Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 20

Arjun was checking the bag of Ravi, whereas a female Officer was checking the bag of Puja. Arjun get a cell phone without SIM card, a laptop, an ATM card, some cash & clothes from Ravi’s bag. He tried to open the laptop but it was password protected. In Puja’s bag, they only found some clothes & medicines. After checking all the medicines, the lady Officer informed Arjun that those are all anti-drug addiction medicine. Arjun went towards Interrogation room. He looked at both of them from the glass window. Puja was shivering but Ravi looked very calm & composed. Arjun entered , took the chair & sat in front of them, Rajat was standing beside them. But before Arjun say something, he heard Ravi’s voice.
Ravi- I will say everything what you want to know Sir, but Puja is not involved in anything. Leave her & also she is not well.
Arjun gestured the lady Officer to take Puja with her. Both the ladies left.
Ravi- Who are you Sir? Definitely not Narcotics Officer.
Arjun- You promoted yourself Ravi from drug smuggling to RDX Smuggling. So, now you are in the custody of Intelligence Bureau & we will not tolerate a single lie from you.
Ravi( with a sigh)- I was in jail after Narcotics Officers arrested me. I tried a lot but failed to get bail.

Suddenly, one day , an unknown man came to meet with me in the jail. He offered me lots a money & a work. Without thinking anything, I said yes to that unknown man & next day, I get bail.
Arjun- Who was that unknown man & what work he offered?
Ravi- Till now, I don’t know who was the man? But I remember his face. He again came to meet with me after I get bail & gave me a laptop.
Arjun- The same laptop which you have in your bag.
Ravi nodded his head.
Arjun- Next?
Ravi- That unknown man told me that I will get all the instructions through E Mails then will have to work as per & then will have to delete the mails. I collected some stolen mobile handsets & bought SIMs from various shops with fake identities as instructed. First & second consignment successfully done. After that, problem started.
Arjun- How you successfully completed the two? & what were those consignments?
Ravi- I don’t know what were those consignments & from where those were coming. They only mailed me a code & details of a girl, named Sarika, who will collect the consignments. I called her & gave her the code . After two days, I received another mail at night. There was an address & a phone number . I again called Sarika from another number & gave her the info.
Arjun- What happened with the third consignment? ( with s smirk)
Ravi- No idea where it goes wrong. I received no mails after two days. I thought they changed their plan & I should not worry as I only do what they wants. But early morning, I heard a knock at the door . Two masked men entered. I smelt something sweet & then darkness engulfed me. I opened my eyes in some garage like area . A well built man was sitting in front of me. He put a gun on my head & accused me for cheating. He said just because of me the consignment got caught by police. I shivered & tried to convince him. But he & some other men beat me brutally. I again lost my senses. When I back in senses, I saw, I was lying in the side of a deserted road. I was afraid. I knew that they will definitely kill me. I started making plan to escape. But few days before, they again mailed me a picture of a lady, named Samaira Khanna, with details. They wanted her dead & ordered me to kill her at any cost else they will kill me. I said I can arrange contact killers. They agreed & also transferred some money in advance in my account. But the killers failed to killed that lady & get caught. Now, to save myself & Puja from them I decided to leave the city & also the country.

Arjun- What your relation with Puja?
Ravi- I love her.
Arjun- Oh really? But definitely not more than yourself, that’s why you sent your love to deal with the killers?
Ravi- I only sent Puja to confuse all.
Arjun- From where you get the car & the fake number plate?
Ravi- When I informed them that I already managed to arrange contact killers to kill Samaira Khanna, & need a vehicle. They provided it.
Arjun- But how you informed them ? ( with his eyebrows raised)
Ravi- I have a Number of them. Only once they called me. They again mailed me the details of the car. I get the car from Green View Resturant’s Parking area & Puja gave the car to the killers.
Arjun- How you get their number & when they called you?
Ravi- One night, a man called me in my Mobile, which was actually registered in my name. He gave me the address of some Dev Arora & told me to call Sarika to bring the laptop of Dev.
Arjun- How she get the keys of Dev’s house?
Ravi – I don’t know. I just informed what they said me to do. That’s it. Then, I destroyed my SIM but kept the number from which the man called.
Arjun- Your laptop password & your bank account number.
Rajat gave him a piece of paper . Ravi wrote on it.
Arjun- Also the mobile number of that man.

