Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 11



In IB Office,
Bonnie knocked at the door of Arjun’s cabin.”Come in”Arjun’s voice came from inside.Bonnie entered into Arjun’s cabin.Arjun was working in his laptop.
Arjun-Yes Bonnie.
Bonnie-Postmotem report of that two unidentified victims.
Arjun-So, whats in it??
Bonnie- Both were shot from point blank range,there was no marks of struggle & most importantly killer used Katta.
Arjun- So, its impossible to trace the murder weapon as katta was unlicensed.
Bonnie- Car number plate was also fake & they destroyed engine’s chasis number plus no finger print was found in the car.
Arjun- Do you match victims finger-prints with our criminal database?? Try NCRB’s record also.
Bonnie- I tried both but same result, No Match Found.
Arjun- So,they are also first timer like Sarika & Dipesh.
Bonnie- Yes.
Arjun- We have to establish the identity of these two dead bodies.
Bonnie- Okay, I am circulating their pictures in media.
Arjun- Don’t. whoever people are behind this conspiracy, they are very clever.If they got to know that we are trying to establish their identity.I am sure they will definitely destroy all further leads.
Bonnie- So,we cant even take help from our Informer network.Then, what to do??

Arjun- lets investigate this muders just like we investigate blind cases.
Bonnie- Okay,Lets start from two simple facts.Our team scanned the whole jungle area, no identity & evidence found & there were no particular marks found in the dead-bodies.
Arjun- their belongings??
Bonnie- plain shirts, pants & shoes.If I am not wrong, all those are bought from footpath hawkers.
Arjun- Bring their belongings.I want to check it.
Bonnie bought the evidence bag.Arjun was checking the victims clothes.There was blood marks in the clothes.
Arjun- Two victims were definitely belonged to lower-middle class background.But hold on, there is a label in the shirt’s collar.Whats written in it??”Shyam,Naigoan”.
Bonnie- I saw that, checked it in google.Its not any brand.So, what to do with that label??
Arjun- See, the shirt material, So cheap & ordinary.Its some local tailor label,whose name or may be his shop’s name is Shyam & it is in Naigoan.
Bonnie parked the car in Naigoan main market area.Arjun & Bonnie both got down from the car.
Arjun- We have to start from small tailoring shops.
Bonnie- Arjun, many people do tailoring work from their homes also.
Arjun- I know. I hope somebody identify that label.
Arjun & Bonnie was checking the shops by showing the shirt.But till now they are unsuccessful in getting any information.
Bonnie- See, the population & the numbers of shops.Finding Shyam from them is nearly impossible.
Arjun- Is there any other way left?? We have to try.Dont lose hope.These two were a part of a smuggling chain, who were delivering RDX.So, its important to know about them without making less noise.
Bonnie- Yes Sir.

They both entered into another tailor shop.Arjun showed the shirt to the owner.
Shop-Owner-So much blood in the shirt???
Arjun- Police.Now look at the label.Do you know any Shyam???
Shop-owner- I heard the name somewhere.(After thinking for sometime)ohh, here is a worker in my shop, Ramesh,he once told me that he learned tailoring from Shyam Tawre.May be, they are the same Shyam.
Arjun-Where is Ramesh??
A man came infront of Arjun.He looked nervous.
Arjun-Ramesh,can you identify the label?
Ramesh- Yes sir.this label was made by Shyam Tawre.He worked from his house.
Arjun-We want to meet him.
Arjun was driving, Bonnie was sitting beside him & Ramesh was sitting in the back.He was instructing the way.Arjun parked the car outside of a chawl.Arjun & Bonnie were following Ramesh. Ramesh knocked at a door,an old man opened the door.
The Old Man- Ramesh?? You here??

