Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 12


Arjun was sitting in his cabin & was checking some documents.Rajat hurriedly entered in his cabin.
Arjun- Yes Rajat???
Rajat- Boss, you told me to collect full details of Dev Arora.Our team got something interesting about him.
Arjun- Whats that???
Rajat- Boss,First we tried to collect details of his Educational Qualification.But our team failed to extract details from Khanna Industries.Then, our team tried to collect details from his phone documents.Dev’s number was a postpaid number.Every months he did the payments through online banking.So, mobile company sent us the details of his bank account.We inquired in the bank.He gave his PAN Card in bank as identity proof & his apartment’s electric bill as address proof.He also bought the apartment using his PAN card & did the payment through cash.
Arjun- So, Dev Arora’s only identity proof is his Pan Card.No Ration Card, No Voter Card nothing.Do you able to trace his passport?
From Passport we can trace all his details.

Rajat- No Boss, there was no passport issued in his name & his PAN Card was also issued in 2014.This year he joined in Khanna Industries as Manager & bought that apartment also.
Arjun- That’s interesting.So, Dev Arora came into existense in 2014.
Rajat- Then, our team started scanning criminal database with Dev’s fingerprints.But again, we get nothing.By considering his age & the dark years of his past,our team scanned the juvenile criminal records & this time our team hit the jackpot.His fingerprint & photo both matched with a juvenile criminal “Devendra Debnath”.
Arjun was playing with the paper weight & keenly listening to Rajat.”Continue”.
Rajat- Devendra raped & killed a girl of his village when he was 17.He spent maximum three years in juvenile correction home.After that, we failed to trace his activities of some years.Then, in 2014, Dev Arora came into existense.Our team managed to find out the 10th Board Certificate of this Devendra. He passed Higher Secondary from Correction Home.
Arjun- this Devendra’s parents?? & other relatives??
Rajat- Our team inquired in the village, but we failed to trace.They not even came to meet with their son, when he was in Correction Home.They were not present during his trial also.They cut all the tie with Devendra.
Arjun- Good job.Great team work.
Rajat- Thank You Sir.But you know after researching so much, our team still unable to find the link between Samrat, Nandini & Dev.
Arjun- If we have to establish the link, we have to know about the dark years of his life.How Devendra Debnath became Dev Arora?Now, collect the complete records from Correction Home which people came to met with Devendra & you meet with each personally.Thats the only possible way.
Rajat-Okay Boss.

Arjun- We checked Dev’s call records, I personally checked his Office computer.But nothing suspicious.Its not possible.Some clues are infront of our eyes, which we are unable to see.How can he use a postpaid number?Why he don’t he have any passport afterall he is the manager of Khanna Industries? & most importantly what was there in his personal laptop that they want it in emergency & paid fair amount also?
Arjun( after some minutes of slience)- The obvious conclusion is, apart from Dev Arora, he has another fake identity.
Rajat- Devendra Debnath??
Arjun- No,Devendra Debnath’s camouflage is Dev Arora.Its something else, which we have to find out.
Arjun- Rajat,I was checking the call records of Sarika & Anil Patil.There was some similarities in both of their call details.But that’s not our priority.I am waiting for some other details from mobile company.I told them to mail me as it is urgent.
Arjun received a message in his phone.”They mailed all the details”.Arjun opened the mail in his laptop.
Rajat- Whats in it Boss?
Arjun- Details of a mobile number.From this number,Sarika had received the call, that bring the laptop from Dev’s Apartment faking as his sister.Let me check.
Arjun copied the picture of a man sent by mobile company & started scanning the criminal database.After sometime, a small smile crept on Arjun’s lips.
Arjun-I knew it.See, its matched.
Rajat- I am not getting anything boss.

