Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 13


Arjun entered in his cabin in IB office & sat in his chair.Rajat & Bonnie both followed him.
Arjun- Yes,now say what important information you guys want to share?
Rajat- Your guess was right.Our second victim was Rajen P.Rajen’s neighbours identified his body.
Arjun- neighbours?What about his family?
Rajat- We still not able to trace his family.He used to live alone in that house.
Arjun-in rent??
Rajat- yes.
Arjun- Then,we can get his permanent address from rent agreement paper.
Rajat- I tried.But in agreement paper this column & many other important information columns are blank.Every month Rajen used to give the rents.So, Landlord thought he is a good man.
Arjun- How people become so careless?
Rajat- But the most shocking information about him is that by profession he was a waiter of Green View resturant.

Arjun- What?? It cant be only a coincidence.
Arjun(After few minutes of slience)- We cant ignore the link.Till now, I was thinking there was no CCTV camera in the resturant plus it situated in the outskirt of the city that’s why Dev took Samaira there to execute his plan.But now, I think there is something else.
Rajat- Should I send our team in Green View Resturant to investigate about Rajen?
Arjun-No,don’t make much noise about it.These Rajen & Anil both are important for our investigation that’s why killer carefully tried to destroy their identities.By the way Bonnie, what about Anil’s wife Veena?
Bonnie- our team tracked her every move, but we did not got anything suspicious.
Arjun- expected.I was only taking the chance.Anyway, leave her.She is not a link.
Bonnie- Anil & Veena both are actually from a village of Kolhapur.After getting married they both shifted to Mumbai in search of work.But Anil was an alchoholic & before few months, he started taking drugs also.
Arjun- & from where he get the money for drinks & drugs?
Bonnie-From his wife Veena.She works as a helping hand in many houses plus this Anil already sold most of his wife’s jewelleries.
Rajat- I think Veena is now very much relieved.

Bonnie- indeed.By the way,our team search all the cheap bars in town & a bar manager identified both Anil & Rajen.They were regular customer there.At first, they did not knew each other.But one day, Rajen did the payment on behalf of Anil as he was running out of money & their friendship begins.But recently,Anil paid all his debts in market.
Arjun- hmm, so we can say that Rajen used Anil.Most probably,Rajen knew the fact that there was RDX in the bag.He took Anil with him.
Bonnie- Most probably.
Arjun- Do our source able to trace Ravi Desai?
Rajat- Our sources are working.Soon, we can expect any lead.Few years ago,Narcotics Control Bureau arrested this Ravi with drugs.
Arjun-we are on the right path.But we have to take each step patiently & carefully.
Arjun comfortably leaned in his chair & started playing with a paperweight.
Rajat- You are in pensive mood.

Arjun-shot an arrow in darkness now I am waiting eagarly to know is it hit the target or not.
Rajat- Department trust your intuition power.It hardly goes wrong.
Arjun- I was casually talking with Samaira when she told me she used to spend time with Samrat & Piyali in a firm house.I was checking Samrat Khanna’s property details, but there is no mention in the firm house.
Rajat- may be, he sold it.
Arjun- but its not in records.
Bonnie- May be, Samaira was confused.She was so young at that time.
Arjun- Those were the best moments in her life.So, its very much possible that its still in her mind.
Rajat- But why you are taking so much interest in the firm house?
Arjun- May be, I am thinking too much.But I am confused when our team can get all the details of Khannas properties, how they skipped this?
Arjun-Bonnie, I want complete financial details of Chaudharys.
Bonnie-huh??Piyali’s parents???
Arjun- Yes,Apart from Company, they definitely have other assets. I want that details.First try to get the Income Tax Returns records of Aniket Chaudhary.
Bonnie- Okay AM.
An Officer knocked at the door of Arjun’s cabin.

Officer( to Arjun)- Sir, there is a fax for you.
Arjun took the documents & gestured him to leave.Arjun was hurriedly checking the documents.A winning smile spread on his lips.
Rajat- From your expression I can say its an Eureka moment.
Arjun- Yes, it is( his eyes shines brightly).
Rajat- I cant wait anymore.
Arjun- Rajat, you were saying its still in darkness how Devendra Debnath became Dev Arora.Its not possible without any help from outside.I talked with the Superintendent of Correctional home of that time.He said Devendra’s only contract with outside were some NGO workers who used to come there to do the counselling of the boys there.These papers are details of those NGO workers.See, the details of this lady Anju Kiran.Now, see, her passport size photo.
Rajat & Bonnie’s eyes grew wide with shock, without any doubt one can clearly say, Anju Kiran exactly looks like the younger version of Nandini Pandey.Arjun lit a cigarette.

