Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 29

Bonnie slowly regained her consciousness. She felt her head was heavy. She rubbed her eyes & looked around. She is not in her room, she is not in her bed. She hurriedly sat up. Looking at the surrounding, she can say she is in a hotel room. She held her head & trying to recollect. After constantly cursing Arjun for two days, she finally went to meet with a senior police officer for suggestion at evening how she can get back her position. But Alas! He was unable to give her any fruitful advice. She was disappointed & returning home. She was so lost in herself that she did not even gauged when a strong hand covered her mouth & a cloth forcefully gagged in. A sweet smell hit her nose & everything became blurred. “What the hell! Where am I? Who is the hell dare to kidnap me?…

“Relax, Sub Inspector Bonnie Ray, relax. Oops sorry, suspended Sub Inspector Bonnie Ray! Bonnie heard a mocking male voice. She turned & looked at the direction of the voice. She noticed a man was sitting in the corner, puffing a cigar. The man stood up & started walking towards Bonnie & she also gave him a challenging glance. But she winced slightly & rubbed her temple as she felt the pain. Now, her head started aching also.
The man- chloroform effects, Officer.

Bonnie gritted her teeth. “Who the hell are you?
The man- That’s not necessary for you to know.
Bonnie( in a dangerously low tone)- & why the hell am I here?
The man (with a smirk)- For the benefit of both of us.
Bonnie- really? Please enlighten me, how?
The Man- You desperately want to rejoin your duty, & trust me, only I can made it possible.
Bonnie( laughed)- You?? Really?? Anyway, Thank you so much for the concern. But don’t worry, I will manage.

The Man- Well, I don’t think you can, dear lady.
Bonnie- The reason of my show Cause & suspension is not that grave. I only have to explain my “irresponsible behavior.
The Man- And what will you explain? Apart from saying sorry & you will not repeat the same mistake, do you have anything to say?

Bonnie remained silent.
The Man- Do you think IPS Arjun Mehra will be contented by receiving your sorry letter & will allow you to join your duty?
Bonnie tightly closed her eyes & remembered that she was crying & requesting Arjun not to suspend her but Arjun threw the letter towards her & mercilessly told her not to waste his time. She clenched her fists.

The Man- The answer is No & who else can know this better than you?
Bonnie (sighed)- Listen, whatever it is, I am not liking the fact that a stranger is poking nose in my personal matter.

The Man ( in a calm voice)- You always did your duty with sincerity & honestly. But what you get in return? A show cause letter & suspension from duty? Reason, negligence in duty. In your Department, this is a big deal, a grave issue. But what IPS Arjun Mehra did? He also ignored his duty. He did not take any action after knowing that Samaira Khanna has some connection with the terrorists, just because Samaira is his girlfriend. But still, Your Department gave him enough time to tamper all proofs against him & Samaira & Arjun Mehra is shrewd enough to do this with ease. Right Bonnie? But see, you did not get any second chance. Yes, you were unable to think anything rational that day? You love Arjun Mehra so much that you became numb to see him injured.

The Man said with a smirk. Bonnie snapped her head towards him.
The Man- Arjun Mehra can be with anyone as per his wish, but who gave him the right to destroy your career, your hard work?
Bonnie angrily grasped the bed sheet with her fists. She started taking deep breaths.
The Man- So, at the end, you became the ultimate loser.

Bonnie- Just shut up.
The Man- Bitter truth, dear lady.
Bonnie- Why the hell am I sitting here & listening your nonsense?
The Man did not say anything. He just stood there with a calm look on his face. Bonnie sat on the bed, holding her head. What the man said is the truth. Arjun every time insulted her.
Bonnie- What will I have to do to rejoin my duty?
The Man- Your words, that you will do as per our wish.
Bonnie- That is not going to profitable for me. You will help me once & I have to work as per your all wishes? Not done! I am not a fool.

The Man- I know that. For each work, you will get proper price. In fact, your reward will be so huge that you will feel the stars on your shoulder very light.
Bonnie- If I double cross?
The Man- You are not that stupid, dear lady. If you can rejoin your duty for me, then think, I can do anything & everything if you dare to play double game with me. & also , you are not in that position to do so.

Bonnie nodded her head. “I will do only one work to return your favor, if I get back my position. I will continue work for you if I find my reward satisfactory.
The Man came closer to her. “Done!!!

“Anything else? Then, let me go., Bonnie stood up with attitude & started walking towards the door. The Man hold her hand tightly & pulled her near him. He blindfolded her.
Bonnie- Hey Mr, you don’t even trust me! How can you going to rely in my “words? ( in a mocking tone)
The Man- We don’t even trust our shadows, right?
Suddenly Bonnie felt his lips near her ear. ” & prevention is always better than cure, right dear lady?

