Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 22

Rajat grabbed the collar of Ravi’s shirt & pulled him, made him stand in front of him. He is looking wretched after getting some punches from Rajat. Finally, Rajat put a loaded gun on Ravi’s forehead. “Speak the truth Ravi, else I will shoot you.” Arjun was intensely noticing everything from the one-way glass wall of the Interrogation room. “Your time starts now.” Rajat spoke in a low tone. Ravi started pleading that whatever he said is true. “3,2,1…,” Rajat pulled the trigger. Ravi yelped & fell on the floor. The bullet escaped just beside his ear & got pierced in the wall. “Please believe me, what I said to your senior officer is the truth & I made correct sketches” he said in a weak tone & fainted. Arjun sighed & entered in the Interrogation room. ” Leave him Rajat, I am sure he is speaking the truth. I can gauge this from his body language. Call Doctor, he needs first aid.”

Arjun was sitting in his cabin lost in some deep thoughts. Rajat entered in the cabin with some paper.
Rajat- Boss, our team got some new information.
Arjun- What?
Rajat- We got the details of the number from which Ravi received the order to collect Dev’s laptop from his flat. The number was registered in the name of Rana. Now, it is deactivated but what Ravi said is true. Ravi called this number few days before the second attack on Samaira. Another important thing, Rajen was regularly stayed in touch with Rana. This is clear from the phone records.
Arjun carefully checked all the call details.
Arjun- There is another striking similarity in all their call records. Do you noticed that Rajat?
Rajat- what?
Arjun- See the call locations of Anil, Rajen & Rana of that day we arrested Sarika, Dipesh & caught the bag of RDX, all these three were present in jungle. We got Anil & Rajen’s dead body but Rana escaped, most probably after killing the two.
Rajat- Possible.
Arjun- But see, Rana’s cell location was not the exact same as Anil & Rajen’s. So, that’s mean, he was not travelling with them from Khanna Industries Godown to A.D.Road. But, he reached in jungle sensing the danger that we caught the third Assignment. Someone definitely informed him, but how? There is no records, most probably, they contacted through messages or he has another number.
Arjun lit a cigarette.
Arjun- Without any doubt, we can say that Rana is Nandini’s associate. He acts as her driver & always stays with her. Let’s track Nandini & Rana together.
Rajat- How?
Arjun- Call Parmeet.
Rajat nodded his head. After sometime, a young Punjabi man entered in his cabin. He saluted both of them. Parmeet Kaur, the most junior officer in their team, joined just five months ago.
Arjun- Parmeet, you are going to follow Nandini & Rana from today. I want their each & every details.
Parmeet- Yes Sir.
Arjun- But you are not going to take any risk. Always stay in touch with the team. For any emergency, just call me or Rajat. No risk taking, no action. Just follow both of them & collect info about them. Am I made myself clear?
Parmeet- Yes Sir.
He saluted back & left the cabin.
Rajat- There is another information. Our technical team is still working to restore all the data of the laptop which Ravi deleted, but we got the details of the IP Address from which Ravi used to get all mails. It was registered in the name of Jai Khanna.
Arjun- Jai Khanna?? Now, who is he?
Rajat- Again, no idea.
Arjun (sighed)- Anything else?
Rajat- No.
Arjun- Last year, a team of Special Task Force, surrounded a house located in Delhi after getting proper intelligence output that K.K was hiding there. As the security forces closed in towards the building firing started inside the house. After an ensuing gun battle K.K was shot dead by Encounter Specialist, Pankaj Singh.
Rajat- Then? How K.K became alive?
Arjun- I don’t know. Already asked for the file from the Ministry. But got a shocking information also. Pankaj Singh took Voluntary Retirement just after the encounter of K.K

Arjun put the sketch of Rana in front of Sarika.
Sarika- Sir, I know this man. He was the one gave me the key of that Dev Arora’s flat & I gave his laptop to this man.
Arjun- Are you sure?
Sarika- Yes Sir.
Arjun- After that, you met him again?
Sarika- No Sir, that was the first & last time. Sir, how is my mother?
Arjun- Treatment going on. She is missing you.( with a sigh).
Arjun came out from the cell. ” So, that mean, Dev’s laptop is with Nandini. But why? What was so important in it?”
Rajat rushed towards him. “Arjun, we need to talk. Come with me in your cabin. It’s important.” He spoke in a low tone & almost pulled Arjun with him. Bonnie was coming towards them. She noticed everything & tried to hear everything hiding outside of Arjun’s cabin.
Rajat ( in a low tone)- You asked for the details of each & every transactions in Ravi’s account. We get everything. The money was transferred from Samaira Khanna’s account to Ravi’s account for delivering those three consignments.
Arjun- What??
His face lost all its colors. He snatched the documents from Rajat’s hand & started looking biting his nails.

