CHEATER- TS on Thahaan (Part 2)

CHEATER- Ts On thahaan….part 2
Sorry for late guys…. Now my tab got repair so I m back with 2nd part of my OS
So here I start

Bihaan look emotionally and then he came downstairs….

Suman & preeti bhabhi look at him and began to talk with each other so that bihaan can hear

Suman:”don’t knw what happen to our family???? Firstly bihaan devar g cheat thapki & whole pandey members ..
He done such a sin & thapki forgive him and even bdi sasu maa accepted Tina and see na today bdi sasu Ma celebrating Tina’s 7th bday… Really is it necessary to be good…

Preeti:”yes chutki even I can’t understand what’s happening? If my ashwin would do such thing I’ll at once broke all relation (NOTE: IN PANDEY ZOO NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THAPKI BEHAVIOR EVERYONE THINK THAT SHE FORGIVE HIM)

Bihaan hear all this and get teary eyes that his bhabhi’s were saying like this…

Thapki comes there and saw suman-preeti were talking
She interrupted and said:”bhabhi whatever happen is just a mistake and all coz of Shankar ,she is in jail and about bihaan…. I trust him bhabhi and I already forgive him and about that angel Tina,,,, anyone will love her she has a beautiful heart and she hadnt done any mistake so why punishment???… Tina is my daughter …”

(Strange…thapki become two face lady….she is not old thapki now….
She is change fully changed……..)

Suman – preeti become silent
Vasu comes there and saw thahaan

Vasu;”thapki bihaan beta now be ready for the puja…, both of u had to do it.,,,”
Thapki give a weird look
Bihaan understand that she will not do any pooja with him and he don’t want to hurt her…

Bihaan;”Ma I can’t do any Pooja ,… I have some work so I had to work…u and bauji can do pooja behalf of us……”

Vasu didn’t say anything and bihaan leaves from there

Thapki(in mind):” I knw what’s that important work…. I knw where and why u r going???.”

Scene shift to police station
Shankar was shown in jail..
She was looking sad & weak….

Her eyes fall on a shadow coming towards her
She look and saw bihaan

S:”bihaan ji u…
Bihaan saw her
He goes to her and said:” Shankar how’s u ??? …”
Shankar observe his face and she understand that he is in some problem
S;” I m fine bihaan ji but u r not….. Why u still quite and why u r hiding the Truth from thapki….. Bihaan g u love her a lot and so she loves u too…. Bihaan g believe me she will understand……”_
He cuts her In middle:” no shankar Truth will break her down and I can’t see her in that situation…”
Shankar:”but bihaan is she happy??? No… Plz tell her the truth that will be nice for both of u and even Tina…”
Bihaan:”no shankar Truth should not be come in front of her…”

Bihaan turns and he goes in a flashback
Fb shown

Shankar in her room and jumping in high on her success
That finally she will marry bihaan and even thapki (as vani oberai) will help her….
In excitement shankar confessed all her crimes and laugh on her success….

Bihaan hear it and gets more angry
He comes to shankar and hold her hand and take her down and call everyone…
Vani (thapki) vasu dhruv and everyone comes there…
Bihaan tell them everything about Shankar how she try to kill thapki and coz of her thahaan lose their baby
Thapki becomes angry and same time he feel ashamed of her as she misunderstood bihaan…
Vani tell everyone that she is thapki..

Thahaan reunited….

Family becomes happy

Shankar run away …

Fb ends

Bihaan ;”that day we were together again but what happen next …. Change our lives…”

Again a FB shown..
Thahaan marriage…

Everything was fine….
Thahaan was very happy
They were together again….
Days passed and some glimpse of thahaan moments

How bihaan irritate her when she work in room and they had a cute nok jhok
Everyone is happy ….

One day bihaan get a call from his family doctor and he goes to meet her…

Bihaan:”doctor why u call me here??? Is everything fine?”

Doctor:”Mr. Pandey few days ago thapki had come here as I call her for some tests as vasu g had tell me to do check up of all pandey ladies….
And I come to knw something shocking…

Bihaan:”what doctor??..”

Doctor:”Mr pandey due to an accident she lose her baby and now I m sorry to say she is so weak to conceive a baby again… …and even we can’t do anything…”
Bihaan get shocked and he began to cry…
Suddenly he heard a voice
:”what thapki can’t be mother what happen god?..”

She was shankar….
Who follow bihaan.

Bihaan become angry and he shout:you why u r here???? See what happen coz of u….. I will kill u…. ”
He holds her neck and try to kill her…

Shankar unable to breath
Doctor save her from bihaan….

Shankar:”I had done a sin…god will never forgive me the girl who always save me
Protect me from kosi devi

I done such thing to her.”

Shankar began to cry and she was cursing herself….