Arjun entered in a cafe just opposite of Birdsong Office.He located Samaira was sitting in a corner with a serious face.Arjun came & sat infront of her.
Arjun- Why so called me so urgently?? Anything serious??
Samaira- ohh, so without any emergency, you don’t have time to meet with me.
Arjun- Its not like that. Hold on, You are in bad mood.What happened?
Samaira- nothing.
Arjun- You are lying Samaira.

Samaira- Okay, you just honestly tell me Arjun do you really accepted me in your life?
Arjun- What does it mean?? You still have doubts.(in a serious tone)
Samaira- You never shared anything about you with me.But I trust you.I can understand you are in a mission & its not safe for you to reveal yourself.I shared my anger, pain, happiness, friendship everything with you…
Arjun- You met with Rajat??
Samaira- No,Nishi called me yesterday & we met & became friends.From her, I got the info that tomorrow is the birthday of my boyfriend.
Arjun- I don’t celebrate my birthday Samaira.Rajat & Bonnie knew it from official records.Every year I only give them a treat.
Samaira- why you don’t celebrate?
Arjun- Because its not only my birthday,its my mother death anniversary also.I lost my mother on my birthday.
Samaira- What??
Arjun- My father was also in IB,then, he was in a mission & my mother was pregnant with me.Some goons attacked our home.Somehow, my mother called my maternal uncle.He came there & took my mother to hospital.She was badly injured.I was born but the doctors failed to save my mother.

Samaira was stunned.Arjun never shared his grief.Infront of everyone, he is a strong, confident man.Samaira put her hand on his’s.A droplets of tears fall on Samaira’s hand.Samaira looked at Arjun.He lowered her head.He was crying.Samaira tightly hold his hand.
After few minutes, Arjun looked at Samaira.”I am fine.”
Samaira- hmm. ( but she still not left his hand).& your father??
Arjun- I lost him also. He took voluntary retirement after few years of that incident.He never able to forgive himself for the tragedy.Few years back, when I was preparing for UPSC main exam,he died in a stroke attack in his sleep.He peacefully left.I gave my exam.Its not only my dream, its his dream also to see me in Uniform.But he left before watching it.
Arjun- Samaira, you are the first one whom I am sharing my lonliness.Rajat, Bonnie no one know about my family.They only know Officer Arjun Mehra.Rajat can understand me.I trust him.But still,…
Samaira- What are friends for?? If you share with them, you will feel light.
Arjun- I am fine.Bas I miss them.You can understand Samaira naa how much parents are important in our life.Please don’t leave me Samaira.You don’t know what you to me.
Samaira- leave you??how anyone can live without life??I am always with you.I love You.
Arjun- I love you till my last breath.

Samaira- Arjun please, don’t say this things.Together we have to live a long life.
Arjun( laughed)- Before marriage, couple used to say this type of romantic lines, after 1 year of marriage, the dialogues turns different.
Samaira- really??? You have so much experience about married life.
Arjun- No, I am saying things which are general.
Samaira- what about of loving me till last breath??
Arjun- don’t expect me to love you in heaven, I heard there are many good looking angels.(winked)
Samaira- How you are so much confident that you are going to heaven.I heard you are a hitler type boss.
Arjun- Nishi complained right??But trust me, its not my fault.Rajat is too much dedicated.
Samaira- Arjun, I want to spend time with you tomorrow.Please.No celebration.Only You & me.
Arjun- okay.I will come early tomorrow.
Samaira- thanks.You are fine, right???
Arjun- Yes, I am.Dont worry.Samaira do you feel uncomfortable if I asked you some questions about that day with Dev.
Samaira( after some minutes of slience)- Ask Arjun, what you want to know.
Arjun put his hand on Her’s.

Samaira- I am fine.I am trying to overcome all my weaknesses.
Arjun- That’s why I love you so much.Dev directly took you to Green View Resturant?Did he took any phone with him?
Samaira- Yes, he directly took me to Green View.But when I asked for his number, he said its no use,he left his phone in his apartment in excitement & he already booked the table in resturant.
Arjun- You ordered the food??
Samaira- Yes.
Arjun- Were you present in the table when waiter came with food??
Samaira- Yes, I was there then.I went to used washroom before that.When I was going to washroom, someone pushed me from behind & my phone fall from my hand & it broke.But its not Dev.He was sitting on the table.
Arjun- hmm.Now see the photograph.Do you know the man??( Arjun showed the picture of Rajen to Samaira).
Samaira- arre, he was the waitar in Green View Resturant.He took the order & also served the food.
Arjun- So, Rajen was there.

Samaira- I don’t noticed his name in his badge.But he took our order & served that day.I am 100% sure.
Arjun- Thank You Samaira.Bye dear.I have some important work.
Samaira- Okay, but remember…
Arjun- Yes, yes. I promise dear.
Samaira- Bye & take care.

Finally Checkmate Updated. Sorry for the late.Some health issues.Hope People still remember me.Updated in hurry.No proof reading.Waiting for honest opinions.Loads of Love.

Credit to: Madhumita

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