CHEATER- TS on Thahaan (Part 3) (last part )

Hii members thank u everyone for ur support still I m sad as many of readers.. Hadn’t give their views about my Ts
No worry now I will not irritate u again as this is last part..

So here I start
Bihaan get shocked seeing his princess in that pool of blood…
The chandelier was on her….
He shout:”Tina!!!!!!!…,”
He try to remove that huge Chandelier …
Its too heavy….
But we all knw A Father is super hero of their children….
Don’t knw how they get so much of courage …
We children can never understand….

He try to remove it with all his power..…

It shift a bit and then he carry her daughter and hug her tightly….

:”nothing will happen to u my child?? Ur father always with u… Ur superhero never let u happen anything…
Everyone sit on car.

Dhruv drive the car as fast as he can,..
Whole time Tina was in bihu arms,,…
Its strange… I mean he is father but he was protecting her like mother..or I say more than mother…..
He wasn’t crying … Coz he knw his daughter is brave like him..
B 4 brave B 4 bahadur..
Pandey family stunned….

Thapki who was mom she was just standing (may be shock) but she didn’t cry … Nor any pain….IS THIS THAPKI???
OR anyone stranger….

Thapki(in mind):” oh!!! Tina u r in pain……. It was me who keep giving u pain but today when I saw u like this…… I want to cry… It seems that chandelier fell on me not u… I m ur mom ……(no u r not her mom…its better for her to be pain…),….
No no I m not stone hearted,….whether I m not her mom but I m woman and I have motherhood,….”


thapki vrs motherhood

Only she can feel or get out of that,,,, …

They reached hospital

Doctor take her to OT..

everyone waiting outside,,
Bihu just standing near to it
Other r sitting
Dadi ma praying for the angel…

Thapki standing far away and watching all this….

Bihu;”I knw nothing will happen to her….she is my princess my brave girl bhagwan g plz save her …..”

Vasu;”we all r in hall and ready for the celebration but suddenly
We heard the sound and the next moment we saw the heavy chandelier on our tina …. oh! God save her plz…”

Everyone prays,..

Suddenly they saw doctor coming out of OT
Looking worried
Bihaan saw her and ask:”what happen ??? Is our tina fine…”

Doctor:”mr pandey she has loss lot of blood and even she has blood clotting disorder…

Did anyone from ur family had thrombophilia


Bihaan said:”yes doctor her mom was thrombophillia patient

Thapki heard it and get shocked

thrombophilia !!!

She goes in a fb
Where little thapki as thrombophilia patient & krishnkant Poonam with her …
Doctor everyone there….

Fb ends

Doctor:”she has loss much blood… We r trying our best….”
He leaves ..

Thapki move toward bihaan and hold him by shoulder an ask:”tell me honestly bihaan Who is Tina’s mom???…
Tell me why u tell doctor that Tina’s mom too thrombophilia patient????…..
Bihaan I m asking something from u….
Tell me bihaan….”

He said:”u u kknoww na whose daughter she is?? Then why asking this question??…”
Thapki:”no bihaan u r hiding something from me at least tell me now??…”

Bihaan:”no thapki I m not hiding something…. Tina is my & Shankar’s daughter….”

He move away from there ……..

Thapki:”ok don’t tell me anything I will find out myself…..”
Dhruv comes there and said:”thapki wait…. Someone want to talk to u…”
Shankar comes there
Bihaan get shocked and sign her not to say anything to thapki…

Shankar:”sorry bihaan g but I think now its time to tell everyone the truth…..
She saw thapki and continues:” thapki tina is ur & bihaan daughter ….and she tell her everything..

Pandey members get shocked…

Thapki didn’t know what to say…..
Without speaking

She left from there….

Bihaan:”oh! What had u done shankar!!!! Thapki!! Thapki!! Plz stop…”
He follow her…

Scene shift to
Thapki reached PN
She run and goes to Tina’s room and locked it….

Bihaan too reach there
He hurriedly goes to Tina’s room

He ask thapki to open the door..
He got scared that what’s she doing in her room?…

He plead thapki to open the door….

After some time she open the door
Bihaan get shocked seeing her..

She was holding Tina’s notebook….

