Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 2 & Part 3

Part – 2

6:40 AM
Samaira Khanna was standing in the bus depot with her luggage.The bus will be leaving for Mumbai at 7am.Samaira went to the nearby tea-stall to buy a Mineral water bottle.Suddenly, she heard a familiar male voice from her behind.
Good Morning Samaira.
She looked at that direction.She saw Arjun.Arjun Mehra was standing there with a luggage hand-bag.But he is looking slightly different from yesterday’s night.He is wearing spectacles.
Samaira- heyy Arjun.Good Morning.You here.What a pleasant surprise.
Arjun- Why surprising???I live in Mumbai,I was in Khandala because of some urgent piece of work.Now, the work is over & I am leaving for Mumbai.
Samaira- same pinch.By the way, how’s your wound???
Arjun- Its fine.I took pain-killer.
Samaira-Again thanks for your help.The way the bas***ds attacked…
Arjun- heyy Relax.Its absolutely okay.U said last night naa, Humanity matters.Thats it.
Samaira- thanks again.
Arjun- When U gonna to stop your thanks puran????
Samaira smiled slightly.Arjun extended his hand towards Samaira.
Arjun- Friends????
Samaira was looking at Arjun with a very surprised look on her face.
Arjun- If we become friends your thanks giving will stop automatically.In Friendship, there is no place for Sorry & thanks.
Samaira smiled & shake hand with Arjun.”Friendship Offer Accepted”Said Samaira.
Arjun- We will continue our conversation in bus, warna bus will leave for Mumbai without us.
Inside the Bus,
Samaira- heyy, I will take the Window seat.
Arjun- Why???Do U have vommitting tendency while travelling in bus???(in a fun tone)
Samaira- eeeks, cheee, How mean.
Arjun-(With a small smile)- No, the way U are saying, I found urgency in your tone.
Arjun- arre baba, it’s a common thing, when a girl & a boy is sitting together in a bus or in train, even in flight, he should give the Window seat to the girl.
Samaira- No, I object.I believe in equality.Infact, I strickly oppose ladies seat in bus & ladies compartment in train.
Arjun- woahh,By any chance, do U work in National Commission for women???
Samaira- No, I asked Window seat because U offered friendship.As a friend, I asked, not as a lady.
Arjun- ( with a small smile) I may catch cold if I take window seat, So I am gladly giving U the seat.
Bus Conductor- arre betho naa tum log, bus chodne ka waqt ho gaya hai.Samaira took the Window seat & Arjun took the seat beside Samaira.
Samaira- You are so sarcastic.Neil jaisa koi nahin.He is such a sweet Guy.
Arjun- Neil, your boyfriend????
Samaira- No, My best-friend.My Apple.
Arjun- apple???
Samaira- Yes,for his sweet, simple & caring nature, I gave him this nick-name Apple.
Arjun- That’s great.
Samaira- By the way,your martial arts skill is superb.Last Night, I forgot to appreciate it.
Arjun- Thanks, Thank U so much.
Samaira- U know, I am thinking that I should learn some self-defence technique.Last night, I felt so helpless.
Arjun- Yes, U should.Why to depend on others??? Aapne safety, aapne haath.
Samaira- hmm, but tumne to ek saath 4-5 ko road pe leta diya.dhisumm, dhisumm.Its just like watching an action scene in a Salman Khan’s movie.
Arjun- it’s a biggest compliment that I am receiving from a lady.
Samaira- boo, dont tell lie.Kitne Girlfriends hai tumhare???
Arjun- Girlfriends???
Samaira- Don’t tell me that You are married.
Arjun- No, I am not married.But I don’t have any GirlFriend.
Samaira- Boo, U are so hansome, U are also looking so young & You are telling me that U don’t have any girlfriend.Dont joke yaar.
Arjun- No, Its not a joke.I started my journey from an Orphan-home.Its a tough journey.Still struggling.So, never get the time for all this.
Samaira- ohh, I am so Sorry.But U know, what is more painful??expectation from someone.
They both looked at each other.Arjun saw strange pain in her eyes.But he don’t said anything. He put his hand on Her’s hand.
Samaira- But Don’t ask anything about it.I don’t want to share this with anybody.
Arjun nodded his head.
Arjun- U know, sometimes by sharing with others, U may find solution & peace also.
Samaira- leave naa.By the way, Who is your favourite Actress???
Arjun- I got the fact, that Ur Favourite Actor is Salman Khan.But U should ask about my Favourite Actor naa, Why are U asking my fav Actress???
Samaira- For me, opposite s*x choices matters.
Arjun- ohh, Well, my favourites are Deepika, Kangana, Anushka,Katrina, Vidya
Samaira- arre bas bas.
Arjun- I cant differentiate among beautiful ladies.
Samaira- wow, U are a flirt also.Last night, I thought, U are a very serious type of Person.
Arjun- Who I am??? It’s a very difficult equation, very tough maths.You will need a lot of time & hardwork to crack it.
Samaira- I am very bad in Maths.I work in an Advertisement agency.
Arjun started laughing.
Samaira- don’t laugh.Yes, its true, I cant judge people’s mind.Always I try to understand people’s heart.Trust comes from heart & trust is the main factor in every relationship.
Arjun- I don’t trust people so easily.Trust is fatal for me.
Samaira- What???
Arjun- arre, I am an Accountant.I have to do lot of calculations.Its a brain’s work.
Samaira- hmm.
Bus stopped in a Petrol Pump.Most of the passengers got down from the bus.Arjun was standing outside, holding Samaira’s bag.Arjun lit a cigarette.Samaira came out from the Wash-room.She saw Arjun.She came & stand beside him, but she maintained distance.
Arjun- I am looking like an idiot, holding a ladies bag.Take your bag.
Samaira- will definitely take my bag.First U complete your Cigarette, I don’t want to be a victim of passive smoking.
Arjun- Goshhh.
Samaira snatch her bag from Arjun & climbed into the bus.Arjun brought a newspaper, then climbed into the bus.
Arjun- Smoking is the only bad habits of mine.
Samaira- I don’t want to give my precious conciousness lectures to those intelligent people, who dig their own graves.
Arjun- Now, who is Sarcastic???
Samaira- huhh, anyway, give me the Entertainment page, baaki U read the whole newspaper, I don’t think U have any interest in Gossips.
In Mumbai,
The bus finally reached Mumbai.
Samaira- Byee Arjun.Its so nice meeting with U.
Arjun- hmm.
Then suddenly Arjun hold Samaira’s hand.Samaira gave him a surprised look, but she didn’t protest.Arjun pick out a pen from his shirt’s pocket & wrote his mobile number on Samaira’s hand.
Arjun- My contact number.Sorry,Don’t have any paper.So, writing it in your hand.okay, chalo byee.
Arjun smiled looking at Samaira & left from there.Samaira stood there for sometimes.then, she took her luggage, called a Auto & left from there.

