Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 28

Rajat was driving the car. Arjun was sitting beside him, puffing a cigarette & lost in some deep thoughts.
Rajat- You all time stayed in funeral ground but in a corner. Why the hell you did not meet with anyone? You gave people a chance to bad mouth about you.
Arjun- I was there to salute my late brave Officer, not for any show off.
Rajat- But you can at least meet with Parmeet’s father.
Arjun sighed & threw the remaining cigarette outside the car window.
Arjun ( in a low tone)- If he would have asked me how his son died, then what will I answer? Higher Authority thinks I am responsible. Honestly, I don’t have any more courage to bear any more accusing looks & words. There were many people present to console Parmeet’s father.
Rajat- So, what’s next?
Arjun- Got some clues but everything is so confusing. Feeling like I am trapped in a chakrabyuh.
Rajat- But you are Arjun!!!
Arjun rolled his eyes looking at Rajat.

Arjun- Please Rajat, I am not in a mood to joke. Now, only three days remains, but still, I don’t have strong evidence to prove me & Samaira innocent.
Rajat- “Satyamev Jayate Arjun. Just don’t lose hope & you also don’t believe in dead end, Right?
Arjun closed his eyes & took a deep breath. ” I want your help Rajat.
Rajat- Yes sure.
Arjun- I want each & every information about Zubin. He is Samaira’s friend & colleague in Birdsong. But he should not know that we are after him & also make sure that he remains in our radar till we get his collar.
Rajat nodded his head.
Suddenly Arjun’s phone started ringing. He took out his phone from his pocket. An unknown Landline Number is flashing on the screen. He received the call. Hello, IPS Arjun Mehra speaking.
“Arjun… He heard Samaira’s shivering voice from the other side. Arjun was confused & he felt nervous also at the same time.
Arjun- Samaira, what happened? Where are you now & this number…
Samaira ( in a broken tone)- Arjun, I am in Airport Road Police Station.
Arjun ( in a low tone, his voice slightly shaking)- Why? What are you doing there?

There was silence on the other side of the line.
Arjun (impatiently)- Samaira…
Samaira- Arjun, please come. I really need you now.
Arjun- Don’t worry, I am coming.
But Samaira already disconnected the line.
Arjun- Samaira… Samaira…
Rajat- What happened Arjun?
Arjun was biting his nails & frustratedly raking his other hand through his hairs.
Arjun- Please Rajat, drop me at Airport Road Police Station & don’t ask anything because I myself don’t know what is happening.
Rajat did not say anything & drove his car towards Police Station.

Arjun entered in the Police Station & marched towards Inspector cabin. He almost barged inside without even knocking the door. He got stunned to see his Boss, Inspector General & one of the Joint Director of IB, Sashank Bhargav was sitting in the Inspector chair & a shivering Samaira was sitting on the other side & a lady constable is present the cabin. Arjun saluted his Boss but the man again gave Arjun a very stern look.
Sashank ( in a cold tone)- How dare you IPS Mehra to enter inside without my permission? I strictly warned everyone that I don’t want any disturbance.
Arjun- Sorry Sir. I am here for Samaira Khanna. She is my fiance. So, I just want to ask why she is in police station at this time?
Sashank smirked. ” Oh, so, she called you, when as per rule we permitted her to do one phone call to her family or friend or lawyer. But why not? After all, IPS Mehra, you are her would be husband. Well, she is here to answer some of our questions.
Arjun- Like?
Sashank- Like? Her bank account money is used for terror funding…
Arjun( interrupted in between)- Sir, you gave four days to prove ourselves innocent.
Sashank- That four days time is for you to prove yourself innocent, not for her. Why are you so hyper? Relax Mehra. We did not arrest her yet. Just took her in our custody for questioning. If she gives satisfactory answers, then she will be free. You are so sure that she is innocent. So, definitely, she must have answers. So, now, you just get out from the cabin.
Arjun- Sir…
Sashank- I don’t think anything left for you to say. Everything here is happening legally, In fact, A lady Officer is also present. So, …
Arjun- Sir, this is a web of conspiracy. The real culprits are actually trying to distracting us…
Sashank( in a cold tone)- IPS Arjun Mehra, you are forgetting two things. First, you are no longer part of Mission Chaturanga, second, I am your senior.
Arjun- Sir, I am not trying to disrespecting you. I worked in this Mission from the very beginning. It’s my observation…
Sashank- I am not at all interested in your observation. Get out from the cabin & let me do my work. Else, I am going to take strict disciplinary action against you. Hope I made myself clear. Now, dismiss.