Ramesh- Shtam bhau, they are Police Officers & they want to meet you.
Shyam- Police??
Arjun( showing him the shirt)-We found this shirt from an unidentified dead body.Look at the label, Is it yours??
Shyam- Yes, I made the shirt. Its my label.
Arjun- for whom??
Shyam- Now, its impossible to tell the customer name just by looking at the shirt?I don’t keep any records.
Arjun took out his mobile & showed him the victim’s photograph.
Arjun- We found this shirt on him.You know him??
Shyam( shocked)- Anil??? He was Anil Patil. He was living in this chawl with his wife.Kholi no 12/4.
Arjun & Bonnie knocked at the door of 12/4.A lady opened the door.
The Lady- Yes??
Arjun- Anil Patil???

The Lady- He is my husband & he is not in home now.
Arjun- I know.Can we come inside??
The Lady- Yes, come in.
Arjun & Bonnie came inside. A photo caught Arjun’s attention.He knew he was in right place.It is indeed Victim’s house.He saw Victim’s wedding picture in the room wall.
Arjun- Police.(showed her the identity card).
The lady looked nervous.”What happened saab”??
Arjun- Your name??
The Lady- Veena.
Arjun- Veenaji,There is a bad news.Your husband is no more.
Veena stood like statue, not a single tears escaped from her eyes.
Venna- How this happened??
Arjun- It’s a murder.Your husband was smuggling RDX.
Veena- What??I knew my husband was an alcholic.Nowadays, he started taking drugs also.He can sell me for his addictions.I a, now totally acquaitanted with his abusive languages & beatings.But Its hard to believe he can do this but he has lots of debts in market.People usually came & threatened me.
Arjun showed Veena the other man’s photo from his mobile.
Arjun- You know this man?We got his deadbody with your husband.
Veena- No Saab.I don’t know him. Infact, I cant help you in any way. My husband never shared anything with me.
Arjun- hmm,Your husband’s mobile number??
Veena- 98*************
Arjun- Thanks.
Arjun & Bonnie came outside.
Arjun- I want full details of Veena.Check her background & all details.I am almost sure what she said is true, but I don’t want to take chance.As the matter is getting very much serious.
Bonnie- But again, I am impressed AM.You Identify the victim from that small shirt label.
Arjun- our good luck & also I believe Perfect crime only possible when there is lacks in Investigation.

Samaira was sitting on the bed of her rented house & working in her laptop.She will have to submit the project tomorrow.Now, she is giving the finishing touch.Suddenly the door bell rang.Samaira checked the time.”Who is at this time?”Samaira first put the door safety chain then opened the door.She was surprised to find Arjun at the doorstep.
Samaira- You??
Arjun- Now, don’t give reactions like daily soaps Heroines & open the door.
Samaira opened the door & Arjun put his bag & food packet on Samaira’s hand & entered into the room.Samaira closed the door & followed him.Arjun sat on the bed & started removing his boots & socks.
Samaira- you were not informed me that you are coming & also you said that day that you were busy, So I am actually surprised to see you.
Arjun- Yes, I was busy but I was missing you also.So, instead of going my place I came here to spend sometime with you.Hope you don’t mind.
Samaira- I am very happy that you came.Thanks Arjun.
Arjun- First I want to take shower & freshen up.There is a extra set of clothes in my bag & brought Rumali Roti & kabab.

Samaira- I can cook, I accept that I am not a good one.But I can manage.
Arjun- I know.But I want you to spend some time with me, not in kitchen.
Samaira took out the clothes from Arjun’s bag.
Samaira- Where is the towel??
Arjun- Why should I bring my towel?? I am using yours darling.
Samaira- What?? Noo.
Arjun- sharing is caring darling.Waise bhi jo tera hai who mera hai.
Almost,45 mins,Arjun was still in bathroom.Samaira knocked at the bathroom door.
Samaira- Arjun, are you sleeping inside??
Arjun- No, I am bathing.
Samaira- Then, hurry up. I am getting confused. Hope you want to spend time with me, not in my bathroom.
Arjun(from inside)- Don’t be so desparate.I am coming.
Samaira(sighed)- You are impossible.
Arjun came out from the bathroom & threw the wet towel on the bed.Samaira immediately picked it up.
Samaira- this is my first & last warning, don’t throw wet towel in bed.
Arjun- If I throw, what will you do??
Samaira- That’s a secret.By the way, what were you doing in bathroom for so long??Hold on( Samaira took deep breath coming close to Arjun)You used my soap & body oil???
Arjun- Yes.But I really enjoyed your hot breaths( with a wink).