Arjun- THESE people are very clever.They are constantly erasing all leads.This smuggling chain was planned very cleverly.According to Sarika’s Statement,everytime they called from different numbers.I tried all numbers from call list but all are switched off.Some are Landphone numbers.These are PCO’s numbers.I got same numbers in Anil Patil’s call records also.If we try to track down each numbers,it may become time consuming & confusing also.The most sudden & unplanned incident was giving instruction that collect Dev’s laptop from his Apartment.They were definitely unprepared.Its got against their plan.They never expected their plan to kill Samaira will fail & they lost the contract with Dev.So, I thought we can get a clue from this number only.Now, its switched off.So, I asked mobile company to send me the details of this number.The number was registered in the name of Ravi Desai & see when I checked his details, its matched with our criminal database.
Rajat- Hats Off Boss.
Arjun- I want this Ravi Desai in my custody.
Rajat- Yes Boss.
Arjun- & another important thing,see the call details of Anil Patil.He talked most with the number 981******* for last few weeks.I got the details of this 981******* from the mobile company.It was registered in the name of some Rajen P.When I tally the locations of Rajen’s cell, it’s a carbon copy of Anil’s cell location of 13th March .So, I am 99% sure that the other unidentified victim is Rajen P.So, send our team & confirm that remaining 1%.
Rajat- Sure AM.Bonnie is not present here, so I am doing her job.(with a smile).
Arjun rolled his eyes.
Arjun- How is Dev’s physical condition?
Rajat- He is absolutely fit & fine.
Arjun- I want to interogate him.
Rajat nodded his head & left Arjun’s cabin.

Arjun entered into the Interogation chamber & sat infront of Dev.There was a table between them.Dev looked at Arjun in a cold, expressionless eyes.Arjun also gave him a cold stare.
Dev- So, what my accountant is doing here?
Arjun- Don’t you guessed?
Dev- Again, a spy in Khanna Industries.You definitely know what happened with previous one.
Arjun- may be, you still not gauged what can happen with you.
Dev- Do you think I care?
Arjun- It will good for you if you cared. I don’t think you have that endurance power & you lost your last chance by your unsuccessful suicide attempt.
Dev-So, Officer,What are the charges against me? Attempt to rape??
Arjun- Yes, its one among many.
Dev- but do you have any proof of that many charges?
Arjun- You & me both very well know whats going on in Khanna Industries.
Dev- I don’t know.Please enlighten me.
Arjun- Don’t try me Mr.Manager, Dev Arora or I better say Devendra Debnath.
Dev’s face became serious.
Arjun- Hope now you understand that I did enough research on you.A girl went to your Apartment, claimed herself as your sister, then took your laptop & went away.After that we arrested that same girl with RDX.
Dev- I was in your custody, So, how can I know whats going on outside & Devendra Debnath don’t have any sister.All girls are my…
Arjun- shut up.What was so important in your laptop?
Dev- po*n videos.May be, my sister don’t want that kid like you watch those(with a wink).
Arjun- Hope she don’t take your passport.She is in our custody.She is breaking down.
Dev- passport??? I don’t have any.Khannas treated me like servant.
Arjun- really?
Dev- Listen Officer,may be you understand many things correctly, but you don’t have any proof against me.You are still far away from cracking me.Beat me, torture me, but you will not get anything from me & you cant even kill me, though I am ready to die.So, don’t waste your time.
Arjun got up from the chair.
Dev- don’t play with fire.
Arjun- Don’t worry, I will extinguish the fire.
Dev- Good luck.By the way, the day you enjoyed with the girl?? She is so hot.I was so near.But you came & I don’t get what I want.How was your sleeping experience with the girl? Please share.
Suddenly Dev got a hard punch on his face from Arjun.He fall from the chair.There was darkness infront of his eyes for some moment.He looked at his hand, he saw blood & a few distance noticed a broken tooth of his.Arjun came near him & put his booted feet on Dev’s left hand, & put his hand on Dev’s right shoulder.Dev felt tremendous pain.
Arjun- If I put more pressure on your shoulder, you will never use your right hand.Forget about touching & enjoying.So,stay in limits.
Arjun angrily left the Interogation chamber.Rajat & Bonnie were standing outside the chamber with their mouth open.