Arjun never felt this much helpless in his life. He hung his head low & fisted in hand. Samaira trusted him, but what he did? He failed to protect her. He knows that Sashank Bhargav will surely going to issue her arrest warrant. He slowly looked towards Samaira. But he was stunned to see the hopeful look in her eyes instead of disappointment & hatred. Arjun took a deep breath & closed his eyes to calm down. She still trust him! Giving up is not a solution. He need to fight for both of their integrity. He gave Samaira a faint nod & noticed that slowly her shivering body started to calm down.
Arjun- Don’t worry Samaira. Just stay strong. You are innocent. That’s all matter. No tricky questions & tough Interrogation can change your truth to lie.
This time he glanced towards Sashank with a cold look on his face & again smartly saluted & went towards the door.
“IPS Arjun Mehra, he stopped hearing the cold tone of Sashank Bhargav which can send chills down on anyone’s spine. Arjun turned towards him. The man stood up from the chair & came near him.
Sashank- ” Conflict of Interest. She is very beautiful & attractive. I can understand why the hell you are torn between your duty & her ( in a mock tone)
Arjun felt like slapping Sashank, but he is his senior. He controlled himself & smiled & spoke in a very composed tone. ” Thank you Sir for this lovely compliment about her. Lucky me! But Sir, you used wrong term, it’s not “conflict of Interest, neither I am torn between my duty & Samaira. I am fighting for truth. I am fighting for honor & I am fighting for my love.
Sashank- Get lost Officer & come back only if you have strong proofs.
Arjun did not say anything, only stretched his shoulder in attention posture & left the cabin. He came outside & banged his hand on the wall. It’s all his fault. Why the hell he did not think this way? Yes, there is strong points to accuse & arrest Samaira. How can he be so irresponsible? He was only thinking about himself. Now, Samaira has to spend the night in Police station facing all the stupid questions of Sashank. Damn!!! & what will be her answers? Nothing. Apart from, saying ” She has no idea. The response obviously will not be satisfying for Sashank & he will definitely issue arrest warrant… No, No, No. Arjun took a deep breath to relax himself. He will not let Samaira to suffer at any cost. He rushed out of the Police Station. He don’t have time.

“How can I help you Sir? the young, beautiful lady receptionist of 5 Star hotel “Everest asked Arjun with a bright smile. Arjun showed her his Identity Card. ” Call the manager. After sometime, a middle aged man, dressed in black suit came in the reception. Arjun showed the picture of Rana entering their hotel. The manager checked their CCTV footages. In one footage, Arjun noticed that Rana entered in room no 301 & then coming out after few minutes holding a packet in his hand. It’s the same packet, visible in the third photo of Parmeet’s spy camera. So, it’s confirmed Rana handed over the packet to the unknown man in that under construction building where they found Parmeet’s dead body. The Receptionist checked their database & confirmed that Rana came to meet with their guest in room no.301, who is a foreigner lady, named Linda Joseph & checked out from the hotel after an hour she met with Rana. Arjun furrowed his eyebrows. Arjun carefully looked at Linda in CCTV footage, where she was completing Check out formalities & come outside with her luggage & took a taxi. Arjun asked a manager what Identity proof Linda gave when she checked IN. The Receptionist gave Arjun a Xerox Copy of a Passport. Canadian Passport. Arjun copied all the footages in his phone & came out from the hotel. Arjun was biting his nails, without any doubts the situation is getting more serious. He forwarded Linda Joseph’s picture to Vishal with a small message ” Check our Database ” Arjun stopped an Auto & sat inside.
” Kaha jana hai aapko Sahab? The driver asked.
“S.D Mental Hospital Arjun replied while checking his mobile.