Arjun Mehra is standing infront of Khanna Industries.He finally reached.But it is not his ultimate destination.Bas rasta nila hai, Manzil abhi dur hai.
He adjusted his spectacles & entered into the office & showed his joining letter in thr reception desk.

Part 3

Arjun Mehra was sitting in the Account Section of Khanna Industries.Today, his first day in office but he is sitting idle on his desk without any work & watching his colleagues working.As all his colleagues said to enjoy his first day because he will not gonna to get any chance to enjoy from tomorrow.From tomorrow his hectic schedule will begin in office.
Arjun was sitting in a corner & on his left hand side he saw Teji, his one of the colleagues, was struggling with lots of files.
Arjun- May I help U teji????
Arjun-(again)-May I help U???Do U think you will complete all the files without any help.??
Teji- I don’t think so.But I have to do all the files at any cost.Neither Nandini mam will kick me out from here.
Arjun- Really???But to complete all the files you have to stay late night in the office.
Teji- In Khanna Industries, there is no late night shift.All the employees have to complete their works till 8pm.After that, no one allowed in the office.So.please, don’t disturb me.
Arjun- I am not disturbing U teji.I want to help you.See, I am sitting idle & you are struggling with lots of work.So, why don’t U share ur work with me???
Teji- All these files are my responsibility.If Nandini mam finds any mistake…
Arjun- Relax.She will never find any mistake.Trust me.
Teji gave some files to Arjun & both started working together.
Lunch time,Arjun & Teji sitting together in the Cafeteria.
Teji- Thanks dudefor ur help.I was in so much tension how to handle so much work.
Arjun- Don’t you think Teji its your fault.Why you have so much pending work???
Teji- Not my fault.I was in leave.Today I joined in duty & Dev Sir gave all the pending files.
Arjun- So, out two Bosses are Hitler.
Teji- Not two, Dev Sir is the manager here.We can direct interact with him.But U know, one thing, He is an alcoholic.So, Nandini mam is the main all in all in Khanna Industries.
Arjun- An alcoholic man is the manager here.U are kidding Teji???If Dev is that much irresponsible, then company will sack him naa???
Teji- Dev is the right hand of the owner Samrat Khanna.I least interested about this management.
Arjun- Neither I Teji.I just want to know about them coz I have to work here.
Teji- Dev Sir is not a threat.But Nandini mam, baap re baap.She is unaccessible, she is mysterious.You can only meet with her, if she wants to meet you.Unless, meeting with her not possible.
Arjun- may be, its because she is one of the Director of this company, maintaining distance from the staff.
Teji- Whatever.
Arjun- By the way Teji , I am noticing so many cameras in the Office.Why??? I mean camera is a common thing now, its use for safety purpose, but don’t U think the numbers are too many.
Teji- Purpose for these cameras are to spying on us.U know Nandini mam watch all of us from her cabin.I think only safe place is the Washroom.
Arjun- You never entered in Nandini mam’s cabin???
Teji-Its my good luck that she never call me in her cabin.
Arjun- ohh.
Teji- You are helping me, So I am giving U this free advice.Stay Away from the management.Do your work, take your salary & Go home.
Arjun- yay.(Arjun adjusted his spectacles)
Soon, the launch break was over, Arjun & Teji again started working.
After sometimes,
Arjun- Heyy Teji, look in this file some figures are incomplete.I need this reference files figures to complete this.Where is Store Room???
Teji- ssshh.
Teji- leave the file.No Employess is allowed in the Store Room.You will always find lock in the store room.
Arjun- hmm, ohh okay, Then You handle the file.

