Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 18

Rajat entered in IB Office. An Officer informed him that Arjun is waiting for him in his cabin. Rajat wondered why Arjun came so early today, any emergency? He rushed towards Arjun’s cabin. He knocked at cabin door. “come in”. He heard Arjun’s voice from inside. Rajat opened the door & stepped in. Arjun was working in his laptop.
Rajat- Good Morning Arjun.
Arjun ( with a smile)- Morning Rajat. Close the door & sit. I have to discuss about the progress of the mission. Where is Bonnie?
Arjun checked the time in his wrist watch & at the same time Bonnie stumbled inside. She saluted Arjun.

“Sub Inspector Bonnie Ray Reporting Sir. Sorry for the late.”
Arjun just nodded his head & gestured her to sit.
Arjun (in a cold voice)- Before starting discussion, S.I Bonnie Ray, this is my last warning to you. I am not going to tolerate any misconduct & indiscipline from you. My eyes will be on you. So, be careful.
Bonnie silently nodded her head . Rajat looked confused.
Arjun- Okay Guys, Lets begins.

Arjun- Mission Chaturanga begins with an incomplete message, ” Khanna Industries, Money Laundering & Big Conspiracy.” Let’s start with Khanna Industries. According to our Investigation, Piyali Khanna is the major share holder & real owner of Khanna Industries as her father Aniket Chaudhary’s money was the main source of existence of Khanna Empire & she is missing since year 1995. Where is she? What happened to her? We need to crack the mystery. Next, what is the background of Samrat Khanna? I mean, how he met Piyali? What he used to do before Khanna Industries came in existence? Why he accepted to marry Piyali knowing that she is pregnant with someone else’s child? Okay. The reason must be money. But still, we need to know the back story of Samrat. Next, big question, How NGO worker Anju Kiran became Nandini Pandey, the director of Khanna Industries? She is an important link, most probably, one of the mastermind. We have to explore her back story too. Next, we are already working on Dev Khanna urf Devendra Debnath.

Rajat & Bonnie silently noting down all the points.
Arjun- Rajat, I gave you imprints to make duplicate key.
Rajat- Almost ready.
Arjun- That’s good. We need it soon. Then, we can access complete financial records of Khanna Industries & money laundering issue will be cleared.
Rajat- Why don’t we directly conduct a raid in Khanna’s Office?

Arjun- Dev is in our custody. Did we able to extract any information from him? Everything is planned perfectly. If we raid Khanna’s Office, they will destroy all the evidence. It will be a big blunder of our plan.
Rajat sighed & nodded & his head.
Arjun- Now, the big conspiracy part.
Rajat- Actually, we are all worried thinking about this part.
Arjun ( sighed)- Indeed, it’s a matter to worry. We have many clues scattered around us but everything is so confusing.

Rajat- The quality of that RDX is high & quantity is enough to conduct a big blast & massive destruction. Sarika & Dipesh delivered two bags.
Arjun- That’s why, I am worried also. Another important point, What’s so important is in Dev’s laptop? I mean, more important than delivering RDX in proper place? Sarika & Dipesh both told us that they were offered double money.
Rajat- Only Ravi Desai can give the answer.

Arjun- He is an important link, not mastermind. But the point is we can’t be able to progress without the link, Ravi. Now, tell me, why our network constantly failing to track him?
Rajat- He is constantly changing his location & number. We are getting so many tips, but unable to pinned him down.

Arjun- Criminal mind. He already sensed danger around him. It’s clear from the trick he used to plan second attack on Samaira. After all, he can’t ignore two big random happenings. First, the so called accident of Dev, next the arrest of Sarika with third bag. That’s why, he perfectly used Puja Chabra.