Arjun entered into the Hospital. A lady in reception collecting her belongings in the bag. Without looking the lady said, ” Visiting hours over, come tomorrow. ” IPS Arjun Mehra came a strong voice. The lady hurriedly looked at Arjun, who is showing his Identity Card. ” I want to meet with Doctor Sarbani Dogra Arjun again said in a strong voice. Sarbani Dogra, famous Psychiatrist & the current owner of this Mental Hospital. Her father founded this Hospital. Arjun did the small research while coming in Auto. The lady in the Reception dialed a number through Intercom. After sometime, she told Arjun to follow her inside. In second Floor, she stopped outside a closed door of a cabin, ” Doctor Sarbani Dogra is written on the name plate. The lady left & Arjun knocked at the door. ” May I come in Doctor? A lady almost in her forties wearing glasses responded him. Yes, come in Officer. Please have a seat. Arjun nodded his head & sat.
Sarbani- How can I help you Officer?
Arjun showed her the picture of Rana. ” Do you know this man Doctor? His name is Rana. He called four times in your Hospital Landline Number.
Sarbani looked at the picture. ” Sorry Officer, every day I meet with so many people, so, it’s impossible for me to remember each & everyone. Many people called in Reception for various enquiries. We don’t keep records.
Arjun- Doctor, I can understand. But I am sure that you keep records of your each & every patients in this hospital.
Sarbani- Yes. Wait, I am checking patient’s database. What you tell the name? Rana? Yes, Rana.

The lady checked the computer which is in her desk. After sometime, ” Sorry Officer, we don’t have any patient named Rana.
Arjun- May be, this Rana is the relative of any of your patient.
Sarbani- Then again Sorry, I can’t help you.
Arjun was restless. He rubbed his forehead anxiously.
Arjun- Doctor, then in emergency how you contact with the relatives of the patients?
Sarbani- We always take their relatives contact numbers & keep them in Patient file.
Arjun’s face brightened. ” Doctor, can you again search your database putting this mobile number in find box? Arjun gave Rana’s cell number which is now destroyed.
Sarbani- Yes, got the record. Once we have a patient named Sudha, whose husband name is Rana.
Arjun- Sudha?? Rana’s wife??? Doctor, what was her problem?
Sarbani- I am not bound to share the problems of my patients to any stranger.
Arjun- Doctor, please. It’s very important. I request & I promise, I will maintain patient’s privacy.
Sarbani- Sudha was suffering from Major Depressive Disorder & she also has suicidal tendencies. So, they came here for treatment.
Arjun The reason for depression?
Sarbani- Their’s only son’s death.
Arjun- What? ( Now, he is terribly confused). Where is she now?
Sarbani- No idea. They last visited almost ten months ago.
Arjun- Doctor, can you please forward their details in my E Mail ID?
Sarbani nodded his head. Arjun stood up. “Thank You Doctor for the help & both shook hand.

Arjun came outside. He was mystified. So many Puzzles & he is getting confused. Suddenly his phone started ringing. He checked. Vishal calling. He received the call. ” Yes Vishal.
Vishal- Bad news Arjun.
Arjun- Now, what happened?
Vishal- You sent me the picture of Linda Joseph. The lady is in Interpol Most Wanted List. She is a part of an International Smuggling Organization & her name is not Linda. In fact, she has many identities in different countries.
Arjun- What?? What?? What??
Vishal- What next Arjun? It’s a very serious issue.
Arjun- hmm. Thanks Vishal for the help. Let me handle this in my way. Please don’t leak this information now.
Arjun cut the call & gritted his teeth. ” RANA…

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