Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 10


In IB Office, Arjun’s Cabin,

Arjun, Bonnie & Rajat were trying hard to decode the code, but they were unable to get any satisfactory result. Bonnie threw the pen on the table in frustration.
Bonnie- not getting any head or tail from these numbers.Why you are slient Arjun?Without disagreeing with all my suggestions & biting your nails,you said nothing.
Arjun- All the suggestions from you are completely stupid.You Suggested Pin Code,you suggested Telephone number, fax number, Identity card number, vehicle number.No, these numbers means something else.(sarcastically)
Bonnie( in a sarcastic tone)- & what that else?Please clearly say.Afterall we are the team.
Arjun- That’s what I am thinking.Bonnie you go home & take Branolia Syrup.You are giving too much stupid suggestions nowadays.(in a cold voice).
Bonnie angrily looked towards Arjun & Arjun too looked at her with a smirk.
Rajat- Boss, by any chance is it possible that these numbers are combination of Bank lockers code?
Arjun- its too lengthy, I don’t think it bank lockers number.Its something else.
Arjun( after thinking for sometimes)- I think by decoding these numbers we shall going to get a message.Lets think it in different way.Its a 17 digit code.27214181514170321.Check the last 6 digits.
Bonnie- You mean 170321.Its indicates AGOCBA.
Arjun- & what is the code of Zero? You simply put respective alphabets on behalf of these numbers.Zero means not O.then why you put it?
Bonnie- I don’t know.You say.(resignedly)
Arjun- last 2 digit 21.Lets put two zeroes after it.21:00.It means 9 pm & 1703 means 17th March.Possible right???
Bonnie- very much possible.
Arjun- So, it means 17th March,9pm.Now, the remaining 11 numbers.
Bonnie- Now, we have date & time.So, these remaining numbers are definitely the address.
Arjun- Now, 14 means AD.
Bonnie- I put the alphabets for these numbers.Its BGBADAHAEAD.Not anything meaningful.
Arjun- Bonnie, we have 26 alphabets.Then, why are you only taking single numbers.1 means A,4 means D.But if we take the value of 15 instead of 1 & 5 separately.
Rajat- Bingo.15 means O & 18 means R.
Arjun- So, together 181514 means ROAD.Then 14 means AD.Bonnie search A.D ROAD.
Bonnie opened the map in laptop & typed A.D.Road.
Bonnie- Arjun,A.D Road is a connecting route to highway.But there is not much traffic in the road.its a lonely one because of the jungle in both sides & an old cemetery of British Era.
Arjun- but these 272…
Bonnie- Its 27/2.The exact address of that cemetery is 27/2 A.D Road.
Arjun- So, finally we got it.Rajat do necessary security arrangements.Definately, tomorrow something is going to happen in this road.
Rajat- Yes Boss.( he left the cabin).
Bonnie- AM, I am impressed.
Arjun- As if I care.
Bonnie (ignoring his words)- You are great.Its an honour to work with you.
Arjun- No need of this buttering.I have no mood in giving you a show-cause notice for indiscipline.But let me warn you, control your sharp tongue Bonnie.I am not minding as I consider you as a friend.But others senior Officers will definitely not tolarate.
Bonnie- hmm, Sorry & Thanks.
Arjun- Its Okay.
Just then Arjun phone started ringing.
Arjun- Excuse me.
Bonnie left Arjun’s cabin & closed the door.
Bonnie(murmuring)- You Understand me naa AM, that’s enough for me.I don’t care about others.But how to confess that this Bonnie can do everything for you.
& she looked at Arjun outside the glass door.Arjun was smiling & talking with someone.
Inside the Cabin,
Arjun- yes Samaira.
Samaira- Arjun, are you free tomorrow?
Arjun- Sorry Samaira , tomorrow not possible.I have some important work.But why you are asking?
Samaira-Its okay.Actually Neil & I was planning a dinner together.
Arjun- dinner together.nice idea.but not tomorrow.please convey my sorry to Neil also.I will call you as soon I get free.
Samaira-Take care Arjun.I love you.I will be waiting for your call.
Arjun- don’t worry Samaira.Nothing is going to happen to me.So chill.Love U too.Bye & take care.

In A.D Road,
Arjun was hiding behind a tree.He checked his watch.Its 8:45 pm.He looked at the road with a powerful binoculars.He was wearing a small bluetooth ear-piece.
Arjun- Rajat, everything fine?
He got a reply”Yes Boss”.
Arjun- Bonnie Is everything fine?
Bonnie- Yes, everything is fine.But too much mosquitos here.
Arjun- Don’t worry Bonnie.If from those mosquitos bytes, you got Malaria, I will sanction you the leave.Now, don’t do bakwaas & stay alert.
Its almost 8:55 pm.All heard the sound of a car approaching.Arjun looked through the binoculars.He saw the car coming in full speed.Then slow down near the cemetery gate & threw a black bag near the gate then again speed up & move forward.
Arjun- Bonnie, follow the black maruti car.No: MH 01 XX 1111
After 10 minutes,they heard a sound of a bike approaching.Arjun again looked through the binoculars.There were two riders in the bike.Both are wearing helmet.But the bike vanished in darkness without taking the bag.
Rajat- what the hell?
Arjun- Be alert Rajat.I am sure they are here for the bag.They are checking if the route is clear or not.
Arjun assumption was right.They saw the bike was approaching from the direction where it got vanished.Arjun took out his revolver & came out from his hide out.The person who was sitting in the back of the bike just bend to pick up the bag & Arjun shot a bullet.The person who was riding the bike lost the balance & the bike skit & both fall on the ground.The IB team surrounded them.Both of them got up & raised their hands.Two officers came & remove their helmets.The person who was riding the bike was a boy & who was sitting in the back was a girl & both looked very young.Arjun picked up the bag & opened it.There was a box inside.Arjun carefully opened it but his eyes grew wide with shock as the bag was full of RDX.
Rajat- Bad News Boss.Our team lost the car.
Arjun- What?? Bonnie.Dam it.Track down the car.Send details of that car to all Police stations & Check Posts.