Ravi calmly wrote it also. Arjun showed him the pictures of Samrat, Nandini , Dev, Anil & Rajen , but Ravi unable to identified any one of them.
Arjun got up from his chair. He heard Ravi’s voice.
Ravi- I said everything Sir.
Arjun- So, what you are expecting? We will let you go?
Ravi- No Sir. But please leave Puja. She is innocent.
Arjun sighed. He looked at Ravi.
Arjun- You put her in all this mess.
Ravi- When first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. She came to me for drugs. She was an addict then. She has no money. Soon, she also started loving me. She left everything & came to live with me. Now, she is taking medicine to get rid of her addiction. She is not a criminal.
Arjun- We are sending her to her parents & she is criminal or not, I am no one to decide that, let the court decide.
Arjun & Rajat both came out from the Interrogation room.
Rajat- What your take on Ravi & Puja love story?
Arjun- Love is blind.
Rajat- From Puja’s side is it love or infatuation?
Arjun- God Knows but definitely not my matter of interest.

Arjun entered in his cabin & Rajat followed him behind. Arjun sat on his chair. He wore his gloves & opened Ravi’s laptop. The inbox was empty.
Arjun- Rajat, send this laptop to our Cyber Experts team & tell them to restore all the datas which Ravi deleted, plus find out the details of IP address from which Ravi used to get all mails & I want the report soon. It’s urgent.
Rajat- We did not get enough info from Ravi.( in a disappointed voice)
Arjun – Don’t lose hope Rajat. We got many clues from Ravi. We just need to explore all clues to get a clear picture.
Rajat sat on the chair in front of Arjun.
Arjun- Okay, let’s begin with clue number 1. Ravi’s bank statement. It’s really necessary to know from which account money is coming into Ravi’s account. So, get the details of each & every transactions after Ravi came out from jail.
Arjun- Clue number 2, the two men, first one, who bailed Ravi & offered him lots of money & the work & the second man, who kidnapped & accused Ravi of cheating. Call a sketch artist & prepare sketch of both the men. We also need to find out details of the first man from the jail authority, they must have some records, as he came there to meet with Ravi.
Arjun- Clue no 3, the mobile number, from which Ravi get the order to collect Dev’s laptop from his flat. That time, they called. Why they took so much risk? It’s still a mystery. In fact, the number was activated before few days when Ravi called for help to kill Samaira. Now, it’s switched off. So, we need to get complete details of this number.
Arjun- Another important clue, Green View Resturant. Dev took Samaira in Green view Resturant. Rajen was a waiter of the same restaurant, served Dev & Samaira there, also he was a part of the smuggling chain of RDX. Ravi got the car which had fake Number plate of Dev’s car from the same Resturant. It can’t be only a coincidence. But don’t explore this clue now, just concentrate on clue 1,2 & 3.
Rajat- Yes Boss.
Arjun- Rajat, make small teams with our Officers & then divide the work properly. I want all the information as early as possible.
Rajat nodded his head & left the cabin.
Arjun stretched his body on his seat. He is feeling exhausted. He lit a cigarette & checked his phone. He was surprised to see 40 missed calls from Neil.

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  1. Waiting curiosly to unfold the mystery

  2. Awesome episode

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Kalyani.

  3. Hey nice madhu 40 missed call from Neil something happend to Sam?will wait for next update soon

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Amrita. You have to wait for next update to know the mystery behind 40 missed calls of Neil. Will update soon.

  4. Arti viswanathan

    Madhumita darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, outstanding, fantastic episode…… I loved ot to the core……. i liked all the scenes….. i liked the way arjun says love is blind its absolutely true……. u should have fate in ur partners as well as……. tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. ……. will be waiting for next episode. ….m

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks Arti for your lovely, inspiring comment. Glad that you are liking it. Will continue soon. Loads of Love.

  5. Loved it yaar

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  6. Hi….after a long time….today ly going to comment….mysteries leading one to other….cant get anything….40 missed call from neil…i thing sam kidnapped by someone….dont do anything to them…i like this pair very much….

    1. Madhumita

      Hey Happy. How are you? Yes, after a long time. Thanks for still patiently reading Checkmate & also for your comment. Yes, many mysteries. Hope, I am not confusing readers. Wait for next update to know the mystery behind Neil’s s 40 missed calls. Thanks again for liking SamArj in Checkmate. Loads of Love.

  7. Epi was amazing Madhumita dear…..

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      Thanks Soni dear. Glad that you liked the part.

  8. mindblowing update

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      Thanks Subha for liking the update & for reading Checkmate regularly. Loads of Love dear.

  9. Very curious to know what happens next..

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      Sure. Will continue soon.

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