Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 24

Arjun stirred & slowly opened his eyes, trying to adjust to the light of the room. He can see doctor checking his pulse & also he can feel someone caressing his forehead. He looked towards the person. It is Bonnie, with a worried look on her face. Arjun sighed & closed his eyes. He can heard doctor asking him. ” How are you feeling Arjun? He only nodded his head. After sometime, he opened his eyes & tried to get up. He winced in pain but still sat up on the bed. He is without his shirt. He looked at his wound which is now bandaged. “Arjun, Rajat rushed inside the room. He is also looking worried. “You all right? Oh My God. We are team Arjun. Why the hell did you alone took the risk?… Rajat stopped noticing Arjun’s cold look on him.
Arjun ( in a low yet strong voice)- Because I am the Boss. What are you doing here now? I told you to raid Khanna’s Godown & search each & every corner for any clue. So, how dare you to disobey my order?
Rajat ( fumbled)- I was worried…
Arjun- Do your duty. I want complete report soon.
Rajat left without any words. Now Arjun looked towards Bonnie.
Arjun- Do you able to track Parmeet?
Bonnie- I told naa, His mobile is out of Network coverage area.
Arjun looked at her. He noticed her eyes glued on his naked body. Arjun bites his lips to control his anger.
Arjun- What about Samrat Khanna?
Bonnie ( Surprised)- I thought you were not in your senses then. Bad News AM, Samrat Khanna is no more.
Arjun went blank. He failed to think anything at the moment.
Arjun ( after minutes of silence)- How?
Bonnie- in Accident.
Hearing her answer, Arjun looked at her for sometime without blinking. This time, he stood up from the bed but again he felt a sharp pain on his abdomen & numbness. He sat on the bed holding his head.
The Doctor- What are you trying to do Arjun? Thankfully, no ligaments torn, but you can’t ignore the wound & also you lost lots of blood. That’s why, you are feeling this weakness.
Arjun- Give me some pain killer medicine. I just can’t rest at least in this time.
The Doctor- But you need complete rest.
Arjun- I am not in the mood to repeat my words again & again. Give me some pain killer medicine & get lost. I am fine.
Bonnie (tried to interrupt)- AM, you need rest. Your injury…
Arjun- SHUT UP Bonnie.
Bonnie stopped immediately. Arjun stood up from the bed ignoring all pains. He went towards washroom & splashed cold water on his face & back of his neck. He came out. The Doctor came near him with an Injection in his hand.
Arjun- Hope it is not any Anesthetics.
The Doctor ( with a smile)- trust me Officer, this medicine will only reduce your pain. So, relax & remember, you need to change this bandage after few hours.
Arjun nodded his head. The Doctor gave him the Injection in his left arm. He then checked his mobile. So many missed call from Samaira? Definitely, she must got the news of Samrat’s death. Arjun did not call back. He entered in his cabin. First, he checked his bag, took out the pen drive in which he copied information from the computer in Store Room of Khanna Industries, placed it in his drawer & securely locked it. He also took out an extra set of clothes & went towards washroom to change. He glared at Bonnie who is standing outside his cabin.
After sometime, Arjun came & Bonnie looked at him. He is wearing a plain blue jeans & a black shirt, but not tugging with jeans. He called Chirag Randawa, one of the officer of his team. Chirag came & saluted him.
Arjun- Chirag, Parmeet cell is now out of Network coverage area, but I want the list of his each & every location after he left from the office & I want it soon. Divide the team & seized both Khanna Industries & Mansion. I want each & everyone related with Khanna’s under our surveillance. Any doubt? Then dismiss.
Chirag left from the cabin. After sometime, Arjun called Bonnie. She entered & saw Arjun was sitting in his chair carelessly playing with a paper weight.
Bonnie- You called me, AM?
Arjun- Yes. Why? Hope you are not thinking that you are hallucinating. You are in proper mental condition, Right?
Bonnie’s face fell. She remained silent, swallowing the insult.
Arjun- Okay, now, I want some answers.
Bonnie- Yes AM.
Arjun- What you did when you get to know that Parmeet is missing?
Bonnie- I called him…
Arjun ( cutting her words)- When he did not picked up the call & you learnt that his cell is out of Network coverage area, what you did?
Bonnie- You were injured & fell unconscious , I was worried…
Arjun- hmm, so you sat near me & started caressing my forehead with care. Are you the nurse here? When Rajat & I, both are not present, then you are the senior most. It’s your duty & responsibility to handle the team. When you discovered that one of your junior officer is missing, you should track his last location & send rescue team there, Am I right or wrong? But you behaved like a helpless wife “I called him. You wasted precious time. It is clear that Parmeet is in danger. But You, I don’t know what to say.
Bonnie stood there lowering her head. She did not dared to look at Arjun. She is literally shivering. Arjun angrily banged his hand on the table.
Arjun- In fact, you were unable to give me details about Samrat Khanna’s accident or whatever. Our prime suspect died. Is it not enough shocking for you Bonnie? But you remained aloof.
Bonnie ( now crying)- I am sorry AM. Actually, my mind stopped working then seeing you injured.
Arjun- I am not at all satisfied hearing your this crap reasoning. We are trained to handle this kind of extreme situations.
Bonnie- I am sorry AM.
Arjun- Don’t shed your tears in front of me. It’s of no use. Anyway, this is for you. ( He threw an envelope towards her)
Bonnie took the letter with shivering hand. “What is this?
Arjun- Show cause letter. Explain your irresponsible behavior & till then you are suspended.
Bonnie was shocked. No words came out from her mouth.
Bonnie- Sir… Please AM. Don’t do this to me. Don’t spoil my career & years of hard work. Please, I am sorry. Give me one last chance.
Arjun- Don’t waste your & my time Bonnie. Explain your behavior, than only I can take further decision. Now, leave.
Bonnie- Sir…
Arjun- Leave Bonnie.
After Bonnie left the cabin, Arjun leaned on his chair closing his eyes. He sighed. He is also feeling bad. But this time, Bonnie pissed him off. She deserves this punishment.