After completing the dinner,
Arjun- So, today Neil did not sent any special item to eat??
Samaira- He is out of station for some project work.
Arjun- I am relieved that I don’t have to give any explanation to your apple for this night stay.
Arjun took the pillow & went to sleep in sofa.
Samaira- Where are you going?
Arjun- I am very tired. So, I am going to sleep in sofa.
Samaira- sleep in bed.
Arjun- You don’t have to follow Atithi Devo Bhava concept with me.I am not a guest here.
Samaira- I love you.
Arjun( after some minutes of slience)- Lovers usually say these three magical words in a special way.You are saying I love you in night suit.
Samaira- Don’t joke.Do you love me??
Arjun- now, you don’t joke. If I don’t love you then why I am here?Do you think I am a playboy.
Samaira- We can peacefully sleep in the bed. Hereis enough place.
Arjun- Are you sure?
Samaira- 100%.

Arjun & Samaira both lay down the bed.Arjun pulled her towards him.
Arjun- Let me feel your warmth.
Samaira- You looked tensed Arjun.
Arjun- not tensed.But we Officers are human also.Its a nice change to spend time with you.
Samaira- You know Arjun, I was thinking about my childhood while working on a advertisement.Only good memory was I with my mom & Samrat Khanna in the firm house.
Arjun- Firm House??
Samaira- I don’t exactly remember. Its all so blur.But I used to spent time with my parents there.
Arjun- But, We don’t know anything about Samrat Khanna’s this firm house property.
Samaira- That’s I don’t know.But I used to go there.Then, mom left & Samrat Khanna never took me there again.
Arjun- hmm.

After sometimes of talking they both felt asleep.In morning, Arjun got up first.He realized he was hugging Samaira & her face rested near his chest & her clutching his shirt.Arjun tried to get up.But he was unable to do.He tried to remove her hand & her sleep interrupted by his movement.
Arjun- Good Morning.
Samaira- Morning.
Arjun- I have to go.There are some important works.
Samaira- hmm.
Arjun- By the way, last night you kicked me three times.
Samaira( still sleepy)- Hope you survived.

Arjun went to bathroom to freshen up.When we came out fully ready. He saw Samaira got up & she prepared coffee for him.
Arjun took out the cigaratte packet.
Samaira- I prepared coffee & you are smoking. No No, my room is smoke free zone.You cant smoke here, I cant tolarate the smell.
Arjun- chill, chill, Its my habit to smoke before taking tea or coffee. I am going in the balcony.(& he went out).
Arjun came back & finished the coffee but Samaira looked angry.
Arjun- nice coffee. Simply loved it.
Samaira- Stop smoking Arjun.Its bad for health.
Arjun- I am not a chain-smoker.So, relax. Plus, I am in no mood to kiss you now.
Samaira ignored him.
Arjun- Anyway, byee Samaira.Have a nice day. I will call you later.
Samaira- Bye & take care & be safe. ( she put a small peck on his cheeks).Love You.

Finally, UPDATED. Hope People here remember me & Checkmate.Expecting Honest opinions.Thanks.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. Hey new here.. Is the story about arjun sam not ardhika?? Wel, not a problem.. I read it and your writing is very nice.

    1. Thanks Roshni. Yes, its Arjun Sam.I will wait for your response.

      1. Oh nice one.. Different and unique. I will surely continue with your story

      2. Thanks Roshni.

  2. Finally I got my madhu back its fab chapter as-usual….. love u lot’s

    1. Heyy Gayathri.How are U?? Yes, Finally I am back.Thanks for your sweet comment. Glad that U liked the part.Love U too.

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    1. Its not Radhika’s story.Sorry for doing this small manmarziyan.