Thapki:bihaan u knw few days ago on mother’s day there is small program on tina’s school

I didn’t go there but u knw she got first prize…
U knw why??? I tell u,,”
She open her notebook
There was a small poem written on it on mother..

Title mother…
(I m writing poem in Hindi as then it would beautifully connected to readers sorry for Hindi words)…

She reads….
maa ki mamta ishvar ka vardan hai
sach puchho to maa, insan nahi bhagawan hai
maa ke charno mein jannat ka har roop hota hai
maa mein hi ishvar ka har swroop hota hai
maa, jo har bachche ke dil ki chah hoti hai
musibat mein ek nayi rah hoti hai
jo har kisi ke karib nahi hoti
jo har kisi ko naseeb nahi hoti

maa ki ehamiyat unse puchho jinaki maa nahi hoti hai
jo har bachche ki jan hoti hai
jo har rishte ka man hoti hai
sabhi ka ek matra araman hoti hai
har kisi ko maa kee mamta mile,
apani maa se kabhi koi na bichhade apani maa se
yahi hai meri ek matra dua us khuda se
jinaki maa ho, use kya pata ki maa kya hoti hai
maa ko janna hai to unase puchho jinaki maa nahi hoti hai “”..

She get teary eyes reading them
Bihu too get emotional….

Thapki:”bihaan she loves me a lot….. How bad I m that I can’t recognise my own daughter….. I give her pain …… She recall how she behave with tina…….

She cries…”: its true I can’t be a mother coz I have no heart….. I m stone hearted today coz of me she is suffering from this…..

She cries and hug bihaan…
Bihaan console her and kiss her on forehead…

B:”nothing will happen to our daughter she is brave like her mom and daring like his father…. And thapki… I knw u use to hate her but I knw one more thing that whenever at night …
After everyone sleep its u who use to come to her and …..

She separate from him and ask him:”how u knw all this????? U r a detective bihaan pandey….”
B:”of course I m …. As a father I had to put an eye on my daughter dont knw when a witch come and eat my daughter…”

T:”u r very bad I will not talk to u….she hit him on his chest….

He holds her hand and said:”sorry thapki from hiding the truth from u as may u get hurt…..and I can’t see u in pain….”
T:”I m sorry bihaan I didn’t trust u but now I promise I m always with u,…..and now all misunderstanding get clear and about that truth somewhere it affects me but it didn’t bother me as I have u and our daughter and now I will give her all my love to her….”
B:”oho means mera patta kat,…..”

T:”stop it… Na I love u..”
B:”love u too,,,”
He hug her…

B:”don’t worry thapki tina will be fine…now let’s go to hospital others were waiting for us…..”
Thapki wipes her tears and they left for hospital

At hospital…

When thahaan reach there…..
Doctor come out of Ot …

Thahaan:”how’s our daughter?…”
D:”she need a blood transfusion…. Her blood group is rare….. ..we r trying”
T:sir she is my doctor take my blood and save my daughter….”
Nurse one by one took sample of thahaan… & others but it didn’t match…

Everyone get tensed…

Thapki pray:”bhagwan g plz save my daughter show us path dont punish her for my sin …”

Bihaan:”plz god save my princess…..”
Everyone pray….
(Oh palan hari plays)…

:”I will give my blood to her and will save her…

They heard someone’s voice…

They looks on
She is shraddha….

Shraddha to doctor;”doctor my & Tina’s blood group is same u take my blood and save her..”

Everyone get shocked..

What? Shraddha will save tina but why???

Shraddha:”I knw everyone is surprise but believe me I m doing it for tina and I have no profit in it…. I m doing so…..

Coz this chandelier was about to fall on me…

Tina saw this
She shout but I didn’t listen
Then she pushed me and she come under that………

She cries

Its first time everyone saw her crying for someone….

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  1. Anubhuti

    Its first time everyone saw her crying for someone….

    Thapki console her

    Shraddha:”I used to trouble both of u thapki bihaan but ur daughter change me coz of her goodness which she received from u….

    Don’t worry nothing will happen to her..”

    Doctor take shraddha…

    After some time doctor stop the blood transfusion as it could be dangerous for shraddha they had arrange the blood and soon it arrive but shraddha open it as she has decided that till her last drop of blood she will save tina…..

