Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 21

40 missed call from Neil?? Why?? Is Samaira fine?? Arjun hurriedly dialed Neil’s number, but there was a nagging feeling in his mind that his behavior was real bad with Neil.
Neil picked up the call just after a ring.
Neil- Hello Arjun. Please don’t cut the call. I am Sorry yaar. I don’t had any intension to insult you. It’s just one of my childish act. Please yaar, I am sorry. Are you listening Arjun?
Arjun bytes his lips. In his anger, he overreacted. He took a deep breath.
Arjun- It’s okay Neil. I am sorry too. I behaved badly with you & also said many faltu things.
Neil- It’s okay Arjun. I am now relieved. Calling you for long times, just to say Sorry.
Arjun- I was busy. Hope you understand.
Neil- Hmm. I was just teasing Samaira. I just want to see her smiling face. But see, somehow I became the reason for her tears.( with a sigh)
Arjun- No Neil. You are not. Where is she?
Neil- In her home. She is behaving weirdly with me. She is thinking…
Arjun- That I insulted you because of her. Neil, please don’t mind my words. I am sorry.
Neil- Heyy Arjun, it’s okay. Now, you go & handle Samaira. Tomorrow, I want to see her smiling face in office.
Arjun- Yes sure.

Arjun knocked at the door of Samaira’s rented house. After sometime, he heard the door slightly opened. Samaira looked at him & closed the door with a bang. Arjun just stood there at doorstep totally shocked. After few minutes, he started banging the door but he did not get any response from inside. He dialed Samaira’s number from his mobile, but she did not attend the call. Now, he texted Samaira. “Open the door, else I will definitely going to break it.” Soon, he received Samaira’s reply. ” If you even try to break the door, I will dial 100 from my phone”. Arjun smiled & replied back. “Why dial 100 when IPS Arjun Mehra is standing at your doorstep?” After receiving this reply, Samaira felt like punching him on his face. She also replied back. “Get Lost.” Arjun again smiled & texted. “How can I darling? Open the door else you know what I can do. Police will not able to help you.” After sometime, he again received Samaira’s reply. “Trust me, Police will help me. Being an IPS yourself don’t give you permit to break the door of any girl’s house.” Arjun frowned. Soon, Samaira received a reply. “Any Girls’s House?” with some angry striker emotion faces. She rolled her eyes but did not replied back. Arjun again knocked at the door, but failed to get any reply. Arjun sighed. Now, there is only way left. He came outside. He looked here & there. No, the place is empty. Arjun started climbing the pipe & within few seconds, he jumped in Samaira’s balcony. Samaira was startled, she rushed to close the door of balcony, but Arjun was faster. He entered inside & tightly hugged Samaira. She struggled in his grips. “Get Lost Arjun.” She said angrily.
Arjun- No.
Again Samaira tried to push him but he did not move an inch.
Samaira- Why you came to waste your precious time with me?
Arjun- I am sorry dear.
Samaira- No Arjun, Why are you saying sorry? I am sorry. Now, please you go & do your work.
Arjun- Please dear, I am sorry. I was angry then…
Samaira- & you lost control of your mouth & said nonsense. Right?
Arjun remained silent.
Samaira- Arjun, I am sorry. I know what I did was wrong. Your anger was correct. You know, Neil was teasing me that day, he asked for a demo that you are best for me. We both don’t have any doubts about you. But Neil never stop to pull my leg & I, the desperate need to prove my point in front of my best friend, I did a blunder. Honestly, I have no idea how to give Neil a demo. So, made that childish plan. You have every right to get angry on me. But when you came that day only to save me, I just can’t explain what happiness I felt. Someone care for me so much, someone loves me so much. But you scolded me after that. I felt bad but I accepted. After all, I deserved it for my stupidity. That day, you shut me up for giving any kind of explanation. But please listen, you are my life Arjun & also you are rational enough to understand that I will never ever take our relation in next level if I have slightest doubts on you.
Arjun just stood there silently to let her speak.
Samaira- But by pointing finger at my & Neil’s friendship, you actually disgraced our relationship. What you know about Neil, that you are judging him? Who gave you the right? You have every right to get angry on me, fight with me. But dare you to crush my self respect. You thought so low about me?? I did not expect this from you Arjun. According to your view, Neil is a relationship breaker, if someday I point finger at you & your friend Bonnie, that she is brain washing you to break our relation. So, she is a relation breaker. How will you feel Arjun? Don’t insult anyone Arjun without knowing the truth.
Arjun flinched. He remained silent for some moments.
Arjun ( in a low tone)- Forgive me Samaira. That’s all I can say. I already said Sorry to Neil.
Samaira looked at his sad face. She felt thousands of daggers pierced her heart. She melted & came closer to Arjun & looked at his eyes. Arjun lowered his gaze. She cupped his face & lightly kissed his forehead. Arjun hugged her tightly.
Arjun- I love you. I can’t live without you. I just lost all my logic when I get the message.
Samaira- I am sorry also. Let’s leave the matter. What are you doing tonight?
Arjun- Just need some rest after two hectic days.
Samaira- Stay here, I missed you so much.
Arjun looked at her & nodded his head with a small smile on his face.
Samaira- You freshen up, I am prepareing something to eat.
Arjun- Samaira…
Samaira- haa??
There was a silence between them. Samaira noticed a look of confusion & hesitation on Arjun’s face, but he quickly hide it. He smiled a little & said “Missed you too Samaira.”
Arjun came out from bathroom after taking shower wearing the same shirt & pant. He threw & belt on the sofa & combed his wet hair. He noticed Samaira prepared dinner for both of them. They ate silently. Arjun washed the utensils & Samaira cleaned the kitchen & table. After doing all the work, when Samaira came in bedroom, she saw Arjun already removed his shirt & standing there bare chested.
Arjun- Now, what to wear? I am not comfortable in sleeping wearing this shirt.
Arjun noticed Samaira’s gaze on him. He cleared his throat.
Samaira ( with a teasing smile)- Why you want to hide such beautiful picture? Sleep without shirt, there is nothing I haven’t seen before.
Arjun narrowed his eyes. But Samaira noticed his ears turned red.
Arjun lie down beside her. He came near her & spoke in a husky tone.” Any naughty, dirty intention darling?”
Without saying anything, she came on top of him & put her lips on his. Their tongues stroked each other intensely inside their mouth as they tasted each other lips. Being breathless, finally both broke the kiss. She put her head on Arjun’s bare chest. She can feel his heartbeat, she inhaled his manly scent.
Arjun- It was awesome, please carry on darling. ( with a cheeky smile)
Samaira looked at him. He is lying closing his eyes. There was a teasing grin on his face. Samaira poked her finger on his bare waist to tickle him, but he did not react at all. Samaira kept trying to tickle him.
Arjun- No use dear. I am not at all ticklish.
Samaira pinched his arm but he only laughed. His one hand encircled around her & his hand sensually travelling under the top of her night suit. She can feel heat rising on her cheeks. His eyes are still closed. Samaira came more closer to him & suddenly kissed on his bellybutton slightly biting it. He groaned loudly. His eyes flew open. His all muscles clenched. His hand squeezed her waist, travelled up & open the strap of her bra. He pushed her to the bed & hovered on top of her. His one hand cupped her one br*ast & other hand unbuttoned her top.
Samaira- Arjun, please.
Arjun- Relax. Just want to feel you for sometime.
He rubbed his lip on her cleavage & started kissing & biting madly. His thumbs continuously caressing her erect tips. Her moaned filled the room. She held his hair tightly & scratched his bare back. Finally, he stopped, breathing heavily & burying his face in the crook of her neck. Samaira can feel his tongue there & closed her eyes in pleasure.
After sometime, Arjun moved to his side kissing her forehead. Samaira sat up & tied to hook of her bra & arrange her clothes. Arjun again pulled her towards him. Samaira put her head on Arjun chest & closed her eyes feeling sleepy.
In morning, Arjun woke up first. Samaira is sleeping over him, hugging him tightly. Arjun checked his watch. “Ohh God, I am late again.” He somehow placed Samaira on the bed without disturbing much. Samaira mumbled something in sleep. Arjun rushed towards bathroom. After sometime, he came out dressed up completely. Samaira is still sleeping. Arjun woke her up.
Arjun- You will sleep later. I am getting late. Get up & close the door.
Samaira rubbed her eyes lazily. “Wait for sometimes, let me prepare coffee for you”.
Arjun- No, no, I am already late.
Samaira- Every morning, you wake up sitting in horse. Hurry, hurry & hurry.
Arjun- No, not every morning. I wake up late whenever I sleep beside you.( with a wink)
Samaira- oh, what a serious problem. Okay, from next time, you are going to sleep in sofa.
Arjun- Of course not. Why am I wasting my time talking nonsense with you?
Samaira looked at him seriously.
Arjun- okay, okay. Now, please don’t look at me in this way. By the way, listen, from now on close the balcony door when you are alone.