Birdsong Advertisement Agency,
Samaira & team was super happy.Maybelline Newyork approved the location also. Everything is ready.Now,Its time for shooting.This will be one of the milestone of Birdsong.
Neil-Samie, U rocked baby.
Samaira- see, I told you naa, I am the best.
Neil- yes, you are the best samie & I will perform the song on your birthday.So, Countdown begins.Only 2 days left.Then Happy Birthday Samie.So, guys.Its celebration time.
The whole team- We want Party.
Neil- of course, its celebration time.So, I like to invite U all in Sam’s Birthday Party.Location- My house.
Samaira- No Neil, this year no party in your home.Aunty is not well.Guys,I, myself will throw the party on my home.
Neil- Home????
Samaira- on my rented home, where now I live.
Neil- Samie.Your Londlord is super khadus.He will not allow any party yaar.
Samaira- Don’t worry Neil.I will manage.But If he didn’t give the permission,then I will give my Birthday party in some resturant.
All cheers.
Samaira started playing with her mobile.
Neil- Samy, U are in a pensive mood???
Samaira- You know Neil what happened in Khandala???( then she told Neil her encounter with Arjun.)
Neil- So, You want to invite Arjun in your Birthday party???
Samaira- When I said this???I am just sharing this incident with U.
Neil- So, you want to give a special Thank U to Arjun???
Samaira- Neilll
Neil- arre chill Sam.I know you dear.You like the man in your first meeting.But you don’t want to draw any conclusion suddenly.Thats whu you want to know more about him.
Samaira looked at Neil.She was confused.
Neil- come on.Liking someone is not a bad things.arre poets always romanticise this First love things.But this is real life.So, you need to learn more about the person.Arjun gave you his contact number,right???Invite him in your Birthday party.We will conduct a test for Arjun Mehra.If he passed in that interview, then only you will take the next step.Till now, Its on Hold.
Samaira smiled looking at Neil.”You are my best buddy Neil.Without U…”
Neil- yaa yaa, Without me, Tera Kya Hota Samundra Singh???(He winked).(Both laughed together).
Arjun concluded his work.He received a message.
“U free??? Can I call you???-Samaira, we met in Khandala”
Arjun immediately called her.
Samaira- hiii.
Arjun- Come on, my memory is not that poor that I forgot you so soon.& most importantly that girl,U gave me a Salman Khan wala compliment.
Samaira- okay, okay.How are U??? & ur wound???
Arjun- ohh, I am absolutely fine Samaira.So,..
Samaira- Arjun,errhmm, I like to invite you in my birthday Party on this Wednesday.Hello, Arjun are U listening???
Arjun-yes, But…
Samaira- no, But U have to come.First you offered friendship, now you cant back off.
Arjun- But I don’t know anyone.
Samaira- you know the Birthday girl.Thats important & most importantly it’s a small get-together with my friends in my home.So, U have to come.arre we will enjoy together.
Arjun- okay.I will come.
Samaira- thanks.will waiting for you.& I am forwarding my address in yor mobile.
Arjun- sure.

11 Pm, Outside Khanna Industries,
Arjun was sitting in a dark corner.Teji was right, here is no late-nights.Everyone left the office at 8pm.Dev, the manager also left the office nearly at 9:15pm.But still, he can saw that the light is still ON in Nandini’s cabin.Suddenly Arjun noticed the light went off in Nandini’s cabin.He became more cautious & hide himself more in behind the wall.After 10 minutes, he saw a saree clad woman sat in the car & left.
After sometimes, Arjun came out from his hide out.11pm,2 hours alone in the office.What work you are performing Nandini Pandey???You never meet with anyone, unless U want to meet.But You have to meet with me.You want or you don’t want.I don’t care.Game just Begins.Arjun adjusted his spectacles,smiled & secretly left from there.

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