Arjun entered in his room mechanically & fell on his bed. His hand slightly rubbed his wound. He is again feeling the pain. He skipped medicines & his dinner. But more than physical pain, he felt anguished. He was doubting in his skill. He was a proud officer but today he felt the situation is mocking his pride & honor. He still don’t have any proof to prove Samaira innocent. She trusted him but he failed her. Do he able to live after losing her? He closed his eyes in defeat & a lone tear escaped from his eyes & rolled down on his cheeks. He pressed his face on the pillow. After sometime, he sat up & started taking deep breaths to calm down himself. He entered in the washroom & splashed cold water on his face. He came outside, changed his shirt & sat on the bed with his laptop, mobile & other important documents. He lit a cigarette, after sometime, the room is filled with the smoke. Arjun eyes glued on the laptop screen. He took his mobile & dialed the number of Rajat.
Arjun- Rajat, need your help. I want complete records of that bank account, registered on the name on Samaira & used in terror funding.

Rajat- But…
Arjun- No if & but Rajat. Many times we missed out plain facts when we get any shocking information. Secondly, I want Samaira’s Cell phone Triangulation record of each day, when Samaira’s cell number was used in operating the account & last but not the least, Arrest Zubin, but don’t take him to IB Office. Seized him in his own house. I have some face to face talk with him at morning. Am I made myself clear Rajat?
Rajat (in a firm tone)- Yes Boss.

Arjun cut the call & again concentrated in his work. Almost at, 4:30 am, Arjun closed his laptop & tiredly stretched his body. He decided to take a power nap. After an hour later, Arjun woke up with the sound of the alarm. He rubbed his eyes & went towards washroom. After freshening up, Arjun prepared coffee & sandwiches. He did not feel like eating, but it’s necessary for his health. He made up his mind. Today, either he will prove himself & Samaira innocent, or he will resign & continue to fight this battle legally. He already got some answers, but still there are many dots left to be connect. After breakfast, he took his phone & bike keys & left closing the main door.

Arjun knocked at the door of Zubin’s house. After sometime, Rajat slightly open the door to let Arjun inside & again closed the door. Arjun looked at the room. His eyes fall on Zubin, who is tied up in a chair in dinning space. There was a tape in his mouth refraining him to shout. Arjun face was blank. He took another chair & quietly sat in front of Zubin & removed the tape from his mouth. Rajat stood behind Zubin.
Zubin- What the f**k is this Arjun? Who is this man? (pointing towards Rajat) Why the hell both of you kidnapped me in my own house? What is your intention? Don’t think I am going to spare you as you are Samaira’s boyfriend.

Arjun( showing his Identity Card)- IPS Arjun Mehra, Field Officer, Indian Intelligence Bureau.
Zubin face lost it’s color. He became stiff & gulped nervously. Drop of sweats covered his forehead. Arjun smirked.

Zubin- So what? You are an IB officer, but who give you permission to trespass in my personal property? & you & your officer tied me up & also misbehaving. I am going to take legal action against you. I will go & complain in media & also in Human Rights Commission.

Suddenly Arjun stood up & clutched Zubin’s shoulder. Tremendous pain shot up in his body. A scream escaped from Zubin’s lips, but Rajat quickly covered his mouth with his palm. Zubin trembled in agony. He tried to say something but failed. His eyes were pleading to stop the torture. Arjun left him & sat in his chair & lit a cigarette & he also gestured Rajat to leave him.

Arjun- Now, do you remember anything Zubin? If not, then I know many other ways, but I afraid , you may not be able to handle the tortures.

Arjun spoke in a calm voice, his face devoid of any emotion. Zubin nodded his head in defeat. Rajat started recording everything in phone. Arjun showed Zubin the picture of Rana.
Zubin- I don’t know his name. He approached me one day when I was returning from Birdsong. He said Samrat Khanna sent him. Samaira was not talking with Samrat but Samrat as a responsible father want to invest in business in her name, but in legal proceedings, it’s necessary to submit the photocopies of Samaira’s Identity proof documents. He also offered me money. That time I really need money to buy this house. So, I agreed & do photocopies of all documents of Samaira’s from the employee records of Birdsong. I also took her signature in a blank paper putting it along with a advertisement project files. In hurry, she signed all without checking carefully.

Arjun- How you handed Rana all the documents?
Zubin- Rana? Is that man name is Rana?
Arjun nodded his head.
Zubin- He always used to call me from different LAN lines numbers. When I asked him about that, he said his cell phone was disturbing from some days, so, he gave his phone in a shop for repairing & not available to him. That’s why, he is contacting me from PCOs.
Arjun- Next?

Zubin- After giving all the Identity proofs of Samaira, he said, he need Samaira’s cell phone for an hour.
Arjun smirked. Everything is falling in place.

