasp, giving him the room he needed to trail his lips down her neck. She fisted his hair. Her breathing was going faster by the movements, he licked across the swell of her cleavage, letting his tongue dip down into the valley between. She was wet & suddenly she felt his warm slide in. She put her arm around him, her nails pierced the skin on his back. His arm encircled her waist & held her still as he thrust deep into her. The warmth of his sweat dripped on her. His skin smelled musky. He was thrusting faster & faster now & the pain was mingled with pleasure. Joy brewed within her body. She threw back her neck swelling with a sigh & faltering with a long shudder & hiding her face on his chest as she gave herself to him. He kissed her forehead which was covered with dewy sweat. They lay there, bodies suctioned together as still as the air.


Samaira lazily rubbed her eyes & stretched her hand on the other side of the bed but she found it empty instead she felt his lips on her. “Good morning Samaira.

Samaira did not kiss him back & opened her eyes. You again smoked in morning! I don’t like the smell of cigarettes, So, don’t come near me after you smoked.

Arjun- After such a great night you woke up in a foul mood, not fair dear.

Samaira- Arjun, I am serious…

Arjun (hold her hand & kissed lightly)- I know you are serious, you care for me. But I can’t abandon a habit just in one day, give me some time, I promise I will surely quit smoking.

Samaira- promise?

Arjun nodded his head with a smile. “Now, have the tea & get ready. Today, we will explore Goa.

Samaira-wow! So, you booked a cab?

Arjun- No, rented a bike. So, we can get around the places of our own.

Samaira- fantastic! I am excited. Let’s conquer.

Samaira almost jumped out from the bed, took out dresses from the trolley & went inside washroom. After sometime, Samaira came out wearing a white tank top & denim shorts. She almost pushed out Arjun in front of the mirror who was combing his hair wearing a white polo shirt & black three quarter pants. Arjun sighed. ” Samaira, we don’t have to catch the train. Samaira ignored him.

After sometime,

Samaira- Arjun, I am ready. How am I looking?

Arjun- nice. But you were really looking hot last night. You should wear more that kind of s*xy nighty in front of me. I also loved your attitude & then, you on top of me, loving me.

Samaira blushed.

Arjun- & if you want, we can stay here in room & love each other. That will be much more exciting, right?

Samaira- No. Men! Always full of dirty thoughts in their minds.

Arjun- huh? Really? Then, what about last night? (with a wink)

Samaira- what so unique last night? Can’t I love my husband or is there any rule that husband should initiate?

Arjun- oh no no. Just keep loving me more & more.

Samaira- now, let’s go. We are getting late.


Arjun was riding the bike, Samaira sat on the backseat cling to him, putting her one hand wrapped around his waist & it was a splendid feeling to cut through the coastal breeze looking at the horizon of the Arabian sea. The amazing artistic edifice & the centuries old architectural creation & the spectacular view of the evergreen coconut threes standing tall against the backdrop of the charming blue & green waters simply left them dumbstruck.

After a fun filled day, Arjun & Samaira both sat together on the beach. Samaira rest her head on Arjun’s shoulder & enjoyed watching the view of bright orange sun just about to hit the water on the horizon. The slight breeze that kept brushing the strands of Samaira’s hair right onto her face. Arjun brushed the strands with his fingers from her face. The mixture of orange & yellow colors all over the sky with the sun already starting to hit the water. The ocean water now mirroring the colors in the sky.

Arjun- So Relaxing & peaceful.

Samaira- You are a human. So, you too need break Arjun.

Arjun- Do you know what is our motto?

Samaira- No.

Arjun- The motto of IB is “Jagrito Aharnish; “Always be alert.

Samaira- Every work place has a motto. But who follows it with so much passion?

Arjun- Our job is garnering intelligence & then executing counter intelligence & counter terrorism task. It’s all about protecting our country & the citizens. A huge responsibility. So, we have to be dedicated.

Samaira- & it’s a great deal. Arjun, but guess if you got selected for IAS instead of IPS?

Arjun (laughed)- I not even chose the IAS option when I filled the UPSC form. I can’t explain but I was really fascinated towards this profession from my childhood. I never ever missed any drills, camps of NCC. From various books, I carefully followed the tactics of investigation. Obviously, my father was my inspiration.

Samaira- I am really proud of you & your work. But you know, the risk…

Arjun (cutting her words)- By any chance, if you don’t attend my call, I got tensed. We care for each other, we love each other. So, it’s natural to worry. Life itself is a risky venture.

Samaira sighed & only snuggled more closer to Arjun.


After spending hours together in beach, enjoying some local Konkani music, both put their feet in to the water. It’s felt refreshing. The grains of sand washing in between their toes. Samaira went little deeper into the water. She spread her hand & enjoyed the wind, her hairs no longer on her face but flying back behind her. Arjun took out his cell phone & captured the moment.


After roaming in the local market & eating dinner, both returned in their hotel room & Arjun’s phone started ringing, Rajat calling. Arjun attend the call with a smile.

Arjun- heyy Rajat.

Rajat- Arjun…

Arjun got alert hearing Rajat’s tensed voice from the other side. “What happened Rajat? Everything is fine, right?

Rajat- bad news Arjun,  Dev escaped!!!!

That’s all for today. Waiting for responses.

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