Samaira looked at him with a bright smile. ” Then, how can my personal thief will enter?”
Arjun- I am serious Samaira. Stay safe & bye.
Samaira- You too take care Arjun. Byee & please call me whenever you get time.

In IB Office, Arjun entered in his cabin. Rajat placed two sketches in front of him. Arjun looked at the first sketch & rubbed his forehead.
Rajat- He is the first man, who met with Ravi in jail, offered him work, then bailed him & gave him the laptop.
Arjun- I saw him somewhere, but can’t able to remember. Where? Where?
After sometimes,
Arjun- Oops, I saw him with Nandini. He drives her car. Dam, he is also two faced.
Rajat- I called in Jail. They said, according to their record, his name is Rana.
Arjun- What about other one?
Arjun looked at the sketch & his face lost its colors. He jerked up & shocked.
Arjun- How can this be possible?
Rajat- Why? What happened?
Arjun- His name is K.K, one of the most wanted criminal in Interpol list. But the shocking part is, last year, he got killed in an encounter with a Special Task Force Team. So, now, He is officially dead.

That’s all for Today. Waiting for responses.

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      Thanks. Glad that you are liking it. Will update soon.Loads of Love.

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      Thanks, thanks, thanks for your lovely & inspiring comment. Super happy to know that you are liking it. Will definitely update soon. Loads of Love to you too Arti & a big hug from my side.

  3. Awesome episode

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    Samarj scenes are awesome and lovely as usual

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks for your comment. Glad that you liked SamArj. Well, the story’s main focus is SamArj. Neil is an additional character here. That’s why I not much explored him.

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