Arjun lit a cigarette standing in a corner.Rajat came & stood beside him.
Rajat- So, its 2nd wicket from our super 3. You are in love, congrats to you & Samaira.
Arjun tried to say something.
Rajat- Don’t deny.I am more experienced than, the way you lost your cool, anyone will guess.
Arjun- he is lucky that I don’t kill him.
Rajat- We are lucky that you did not.By the way, Nishi constantly asking me, whats your birthday plan this year. Hope you remember, that your birthday is near.Hold on, both you & Samaira have same birth month.Interesting.
Arjun- I am busy. No plan this year.
Rajat- Who is telling you to celebrate birthday with friends??
Arjun- I don’t have time to celebrate birthday.
Rajat- we will manage.You only decide, that whether you want to spend day or night with Samaira( with a wink).
Arjun- Rajat.Get Lost.
Rajat- Okay, but decide fast & inform me.
Arjun felt relieved.Rajat, not only a collegue but a very good friend.Both always maintain their professionalism when they work.Rajat is married to girlfriend Nishi.Nishi treat Arjun like a brother.Arjun took out his mobile & dialed Samaira’s number.
Samaira- Yes Arjun?
Arjun- Busy??
Samaira- For you, I am always free.
Arjun- But I cant promise you the same.
Samaira- tell me, why you called??
Arjun- missing You.
Samaira- You are not a jobless man.
Arjun- Rajat got to know about you & me.
There was slience on the other side.
Arjun- Samaira?? You there??
Samaira- Don’t you want to declare our relation to your friends?
Arjun- I directly wanted to get married to you.I teased Rajat & his wife Nishi so much in their courtship period.Now, its their turn tease me & take revenge.Dont know how to handle.
Samaira- Then, I am joining their team to protect myself from teasing.
Arjun- A big nahinnn’ from my side in daily soap style.
Both started laughing.Bonnie who was following Arjun for a long time, fumed with anger.

Thats all for today.Waiting for honest review.Happy Bengali new year, Tamil new year & Bihu to all.
Going out of station next week.Till then, enjoy the part.Loads of Love.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. Happy new year to you also… Till now is Samaira not shown in the story? When will be her entry?

    1. Oh god my comment was so hilarious. m so sorry. Today I read all the parts on one roll and turned insomniac . It is such a mind blowing story. while reading a continuous detective tune was being played in my mind like in serials. Such a thriller story yrm and reallyYou are just amazing..Rocking every scenes. Keep it up ma’am.. And yeah I always liked sam and Arjun jodi but since nesam and ardhika were the pair i never mind. Happy to get an ff in sam and arjun.

      1. heyy Roshni.Its okay.Dont say Sorry.I am very happy that you read the story from the beginning.Thanks for giving so much time to Checkmate.Glad that you liked it.Yes, its thriller, coz I am very bad in writing romance.Thanks again for accepting FF on Sam-Arj.Dont say me mam, I am Madhumita.U can call me Madhu or mita.whatever you prefer.Loads of Love.

      2. Since I came to know you are a teacher and SINCE i am a student I cant call you with name. And you dont need to say thanks cause it was a pleasure for me to read this. really,enjoyed a lot. read resonance too.. Will be waiting for the next epi for both the stories. Love you too.

  2. Madhu its cool finally arjun fall n luv wit sam bt bonnie is behind arjun……dev shld get one more punch frm arjun totally I love it …

    1. heyy Gayathri.How are U??Thanks for your lovely comment.Yes, finally Arjun & Samira completely fall for each other.Bonnie loves Arjun.Lets see, how she going to accept Sam-Arj.Dev will get more in future.Thanks again.Loads of Love to U & take care.

  3. ha ha ha i love rajat ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ nice ff dear ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Dev should get more punch on his face……….. take care <3 <3

    1. Thanks Suga for your comment.Glad that U liked both Rajat & Checkmate.Dev will get more in future.Thanks again.Loads of Love to U & take care dear.

  4. awesome yaar…….tc

    1. Thanks Subha.Glad that U liked the Update.Loads of Love.

  5. Madhu darling its completely awesome yaar……. Arjun shd’ve broke his boons ……. waiting for the next ………plz be soon…..:-):-):-):-):-)

    1. Thanks Shreya darling for your lovely comment.Glad that you liked the update.Arjun just gave him a trailor, that he can break his bones with his bare hands.Will be out of station next week,after that I will definitely continue.

  6. hi madhu….its really good….super…interesting……suspense….oh god…i never like suspense……bt ur ff test my patience….what ll be going to happen in future…so many questions…..

    i really liked & loved last part….super…..give some more moments for arjun-sam…..update another one before out of station…..nw u know…how much i am eager to ur ff….pls dr…..

    1. heyy Happy, how are U?? Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.Seriously, I dont know what to reply.Glad that you are liking the story & the suspense.Lets see, what happen in future.
      More Arjun-Sam coming up,though I am poor in writing romance.Somehow, its always turned sarcastic conversation between both.Poor me.Yaar, I am going out of station on Monday,so much personal work.that I dont think another update before going will be possible.So, less time.Very Sorry.Please wait.Loads of Love.& a big thanks for liking Checkmate so much.