IB Interogation room,
Arjun was looking through the glass window.The boy was literally shivering & the girl also looked nervous & scared but she was trying hard to look normal.Arjun entered in to the room & took the chair & sat infront of them.The girl looked at him & she bowed her head.
Arjun(to the girl)- what is your name?
The Girl- Sarika.
Arjun- & you?? ( looking at the boy)
The Boy- Dipesh.
Arjun- & how old you both are?
Sarika- I am 21 & he is one year elder than me, 22.
Arjun- & you both are???
Sarika- Good friends.
Arjun(laughing)-Sarika, you are not giving bytes to any gossip magazine about your relationship status.
Sarika- He is my Boyfriend & he is innocent.He don’t know anything.He was just helping me.
Arjun- Helping you,in what??What you want to so with that RDX??& from where you get it?
Sarika( now in tears)- we have no idea that there was RDX in the bag.Everytime, they call & tell the locations through numbers. As per given instructions,I decode the numbers.Then, we just collect the bags.
Arjun- & then??
Sarika- After collecting the bag, they again call us & give a code & a location.Next day, I go on the given location,then someone come & say the code which they gave me on phone.I hand over the bag to the person & he give me money.Thats it.
Arjun- & who are this “They”??
Sarika- Again, no idea.They always call me from different numbers & each times different persons came to take the bag.I just did this for money. I need lot of money for the treatment of my mother.She has Cancer & Dipesh loves me, that’s why he is helping me.Please Sir save us for them.They will now definitely kill us.
Arjun- We took your phone in our custody.There was no phone call.I doubt…
Dipesh- Don’t doubt on us Sir. What she is saying is true.
Sarika- They always used to warn us that they are watching us.If we try to do any garbaad, they will kill us. I am sure they got the news of our arrest.
Arjun- & how many bags you delivered?
Sarika- 2 bags.This bag is the third one.
Arjun- & anything else do you want to say?If I am not wrong, then you are one was present in Dev Arora’s flat as his so-called sister.
Sarika- Yes, they sent me his flat’s keys & instructed me to bring his laptop.I don’t even know who the Dev Arora is? They paid fair amount for this job much more then delivering the bags.
Dipesh- We said everything whatever we know.Please save us Sir.
Arjun- I am surprised.You both are educated & intelligent.But still, chose wrong path.How can you people do this only for money?Now, I seriously don’t know what will happen to your mother Sarika & both of your future.

Arjun sat in his cabin & was doing some paperwork.Rajat knocked in his cabin door.
Rajat- May I come in Boss?
Arjun- Yes Rajat. Come in.
Arjun- I think what Sarika & Dipesh saying are true. But still, cross-check their Statements & interogate them again & again.Match Sarika’s finger-print from that Print which you collected from Dev’s flat doorknob.We need it for further evidence & most importantly, I want Sarika’s call records.
Rajat- But she said naa, each time these people call from different numbers.
Arjun- & I want all these numbers.Do it first.By the way, did you sent the RDX to forenshic Lab?
Rajat- Yes, I sent it.
Arjun- hmm.Okay.& listen You go to Sarika’s home.Search her home & Take Sarika’s mother & drop her in Dr.Verma’s Nursing Home.
Rajat looked surprised.
Rajat- Why??
Arjun- Doctor Verma said he knows a NGO,this NGO works for poor cancer patient.They are going to take care of Sarika’s mother.You carefully drop her in Nursing Home & no need to say anything about her daughter.
Rajat- What about Sarika & Dipesh?
Arjun- I don’t need Dipesh.Sent him to police custody.But I want Sarika in my custoday.I want this girl for further investigation.No sympathy for them.
Rajat- But you care for her mother.
Arjun- That’s different case.
Just then Bonnie hurriedly entered into Arjun cabin.
Bonnie- Arjun.Police traced that car.You have to come.

In Jungle,
The black maruti car MH 01 XX 1111 was parked there. Police surrounded the area.Arjun came & opened the door of the car.There were two dead-bodies of men inside the car.Both were shot in head.
Arjun- Perfect aim.
Bonnie- Indeed.I am sorry, if I able to catch them there,we definitely get the information.
Arjun(to police)- any identity found??
Police Inspector- No Sir.Infact, the car number is also fake.
Arjun- hmm.
Then, Arjun opened the bonnet of the car & checked the engine.
Arjun- These people are more clever than we thought.They destroyed the car chassis number.

Author’s Note.

I changed 3 numbers from the code.First of all really Sorry for this. But Hope You understand I changed the date part. As I updated late.
I want honest opinions from my readers.
Do you like the story??
& most importantly, Do you liked the Characterization of Arjun?? & the Investigation part??
You people have to wait for next update, because I am busy with some important work.
& A big THANKS for accepting me & my work.Loads of Love to all.

Credit to: Madhumita

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