    She falling weak & weak….
    Thahaan saw her from outside and enter her room…
    Thahaan:”shraddha what r u Doing now stop… Tina will be fine but plz don’t put ur life stake for her,,,”
    Shraddha(hardly);”I had done my work thapki bihaan now tina is safe its punishment of all my sin and Ididnt fear from death coz I m so happy that I done something good in my life ….,bihaan devar g if possible do forgive me and thapki (shraddha look at tina). … Tina is like ur shadow …. Make her good human and if possible do tell her that her badi maa love her too….”

    She began to breath heavily..

    Bihaan shout:” doctor doctor…..”

    But before doctor come
    Shraddha breath her last….

    Thahaan cry :”shraddha….. ”
    Everyone heard them and come there and saw shraddha dead …..

    Everyone cries

    After some time

    Bihaan heard a voice:”Maa!! Papa!!…”
    Its of tina…. She is fine now
    Shraddha succeed ,..

    And thahaan didn’t know how to react….

    They goes to tina and hug her…….

    …………the end………….

    Hope u guys like it…
    From this TS I try to tell
    And most important
    Don’t end the evil end the evilness….

    So bye

  2. You are just awesome my dear friend how are you dear.

  3. Anubhuti

    I always want to make such ts but was in dilemma how u will react..

    I hate villains
    and that’s why I turn them positive and I made shraddha the real heroine as I love my mk a lot
    love u all

  4. Amazing. you are a fabulous writer.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks a lot

  5. Amazing ff ….U r a fabulous writer……and I request u to write a new ff for our lovely thahaan

    1. Anubhuti

      thank u so much ???

  6. Juveria.ghalib

    Awww anu it was soo emotional loved it dear n the best one when shraddha came ahead for donating her blood.n then the thapki’s part..u stooped it how, was good really good n u atleast one family’s come back with ur another ff I am missing n do read my ff I have submitted it

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks juvi I will read it for sure love u lot

  7. Alm.Abi

    superb anu… so emotional nd heart touching.. good to see positive side of double S i mean shraddha nd sankar.. just wish cv could write the same way as n this TS so tht tpk hadn’t lost its real charms shardha nd bihaan..

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks yar I show the positive sides of both S I mean shasha
      our CVS are brainless they dig pit for themselves so what to say

  8. Mix feeling dear ..happy tht thahaan misunderstanding clr…but sad for shardha n ur ff end.. Pls dear try to continue…request ..

    1. Anubhuti

      sorry dear its last part but don’t worry I had submitted my ff let see when it publish

  9. Apeksha

    Hello anubhuti di. Don’t be sad di ur ff is just beyond awesome if some people are not commenting then let it be. In fact I guess u should be happy that u r having some loyal readers who regularly read and appreciate ur hardwork and ur intersting stories. The episode was too good and plz di update ur another ff too as I’m eagerly waiting to know its twist. Sorry if my words offended anyone

    1. Anubhuti

      thank u so much apeksha dear
      ur words made me happy
      and yes I already submitted my ff
      let see when it publish

  10. nice story…..all wells thy ends well….comebck wd new bang….dnt b sad we are wd u jst keep writting….

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks sadia dear

  11. Simrank

    It was so hrt touching nd i loved it alot srsly…u portrayed all the emotions nicely and the poem touched my hrt ❤❤ good job anu lu ❤ wtng for ur ff

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks simi I submitted my ff

  12. hello madam yaar really bohat he interesting storry thi yeh or last part so emotional yar .

  13. KUDRAT

    SORRYSORRYSORRYii………….Sorry anu,
    I’m really sorry for so late cmt..
    actually I’ve an exam..
    anyways Anuuu..!!
    u r SUPERB darling..
    last scene was veryveryverryyy…..VREIII emotional, m to poem pad k ro pari yaar..
    u r really hardworking girl anu…
    nd be positive, vo kht h na jo hota h ache k lea hota h..
    TU wale tera sabr..e ka imtihaan(exam) l rhe h..
    anu right now I’ve no words to praise you..
    bus m itna hi khna chahugi KIii…
    Good luck for your futuer..
    God bless you meri jaan..

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