  7. u are really very talented madhu…pls post the next one soon

    1. Thanks Roshini for your lovely comment.Will try to update soon.

  8. Madhumita…it’s very very interesting…. U must join a detective course

    1. Thanks Maandey for your lovely comment.Glad that U find it interesting.I love reading thriller.Infact, once upon a time, I thought to join a detective agency.

  9. Madhuuuuuuu i love u…….n how can u do dis…….huh… name that too 4 a vilian….
    Ok ok now d epi was sooo goood dat i really ennoyd reading it… as usual try 2 b regular ok…..

    1. Dev, I love U too.You know, when I was writing the part, I was thinking about you only.How you going to react?? I dont have any intention to portray U as villain.But I chose the name very beginning & before a long time.Hope you enjoy Dev’s character, though he is not a good one.You are not only Dev.Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad That U liked it.Trying hard to update soon.

  10. Awesome episode. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Brin.Glad that U liked the update.

  11. Madhumita this was amazing …..seriously just loved it

    1. Thanks Gauri for your comment.Glad that U loved the part.I am Very Happy.

  12. Shubho Noboborsho Madhudi. I will love talking with you in bengali. Tumi ki porao? Mane subject? R ato boro bengale thako kothay? Anyways, awesome chappy. I guess you loved DYM. And I loved your that Shaham Verma wala one shot. I laugh still today remembering it. U know today also i was thinking wen you will update n you did. I wad on cloud 100! Telepathy eh? Lol. SamArj bond is so sweet. Distanced yet very strong. And yes, this pair is perfect for this story. I feel it. U know I never watched but now I regret. I watched it on hotstar to lessen that regret. Anyways Happy Belayed Anniversary of DYM! Love you di. Khub valo theko. R jdi ghurte jachho to bolo kemon ghurle fire ese. Bye.

    1. Let me tell u Dev is a pure pervert isnt he? He seems to know a lot but behaves like a pukka criminal. Ready to die but won’t spit out the truth. BHangbe tobu mochkabena..tai na? Accha Arjun can offer him to become the Rajsakshi.. cant he? Tgen he might tell him something? But reallythat dark period is a major suspense.

      1. I am yet to reveal more about Dev character.He will never accept Arjun’s offer to become a rajsakshi.He is ready to die, but dont want to reveal.

    2. Bisha, tomakeo Subho Nobobarso.Natun bochor khub khub bhalo katuk.I live in Chandannagore & I am a Primary teacher, So I teach all subjects.Thanks, I am very happy that you liked the part.Well, I love Aham Sharma more than DYM. If Aham was not a part of DYM, then I will definitely never watch it.I am not much happy with the overall execution of DYM, most importantly the storyline & Characterizations.Honestly, I am a very selective person.Now, I am not watching any single show in TV. Shaham Verma was a madness.Yes, telepathy connection.Glad that you are liking Sam-Arj here.Love U too Bisha.

  13. Hi madhu darling…how r u?…episode mind blowing .. Story become Very very intersting …u nailed it. As usual…keep it up…pls update next one soon resonance too dear…love u …tc..

    1. heyy dear, I am fine. How are U dear?? Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked the update.I am trying my level best.Very much relieved after reading all lovely comments.Will try to update soon.Thanks again for all appreciation.

  14. Awesome, marvellous episode. …loved the investigation part so much…arjun very brilliantly digging the clues….dev n arjun encounter was pretty heated one….loved it very much. ….Rajat was very jolly…..arjun n Sam’s sweeeeeet convo just awesoooooome. ….all joining to tease arjun…oh naahiiiiiiii…….so cute n hilarious. …wowwww you’ve so muchhhhhh stemina….very interesting n exciting, action pack thriller story. …I’m totally addicted to it. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. heyy Roma, how are U?? Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.Glad that U liked the part.Thanks that you liked the investigation part. Arjun is a common human being.His only power is his logic & sharpness.Arjun was angry that Dev was not co-operating with him during Interogation.After that, Dev’s comment on Samaira crossed his tolarance level & it turned heated.Thanks for liking Rajat & glad to know that U liked Sam-Arj convo.All are teasing Arjun.More coming up.Thanks, thanks, thanks dear for all the appreciation.Will try to update soon.Love U too dear.

  15. i like d way u r showing arjun but i love aradhika more
    sry to say

    1. Its Okay, No problem.I dont want to change anybody’s like, dislike.I respect all opinion & dont say sorry about stating your opinion.Just like I am openly saying & writing about Sam-Arj.Thanks for commenting here Zoya.Glad that at-least you are liking Arjun.I am very happy.

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