  4. Madhumita of course we remember u but please u also try to remember us frequently……and please dnt let arjun smoke again……

    1. heyy Maandey. Thanks for remembering me & my story.Sorry for the late. Actually busy with some important work.I will update the next part soon.Thanks for your sweet comment.

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    1. Thanks Subha for your sweet comment.Glad that U are liking the story.Will try to update the story soon.I am still working on Resonance.

  6. Madhu we remember u tat i literally read d old epis of checkmate wen im free n as usual u nailed it today n i agree to maandey atleast 1 epi per week will do buddy v know tat all r busy but find time for ur readers too ok lots of hugs n love keep smiling n updating

    1. Heyy Dev, how are U?? First of all, Sorry yaar for the late.Totally phas gaayi thi.I am going to update the next part soon.Its almost planned, So, I am also trying to write fast & complete this story.Though I am not even in the middle of the story.A big thanks for to U Dev.U too keep smiling.Loads of Love from Madhu.

      1. Im fine buddy n its ok no apologies btwn frnds..ok ??❤

      2. I am taking back my sorry & Thanks 😛

  7. Bapre! Your little wait became so big! Anyways, as per they say you will live for a 100years buddy 😉 as today only I was thinking if you have stopped your story. But finally you came back With another chapter. I told you you are beyond awesome and I maintain that. One more breathtaking chapter. To b true Aham and Kashmira are perfect for these characters. You are so talented and sharp brained girl! Now please update atleast once a week. THat will do. I love tgis story so much and would be very sad if I ever lose its tracks! This tight mystery keeps my brain relaxed as I love mysteries. I think this farm house is going to be one of the most important clue of this place. lets c how you shape it! Keep writing.. If you don’t mind what is your age dear? And how did this story strike you? And are you a bengali?

    1. First of all, Sorry Bish for the wait.Actually I was very busy with some work.Checkmate is very special to me.I am not going to stop this story before completing.& most importantly I am addicted to all of yours lovely comments.Thanks for all the appreciation.I am also super happy that you never complained about the characters.
      By the way, Let me tell something more about me, I am Madhumita.I am from West Bengal.You are right, I am a Bengali.By Profession, I am a Teacher.But still trying for something better.From childhood, I love mystery & love reading.Never tried writing.Then suddenly, one day what happened I started writing.
      But Checkmate is a planned story. I am also trying to update fast,This time I will give short updates also.Loads of love.

      1. Then you aren’t my buddy. You are a techer and I am yet to get an entry to the college. So you are a di. Good. Very good. In fact excellent. Lol. And that is one of the things I never do. To me a story is most important factor. Not the pair ups. Characters make a story’s integral part. But not their pair ups. Its a silly thing to do u know! Keep it up di..

      2. Then you aren’t my buddy. You are a techer and I am yet to get an entry to the college. So you are a di. Good. Very good. In fact excellent. Lol. And that is one of the things I never do. To me a story is most important factor. Not the pair ups. Characters make a story’s integral part. But not their pair ups. Its a silly thing to do u know! Keep it up di.. My super guess as I am a bengali too!

      3. Why we cant be buddies?? I am not your teacher. Its my profession.I am a very fun-loving girl,not at all a serious person.Thanks that you are liking my story.I also give more importance to characters.Its nice to interact with U dear.Bhalo thakis.Anek bhalobasa railo.(Cant help to write in Bengali).

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      2. I also missed my readers & their comments.ohh, You remember Shaham Verma?? Thats a complete madness.I am very happy that I can make you laugh.Thanks again.All the best for your future too.I am still working on Resonance. I need more time to shape up that story.Checkmate, totally planned story.Loads of Love to U dear.

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      1. Resonance. But I need time to plan & update the story.

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    1. A big hiiiiiiiii & welcome.Honestly, I never expected that people here are going to accept me.I know the Jodi issue & I am taking risk.But I am Okay with it.Whenever I get comment & appreciation, I know thats for Checkmate. & Its my reward as a writer. I am very happy with the responses.A big THANKS for your lovely comment. I will update soon.Loads of Love & U welcome.

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