Few hours later, Arjun almost dragged Samaira in his house.
Samaira( confused)- What happened Arjun? Why are you pulling me & why the urgent call to meet in your house? You also looked tensed.
Arjun handed over the documents to Samaira. She looked at the documents & gave a confused look to Arjun.
Samaira- What is it?
Arjun- Your bank account details.
Samaira- What? No, this is not my account. I don’t have that much money.
Arjun- Is this your signature?
Samaira carefully looked at the signature. “Yes”, she replied in a low tone.
Arjun – It is also your mobile number, which was registered for Internet banking?
Samaira- Yes, but you check my mobile. This account is not mine.
Arjun- Samaira think carefully & then reply.
Samaira- arre, what to think? This is not my account. I only have one salary account & a savings account. That’s it. From where can I get all the money? After leaving Khanna mansion, I took help of Neil to get that house in rent. I had no job then. I used to teach painting to children to earn my living.
Arjun- Now, listen carefully, this account which is in your name, this account money was used in terror funding.
Samaira- What????
She opened her mouth to say something more, but she was too much shocked to react. No words came out. She felt thirsty. She gulped hard. She was shivering & sat on the bed with a thud.
Arjun- These are all the Xerox copies of your Identity proofs which were attached with this account.
Samaira- Trust me Arjun, I have no idea how all these happened, this is not my account. Please Arjun…
She chutched his hand. Arjun sat beside her. Her eyes full of tears. “I am innocent Arjun. Please believe me.”
Arjun cupped her face & looked into her eyes. He rubbed the tears from her cheeks with his long fingers.
Arjun- Ssshhh! Don’t cry. Relax. ( He offered her a glass of water. Samaira gulped down the whole)
Samaira- Arjun, I am innocent.
Arjun- Then, what to worry? Just relax dear. ( He lightly kissed her forehead) I trust you Samaira.

Bonnie clicked on the send button & the mail got delivered. There was an evil grin on her face.
Bonnie- I am just too good( she patted her own shoulder) Now, IPS Arjun Mehra, my dear boss, you have to answer in front of your Higher Authority that what you did when you get the info that Samaira’s bank account was used in terror funding. Just because, Samaira is your girlfriend or live in partner, you can’t leave her. As a dutiful Officer, I sent all these proof to headquarter & Ministry. You can’t avoid your duty because of Samaira. I can’t let you do that, but I am also not going to take any claim. I hacked Parmeet computer & sent the mail & you know I used your hacking program. I saved that when you used my laptop to hack Dev Arora’s computer. So, this is my gift to you AM, with loads of Love.

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  1. finally bonnie showed her true colors. Hate her….. I hope arjun finds out bonnie’s deeds as early as possible

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, Bonnie first step against Arjun. Lets see, what happens next. Arjun is also intelligent man. So, finger crossed.

  2. Arti viswanathan

    Madhumita darling superb, excellent, nice, good, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, outstanding, fantastic episode. . . . I loved it to the core. . . . . . I liked all the scenes. . . . . Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. . . . . . . Noe bonnie should be suspended from her job for ever…..Will be waiting for next episode…..

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks for your lovely Inspiring comment. I am super happy to read your comment. Lets see, what happens with Bonniw. Will surely update soon. Loads of love from my side too & a big hug.

  3. As the story unfolds it is getting interesting

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks. Glad that you are liking it.

  4. Really nice.. continue

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks. Will surely continue.

  5. wow .intersting,mindblowing excellent ,awesome update…………eagerly waiting next one… uuuuu tc

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks. Glad that you are liking it. Will surely update soon. Loads of love to you too.

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