Arjun You did not ask him why?
Zubin- I asked him. In fact, first I disagreed to do this. But he offered more money . So, I leave aside all my doubts & agreed to do his work. But there was a problem to contact him when I get the chance to steal Samaira’s phone for some time. So, this Rana gave me a cell number & told me to give a missed call. One day, we were in an outdoor location to shoot for a brand, Samaira placed her bag with others & got busy in her work. That day, I got chance. I gave a missed call to that number. Within 15 minutes, a man came & took Samaira’s phone & gave it back again after a hour. I placed the phone again in Samaira’s bag without anyone’s notice.
Arjun- So, according to you, Rana did not came to take the phone!
Zubin- No.

Arjun showed Zubin the pictures of all the suspects like Dev, Anil, Rajen & Ravi. After keenly looking at the pictures, Zubin identified Rajen. Arjun stood up. ” Rajat, arrest Zubin officially, take him to Office.
Zubin ( shivering)- But I told you everything!

Arjun- So?
Zubin- Arjun, Samaira is my friend. I only wanted to help her. Honestly, I don’t have any intention to harm her.
Arjun- At least, don’t call yourself a friend Zubin. You wanted to help her. Really? You don’t even know the name of the man whom you handed over Samaira’s identity proofs & cell phone. You are not that foolish to understand that these things can be misused easily. You are a greedy, selfish man, you only wanted money to buy this house & for your other luxuries. Rajat don’t waste any more time, arrest him. ( in a firm tone) & left the room, but he can heard Zubin’s voice from inside. ” Arjun please, I am sorry. Don’t ruin my life…

Arjun parked his bike outside a housing society. He went towards B wing & climbed the stairs. In second floor, he stopped in front of a flat but the door is locked. Doctor Sarbani Dogra sent Arjun the datails of Sudha, Rana’s wife. From that file He got this address. Arjun knocked at the door of opposite side flat. After sometime, a middle aged lady opened the door.

The Lady- Yes?
Arjun showed her his Identity Card. The lady looked at him nervously. Sir, my husband is not at home now. He just left for his office. Let me call him.
Arjun- Relax mam. I just need some information regarding your neighbor Rana.
The Lady- But, Ranaji don’t stay here anymore. He left this flat after his wife’s death.
Arjun- What? Sudhaji is dead.
The Lady- Yes. She died almost ten months ago. She was depressed & committed suicide. She gulped a full bottle of acid which Ranaji bought to clean the bathroom. After this incident, Ranaji left from here.

Arjun- Do you know where he stays now?
The Lady- No. But in last rites of Sudhaji, her brother came. They are originally from Rajasthan. May be, Ranaji is staying in his home town. He was so broken after his wife’s death.
Arjun- Do you know the address mam?
The Lady- No.
Arjun smiled a little. “Thank You mam for your cooperation The Lady smiled too. Arjun came out from the Apartment. He sighed. ” Let’s go for Plan B.

After few hours, Arjun parked his bike near the Station area. This area is full of hotels & guest houses of all standards. Arjun started enquiring about Rana showing his picture in the receptions. He did not notice that a pair of eyes in following him. The other man took out his phone & dialed a number. ” IPS Arjun Mehra made the impossible possible. He is close enough to reach Rana. There was silence on the other side. After sometime, a cold voice instructed him, “Kill Rana. The Man started walking towards a hotel & walked towards the lift. Arjun too came in the hotel. He showed Rana’s photo in the reception. After looking for some time, the lady in reception confirmed that Rana is the guest staying in Room no. 209, which is on third floor. Arjun ran towards the lift, but he have to wait. Without wasting time, Arjun started climbing the stairs. The Man stood in front of Room No. 209. He knocked & as soon as the door opened, the man took out his revolver & shot, but no sound can be heard because of the silencer. Arjun too reached on the third floor. Both noticed each other at the same time.

The Man fired a bullet towards Arjun but he quickly ducked & the bullet escaped. The corridor is empty. Without giving any chance to Arjun, the man rushed towards Arjun & kicked him hard on his shoulder. Arjun fell on the ground losing his balance. The Man put his booted leg on Arjun’s wound near his abdomen. Arjun grunt in pain. He clenched his teeth to refrain himself from shouting. He writhed & tried to push the leg which is pressing his wound. The Man roughly pulled his hair, Arjun also struggled & suddenly he was pushed towards the wall. Arjun stumbled & fell on the groud with a thud & the Man fled taking this opportunity. Arjun somehow gathers himself up & went towards room no. 209 taking the support of the wall. Rana was lying there & bleeding profusely. The bullet directly hit on his chest. “ohh No”. Arjun sat near him & checked his pulse. He is still breathing. Arjun dialed emergency number to call the ambulance. ” Hey don’t worry, you will be fine. Just don’t close your eyes. ”

“Finally, I am free Rana” said in a faint tone. He is struggling for breath. His eyes are closing. Arjun tightly slapped his cheeks to wake him up.
” But he too need justice. Again Rana spoke in a faint tone.

Arjun was alerted. ” It was not an accident… He was an IPS Officer just like you… That was his marriage day…” Blood came out from Rana’s mouth. He struggled to say something, but no words came out from his mouth & he stopped forever. Arjun sighed.

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