Bihaan:”ur drama will not work here .u will go in jail….. And u will die everyday …. I make ur life hell”

Doctor saw shankar crying and then she saw bihaan
And she gets an idea
Doctor:”Shankar if u want to help thapki bihaan and want to give them happiness so u had to do what I say to u…”

Bihaan:”I didn’t need her help just ask her to leave …”

Doctor:”Mr pandey u and thapki can become parents and solution is surrogacy….”

Bihaan:”what is this???..”
Doctor tell bihaan the process

Bihaan thinks…

Shankar:”plz bihaan g give me one chance I want to do something for u both… I done a sin and I just want to give u both happiness in ur life and after that I myself will never show my face to u …”

Doctor:”see Mr pandey this is only a solution if u will tell thapki the truth she will broken and may she try to end herself….”
Bihaan said:”no I can’t make her sad… I will never let her know the truth OK doctor only for my thapki and coz of u …. I m ready and so Shankar can be surrogate mother of my child..,”

Bihaan(in mind):*sorry thapki but whatever I m doing is just for u…. Truth is worst nightmare and it will break u into pieces and so no one will know the truth…”

Fb ends

Bihaan:”and then with help of doctor and hiding from thapki….. U become surrogate mother of our child…. Everything was fine…, I wasn’t feeling nice to hide it from thapki but it was good for her so I hide first time something from her…. But one day in hospital thapki saw me with u and with help of nurse she come to knw about ur pregnancy…. I fear that what happen if she come to knw the truth ….so…..”

Shankar:”so u tell her fake story that that was ur & my child …
Bihaan:”And I turn cheater and she broke all relation with me …. Till now she hate me …
How much she hate me whether she never forgive me but I will never tell her the truth that Tina is her daughter and u r her surrogate mother no…. No…no I will never tell her but I knw she love Tina and one day she will accept her…”
Saying this bihaan leaves from there..

Shankar looks on and said:”bihaan g ur love for her is unconditional and I will pray that u both reunite soon and with Tina u live happily….”

Bihaan comes back in pandey nivaas
He come to his room and he saw thapki.. Standing there….
Thapki:”so u return back from ur important work how’s ur lover ??? Hmm is she fine …..
What a true love …
Ur such a sweetheart husband g.. Every year u go to meet her this day,,,
Really u & shankar best example of true love…. Clap for u …”
She claps for him and laugh…

Bihaan didn’t say a word …..

Thapki:”why r u silent??? Say na …. Do u love her?” Of course u love her a lot….”

Bihaan:”yes I love Tina’s mom and always be and I can do anything for her….” (Well said bihu u really love Tina’s mom thapki)

Thapki :”wow what a confession Mr pandey… Brilliant .. Ye hota hai pyar…”

Suddenly they heard a sound it seems something had fallen…..

They heard vasu voice :”Tina!!!!!!.”

Thahaan run downstairs

And bihaan saw her princess , her daughter in pool of blood and big Chandelier is on her..

Thahaan get shocked
And bihaan shout:”Tina!!!!!…


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  1. Super amazing

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    1. Anubhuti

      thanks dear love u keep reading

  2. Wow awesome continue it to my request and how are you Anu?.

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      I m fine garima ?? thanks dear
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  3. How r u anu..?? Thax fr updating..
    bhot din s intzaar kar rhi thi..
    so thanku so much…
    today episode was very unique…
    take care anu.. Nd try to update soon..
    good luck..!!

    1. Anubhuti

      I knw kudrat u was waiting for it

      love u …
      next part soon

  4. Juveria.ghalib

    Ohhhh my good ness what a twist I really was afraid thinking is Tina really bihaan’s n sankar’s daughter,.ok now about the episode was awesome as always…a double faced thapki n a poor Bihaan is amazing..precap or the last lines are horrible to read..but waiting for the new twists to come n thahaan uniting Tina n thapki uniting n finally that sankar is positive..well done

    1. Anubhuti

      love u dear juvi…..
      yes I m thahaan fan how can I let my bihu do wrong thing ??
      love u next part very soon ….

  5. great twist lvd it…frst i was afraid that realy tina is binkar daugter bt i luv ur stry….update soon…

    1. Anubhuti

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  6. Apeksha

    Hello anubhuti didi. Ur ff is so interesting. I just have no words to elaborate my interest. Plz update ur another ff as soon as possible and ur friend’s ff too which u used to wrote as I found all the ffs wrote by u very intersting.

    1. Anubhuti

      thanks a lot apeksha dear I m happy u like my ff dnt worry I will update soon

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  8. Simrank

    Just loving it so nice update it was just loved it thnk god here sankar is positive amazing plot and i salute to bihu’s love and feel bad for him….update soon anu cnt wait…tc❤❤

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