Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 32

After searching nearly for an hour, Arjun finally able to find out the suicide case file of Sudha from Police Record. There he got the death certificate, post motem report of Sudha & the neighbours & her brother statements which clearly indicates that it’s a case of suicide. Arjun checked, her brother name is Gopilal Khatri, village- Hirapur, District- Bundi, Rajasthan. Though there is no contract number but Arjun sighed in relief as he got the name & address.


Arjun was working in his laptop when he heard the doorbell rang. He closed his laptop & went to open the door. Nishi came inside & tiredly sat on the sofa. Arjun rolled his eyes.

Arjun- See Nishi, you too get tired, that’s why I skipped the shopping program with both of you & Samaira. It’s such a waste of time & energy.

Nishi- who told you that I got tired because of shopping? No, me & Samaira can again go to shopping now, after all we are using your card.

Arjun- Yes, & this is your first & last chance to use my card.

Nishi- Miser!!! By the way, I bought a saree using your card & definitely your wedding outfit but Samaira bought her outfit using her own card.

Arjun (frowned)- What? Why? I told you…

Nishi (cutting him in between)- See, you can talk with Samaira in this matter. Don’t drag me in between. Now, take this. (She handed over him his card).

Arjun took the card & put it in his wallet.

Nishi- & take this. Your wedding outfit. Samaira’s choice, okay? & I got tired because I have to come to give you this.

Arjun- You can tell me to pick up the dress.

Nishi- So, you can meet Samaira? No, no Arjun. You are going to see her in temple & trust me, it will be thrilling to see the love of your life dressed as your bride.

Arjun smiled.

Nishi- By the way, thanks Arjun for not disagreeing with the idea of temple marriage.

Arjun- I still prefer the simple court marriage. But Samaira’s face lit up when you suggested the idea of temple marriage. She too has some dream about her marriage. After all, from now on, it’s not about only me, it’s about us.

Nishi remained silent for some moments. “You really love her so much Arjun.

Arjun did not say anything & went towards his father’s room where his father used to stay before his death. Nishi followed him but stood on the doorstep. Arjun opened a cupboard in the corner. He took out a box & handed it to Nishi.

Arjun- Mom’s jewelleries. Dad always used to say that these are for his daughter in law. So, give this box to Samaira & tell her to wear the ornaments in our wedding.

Nishi took the box & nodded her head at Arjun. ” She is definitely going to wear these jewelleries. After all, these are the blessings from her in laws & Arjun, I really don’t need to explain the fact that Samaira has tremendous self respect, she is a free spirited girl. So, no complex feeling s regarding why she did not use your money to buy her wedding saree.

Arjun- I can understand Nishi.

Nishi- But don’t worry, just wait for a day. Once she becomes your wife, then you are only going to pay. (with a mischievous smile)

Arjun- Whatever. Anything else Nishi? Now, you go. I have many works.

Nishi (furrowed her eyebrows)- work? What work? Oh! I got it. You took appointment in saloon for hair styling & facial.

Arjun- what?

Nishi- You did the right thing & I am really proud of you. After all, you have to look good Arjun, else when you will show your wedding picture to your children in future, they will definitely going to tell you that papa, papa, you looked awful then.

Arjun closed his eyes & banged his head with his hand. ” Nishi, please spare me, I can’t take anymore.

Nishi- oh poor boy! You really need to upgrade your patience & endurance level more. After all, you are getting married. ( She patted his shoulder)

Arjun- So, you are accepting that you girls are impossible & tough to handle.

Nishi- Sorry to say, but you are wrong Arjun jee. We are so smart, extraordinary & special that even the creator, Lord Brahma failed to understand us. So, you don’t bother. Just be obedient to Samaira & your married life will be super happy & peaceful. It’s my advice to you as an experienced. (Nishi winked)

Arjun sighed & sat on the sofa. Nishi bites her lips to stop herself from laughing.

Nishi- Are you fine Arjun?

Arjun raised his eyebrows.

Nishi- No, actually the way you sat I thought your head is spinning & you are on the verge of fainting.

Arjun- you are just thinking too much Nishi from the moment I announced my wedding.

Nishi- But Arjun, I am going to wait for that day when Samaira’s head will be spinning…

Arjun ( gritted his teeth)- Nishi…

Nishi- okay, okay. Enough of leg pulling. Now, listen carefully, take rest Arjun as from tomorrow you are going to have hectic nights.

Arjun- Nishi, I am going to kill you.

Nishi took her bag & rushed outside. Arjun covered his face with his palms as he was totally embarrassed.


Arjun came out from the washroom wearing a golden color, full sleeves silk sherwani with light zari works & maroon churidar. Neil whistled & Rajat only smiled looking at him. Arjun ignored both of them. He combed his hair & did traditional slicked back hairstyle & wore the watch which Samaira gave him as gift on his birthday.

Rajat- Woah Arjun, you are looking so handsome in traditional Indian cloth.

Neil- yeah, that’s why I whistled. Let’s see who is going to faint. You looking at Samaira or Samaira looking at you.

Arjun (proudly)- Actually no one is going to faint. We both are the best in each other’s eyes.

Rajat & Neil both sighed.

Neil- I am really going to pray that it remains the same, else after a year most of the couple says to each other that they became blind in love.

Rajat giggled. “Absolutely true Neil. But the most important point is Arjun too decided to eat ” Shaadi ka laddu.

Arjun- Rajat, you already ate “shaadi ka laddu & what’s your take in this matter?

Rajat- No comment.

Arjun- oh no no Rajat, you can’t avoid this question.

Rajat- of course I can. I don’t want to take risk by saying anything negative. You may gossip & back biting to Nishi.

Neil- Hmm. Point.