Arjun was sitting in the Inspector cabin. Local Police Station handling the high profile accident case of Samrat Khanna.
Inspector- Sir, this is the CCTV footage of the accident spot. Here, we can clearly see, somehow Samrat Khanna’s car went out of control & directly collided with the truck coming from opposite direction. The truck driver is now in our custody.
Arjun- It is clear that the truck driver is innocent. But how the car get out of control. Break failure?
Inspector- Sir, Forensic team gave their primary report. There was no problem in the car break system. But someone cut the pipe of the car’s AC & covered all the vents.
Arjun- What? Cut Ac’s pipe, so definitely Carbon Monoxide gas was leaking & covered all vents. Samrat Khanna died in suffocation? What about the post mortem report?
Inspector- Sir, we will get it tomorrow.
Arjun- Good work Inspector. But now, we are going to investigate the case. Samrat Khanna was our prime suspect. Anyway, you will get necessary paper work soon. I want to check Samrat Khanna’s belonging.
The Inspector nodded his head.
Arjun- ohh, by the way, what about his relatives?
Inspector- Sir, we informed his daughter. She is waiting in hospital. Can I call her here if you want to interrogate?
Arjun- No need.

After an hour, Arjun was sitting in the back seat of his car & a driver was driving. He is in deep thoughts closing his eyes.
Arjun ( in mind)- Now, what next? Samrat Khanna is no more. Who killed him? Was he already dead when his car collided with the truck? He, himself was driving. But why the hell, he did not open car windows when he felt suffocated? He should simply stop the car & get down from it as the breaks are perfectly fine. Post Mortem report will surely clear my this confusion. But why this perfect planning to kill Samrat? I already got the full details. It’s a Checkmate, then why? Samrat was trying to escape from the country to prevent his arrest, there is his luggage in the car, his passport in the bag. But why no tickets of flight? Is Nandini the master mind? She was very close to Samrat. She can easily tamper his car. She must be convinced Samrat to go to Airport & then she will be joining with the tickets. But again, the motive. Where is she & where is Parmeet?
His chain of thoughts broken by the ring of the phone. Chirag calling. He received the call.
Chirag- Sir, just now, Police recovered a dead body from an under construction site. This place is also the last location of Parmeet cell & also police got his identity card.
Arjun was shocked. He immediately told his driver to turn the car.
Arjun almost jumped out from the car. He did not even notice the Police Officers saluting him. His eyes are fixed in the dead body at distance, covered with a white sheet. He came closer & sat on the ground ignoring his pain. With a trembling hand, he removed the cover & looked at the face. He is indeed Parmeet. Arjun eyes are full of tears, but no drops escaped from his cheeks. He put his hand on Parmeet forehead & closed his eyes with a sigh. Suddenly, Arjun noticed Parmeet left hand. He tried to open his fist. After some struggle, Arjun was successful. Parmeet was holding a small spy camera in his fist.
Arjun- Whoever is responsible, I promise, I will not spare any of them.

That’s all for today. Waiting for responses.

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