CHEATER- TS on Thahaan (Part 1)

Hiii members its me anu here my tab has broken and my ff is already written on it…

And i dnt want to type the next part again
Once it repaired i will update it….

And here i m back with a three shot on thahaan……

Its in my mind since a long time but i was afraid whether u guys will like it or not

So i was in dilemma but now i decided to share my story with u……
Hope u guys will love me & support me as always…
So here the first part……

A pleasant & fresh morning as usual in pandey nivaas….
Bauji sitting outside reading the newspaper….

Vasu ma sitting beside him and serving him tea….
: “suman bahu preeti bahu kha ho tum dono? (Where r u both)

Suman bhabhi & preeti bhabhi comes out running and they were scared as again they were going to scolded by badi sasu ma
Vasu; ” why still raj & aditya hadn’t ready for their school?… u both too careless cant u be a good bahu, a good wife and now u fail as a mother….. be responsible”

Raj & aditya the two kids of about 4 or 5 years came out running and said: “bdi dadi we dont want to go to school today as teacher will punish us…”
They make a cute sad face and request vasu…
She saw the cuteness of her grandchildren….
She was about to say to go to school but then she said; ‘ok if my two princes didnt want to go no one will forced them.. ”
The kids become happy and kiss vasu on cheeks and left from there….

Suman & preeti try to interrupt but vasu sign them to keep quite….

Scene shift to thahaan room…..

Thapki was shown wearing nightie still…. (its 10 am but she still hadnt ready)….

She was busy in her mobile may be chatting with someone and smiling Looking the messages and paying no attention….

A girl of 7 year was standing in front of her shivering with cold.. she had just wrap the towel and due to AC she was feeling cold…
The girl was Looking at thapki….
With an hope that she will give her clothes and turn off AC but Thapki really dont care….

She speak with her sneaky voice; “mmmumma plz give me clothes na… and turn off The AC i m feeling cold mumma…”

But thapki didnt pay attention and busy in her chatting

After a while she picked the AC remote and increase it temperature saying; “uff its too hot in noida…”

The little girl shivers more..
She was looking at her mom who didnt care of her
She began to cry…..

Hearing her cry a man enter in the room wearing a black suit
He saw the girl shivering and AC with high temperature and her wife sitting on bed busy in chatting…..

He become red in anger….
But he didnt shout at her wife…

He hurriedly make the girl wear clothes and turn Off the AC
After a while the little girl was ready wearing a pink frock
He smiles looking at her princess he said; “gajab my princess is ready now go downstairs and have ur breakfast with dadi papa will come soon…. i had to talk with mumma…” . he look angrily at thapki…. so my tina will never cry again and Be B 4 BRAVE LIKE HER PAPA B 4 BIHAAN….

tina goes….

Bihaan stands and comes to thapki…
He saw her wearing nightie and she wasnt ready for today’s pooja…

Bihaan shout: “whats this thapki… what kind of behaviour is this?
I knw u r angry with me…. but behaving like a stone hearted woman is not nice….

at least u didnt forget that she is ur daughter…. ”
Thapki stands and said; “dont shout mr. Bihaan pandey and u knw that i m not interested doing any kind of pooja with u because i hate u…… i hate u more Than anyone so u have no right to say Anything to me as everything end between us….”
Bihaan become silence….

She goes towards bathroom and then she turn and said: “and one more thing… tina is not my daughter i m not her mother…
She is urs & sankar daughter and so i never consider her as my daughter even she cant be my servant…..

Its ur daughter not mine so u bettter stay away and be with ur beloved daughter…. ”

She bang the door and went inside the bathroom….

Bihaan look at her emotionally…

And thinks: ” (yes u r right thapki she is my daughter and until her dad with her she is not alone but she need a mother… why u cant understand this thapki…
Dont punish the child for my sin)…

So hope u guys wil like the first part.

I knw Many of u r shocked but plz bear me…

Two parts are remaining with much more twists…
Love u
And plz i request to every readers to share ur views otherwise i will not continue

Love u all
Have a nice day

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  1. Amazing ☺?

    But I hate sankar masi ????

    1. Anubhuti

      Thanks a lot dear kerp reading

  2. Hello,
    how r my Tuti-Futi…?? MAST part…
    eagrly wating for next..
    try to update next part as soon as possible please…
    or Anu pleaz continue…
    bcoz story was very INTRESTING or CONFUSING…
    so keep writing..
    or madam TAB repair hone k lea d dia…
    oe soon tu sadi m gae thi na koe bihaan mila ki sara dhyen kane par hi tha…
    take care..
    love u..

    or Anu thax yaar for writing this FANTESTIC TS…
    thax a lot..

    1. Anubhuti

      Are yar fir gir gyi per mai moch ayi hai
      Dwa li but thik hu
      Tab puri tarah bigad gys new mob lena hoga
      Next month tk new milega
      Thanks mat bolo
      Mera kam yhi
      Mujhe mja ata likhne mai
      Love u

  3. Vinni7

    It’s very interesting ?
    I’m loving it. Want to know the reason of her behavior. So nice keep it up ? and do update soon ?
    TC ❤

    1. Anubhuti

      Yes vinni dear i try to update soon
      Reason is that cox tina is sankar & Bihaan daughter and so thapki hate tina & bihaan

      I will update tomorrow

      Love u dear
      Keep reading

    2. Hello Vinni di,
      how r u..??
      di when u update ff next part…
      I really very eager to know what’s happaning next in ff..
      di please try to update soon..
      love you..
      Take care..

      1. Vinni7

        Will update soon dearie ?

  4. Superb…thapki hate bihaan..and tina is sankar’s daughter…continue dear

    1. Anubhuti

      Thanks a lot dear

  5. pooja prabha

    I am sure there is huge surprising twist behind it I can’t imagine such a adamant Thapki except the character of vani…so sadful to think about Bihaan.anyways it was very much thrilling one.waiting for up comings.
    Miss you dear in the update group.take care my dear friend..

    1. Anubhuti

      Love u pooja dear yes its thrilling
      Yes thapki with different personality here

      Keep reading dear
      Love u…
      I try to come in update group

  6. So damn intresting anu dear u r so talented plz plz plz do update soon???????

    1. Anubhuti

      Thanks simi love u dear
      I write next part tomorrow….

      Thanks for liking it

  7. oh i like it…intresting n nw story….lvd it….plz update soon….and plz its superb story ….wd thapki rude style so make it full ff….and so sad abt bihu ….he always bear alott…

  8. It was new i really love that waitting for the next?

  9. Alm.Abi

    amazing story…interesting plot nd unique start… looking forward for more interesting parts… nd how r u now? take care buddy.. gir gir ke kia guinness book of world records me apna name likwana hai

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