Bonnie- How can you be so sure that Puja Chabra is related to Ravi Desai?
Arjun- It’s only my assumption. Puja, a drug addict, Ravi, a drug seller. I know, it’s not enough logic. But think, the car which Puja gave to these three contract killers, having the same number plate of Dev’s car. It can’t be a coincidence. Till now, Puja is nowhere part of this conspiracy, her entry was sudden & planned. Actually, it’s a trick. Without number plate car caught attention of Traffic Police. So, they safely used Dev’s car number plate, which we destroyed to prove it an accident. If the killers failed in their plans, then also Ravi will be safe.
Arjun sighed.

Rajat- But again, the main problem is how to track Ravi & Puja?
Arjun- Ravi is constantly changing his numbers. He also already got the news of his second failure. So, he must be in tension & also in hurry to hide in some safe place. Let’s take a chance. Make a list of all the fake mobile numbers , from the call details of Sarika, Rajen & Anil. Track the IMEI numbers of the used handsets. Put all the IMEI numbers in the black list. It is easy to change numbers, but somewhere difficult to change handset every time. So, I am expecting repeat. Be alert Rajat. It is your responsibility.

Rajat- Yes Boss.
Arjun- The main googly in this mission are Sarika, Dipesh, Anil, Rajen, Puja & don’t know how many in store. They are all common people without any criminal records & back ground. So, anytime, it is difficult to track them.
Arjun comfortably stretched his body in the chair. He lit a cigarette. After some minutes of silence,
Arjun- By killing , Anil & Rajen, they thought they can erase all clues. But they are wrong.
Rajat- They are wrong?? ( with a surprised expression).
Bonnie also looked at Arjun with renewed interest.
Arjun- Sarika has no idea from where the bags are coming, but Anil & Rajen had. If we able to catch them alive, then it will be not much difficult to break them.
Bonnie- But unfortunately, this never happened. Actually, somewhere was my fault.
Arjun- We always look forward Bonnie. Dead End’ never existed in my dictionary.
Arjun opened the screen lock of his laptop & turned towards them.

Arjun- This is the satellite map of A.D Road. The car approached from the direction of Highway & headed towards the route of jungle. Now, look at the map, there is a Petrol Pump located in highway, nearest landmark of A.D Road. I checked the CCTV footage of the Petrol pump, but no trace of that Black Maruti MH 01 XX 1111 is found. So, it means the car came from opposite direction. Now, in left side, after 20 km, there is a toll plaza. It’s impossible to pass from there without get captured in CCTV. But, there is also no trace. Now, only remains this 20 km area.
Rajat & Bonnie was keenly checking the satellite picture in laptop. After sometime, they looked at each other. Arjun smiled looking at them.
Rajat- Khanna Industries Godown.

Arjun- Bingo. In the radius of 15 km, this route directly lead towards Khanna’s Godown. Now, in the following route, there is an ATM Corner, the CCTV catched glimpsed of that Black Maruti MH 01 XX 111.
Rajat- How you made this impossible, possible?
Arjun- Just don’t believe in dead end.
Rajat- So, the CDs, you sent to collect from Police Station are CCTV footages of roads & all. You were roaming on roads on your Birthday?
Arjun only smiled.

Rajat- I can’t believe it. Now, what is going to be our next step?
Arjun- Our First target is to track Ravi Desai. Then, only we can plan our next move perfectly. Bonnie, I told you to collect details about Chaudhary’s. What is the progress?

Bonnie- Whatever are now Samrat Khanna’s property, once those are properties of Chaudhary’s. Some properties are sold by Samrat. We have records of those. But there is a new piece of information. According to old records, Aniket gifted a firm house, located in Panchagani, to his daughter Piyali & the firm house real owner was Nikita Sinha Chaudhary, who was wife of Aniket & mother of Piyali.
Arjun- & now, what is the condition of the firm house?
Bonnie- No idea.

Arjun- The, find out. I want complete details soon in my table.
Bonnie & Rajat saluted Arjun & left the cabin. Rajat left, but Bonnie looked at Arjun standing in a distance. There is a look of longing in her eyes.
Bonnie- How can I forget you AM?? You are like an intoxicated drug & I am addicted.

That’s All For Today. Waiting for reviews. Loads of Love.

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