Arjun- Neil, why don’t you find out that someone special for yourself or else tell me, we are going to search.

Neil- Why are you so hell bent to destroy my peaceful life? It’s time for your marriage. So, let’s go now Arjun.


Rajat stopped the car in front of a temple. All three step down from the car. Neil first rushed inside the temple. Rajat & Arjun followed behind. There is an idol of Maa Durga . Neil & his mother Prerna came in front of Arjun. Prerna’s eyes carefully scanned Arjun & soon she smiled wide. She took the thali from Neil’s hand & did the aarti to welcome the groom, then she applied the auspicious tilak on Arjun’s forehead as a gesture of approval & to ward off any evil. Arjun bent & touched her feet. She put her hand on his head to bless him & lovingly caressed his cheeks. She then led him in front of the idol where everything was arranged & a priest is waiting. Arjun stood there but now he could barely contains his excitement.

“Where is Samaira?  Arjun asked Rajat in a barely audible voice.

Rajat smirked. “Patience IPS.

Though Arjun was behaving very calmly till now, but the day itself is very special for him. His heart is beating faster. He could not wait to see Samaira in her bridal attire.

“Your wait is over. Suddenly he heard murmuring voice of Rajat from behind & he looked towards the direction & saw Samaira coming with Nishi. Arjun just forgot to breath.  Samaira was wearing a red color pure silk Benarasi saree with golden zari weavings & fine minakari works in pallu & vintage pattern halter neck blouse. Her hairs tied with loose braid adorning with a string of jasmine hair garland. The red bindi & slight design with sandalwood on her forehead, the jewelleries & the mahendi in both of her hands adding the charm. Samaira is looking downwards, feeling a bit shy. She stood face to face with Arjun. Nishi placed the garlands in both of their hands. Samaira looked up towards Arjun & her heart fluttered to see the way he is looking towards her. Both of them garlanded each other which indicate the acceptance as companion for lifetime. Then they both sat in front of the holy fire & the priest started chanting the hymns. Soon, the priest told Arjun to extend his right hand. He did as told. Prerna came & hold Samaira’s right hand & placed it on Arjun’s hand. Samaira’s eyes are full of tears. She has no parents to do her “Kanyadaan, but she was grateful to aunty & all her friends to be with her in the most important transition phrase of her life. Arjun can just feel her situation, he tightly hold her hand conveying his support, warmth & the promise to be with her forever. Samaira slightly nodded her head looking at him. The priest joined their hands by a sacred thread & with a piece of red cloth & put some flowers on their hands. The priest then told Arjun to place his free hand on Samaira’s right shoulder which symbolizes him taking responsibility of her well being. Their fates are now linked together. Then, the priest announced that it’s time for “Saptapadi. Nishi came forward & placed a pink color uttriya around Arjun  & a traditional red color bridal dupatta on Samaira head & then tied both clothes in a sacred knot. Arjun & Samaira both stood up & started taking seven rounds around the holy fire, promising each other prosperity, happiness, love, devotion, commitment, responsibility & respect. After that, Arjun leaned a bit  towards Samaira & placed vermilion on the parting of her hair, dropping some accidentally on her nose. Then, he tied the mangalsutra around her neck as a symbol of completion of their marriage. They are now bound together by an unseen,everlasting bond protected by promising words through all the rituals. Samaira was literally quivering. A foreign sensation filled in her heart. She becomes a wife from a girl. She is now Mrs. Arjun Mehra. It’s really like a dream, a very special & precious moment of her life.

Prerna blessed the newly wed couple & Neil, Rajat & Nishi congratulated them & wished to have a wonderful married life ahead. Nishi & Samaira hugged. Nishi whispered in her ears. “It is the belief that if vermilion falls on nose by chance then it means your husband is going to love you very much. Samaira smiled.

Neil & Rajat told them to pose for an after marriage snap.

Arjun- Rajat, you did the video & Neil you took so many snaps. It’s enough.

Rajat- Requesting both of you, this snap going to be final. I have to forward both of your photos, everyone in office wants to see.

Neil- exactly.

Arjun sneaked his hand around Samaira’s waist & pulled her closer to himself in a side hug. Samaira rest her hand on his chest & simply looked towards camera with a smile.

Three became busy to check the click.

Arjun (in a low tone)- Congratulation Mrs Mehra.

Samaira (glanced at him)- Congrats to you too Mr. Mehra.

Arjun- You are looking gorgeous!! I love you. Can’t wait to be alone with you & don’t think I am going to let you sleep tonight anytime soon.

Samaira’s cheeks turned scarlet.

” ahem, “ahem Nishi finally said & naughtily winked at the couple. Arjun started looking here & there & a slight blush appeared on his face.


Bonnie blankly stared at the wedding picture of Arjun & Samaira forwarded by Rajat. First, she just did not feel anything. Bonnie carefully looked at Arjun picture. His eyes are sparkling. Yeah, she witnessed his smile many times, but this smile, this charm on his face is completely different. Bonnie started wondering where she lacked? She too is beautiful & she is more intelligent than Samaira. Then, why the hell he Arjun chose Samaira after spending so much time with her?  She felt insulted & her anger rising.

“Congrats AM for your marriage. But your wedding gift is pending. Well, just wait for some day. You are going to pay, only because of you my career get tainted. Can’t forget & forgive you. “Bonnie angrily threw her phone on the bed.

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  1. Oh god….its really super….i am in love with this arjun….really super….each and every line so emotional…..loved all people….thank you so so much dr….I checked daily for ur update….finally got it….

    1. Madhumita

      Thank You. Thank You for still patiently reading Checkmate. Not really like to feel to post it here. But what to do? It is my duty to post as I started here. I am really happy that you are liking. Loads of Love.

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