Hii frnds sanskriti here…. I firstly say thanku thanku thanku thanku so much for your responses ❀ ❀ 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 …. i love you all… as many readers said to go slow … so I am trying to go slow ….frnds but pls support me … I am new writer…. with the passage of time … I will learn to write more interesting updates…
So guys I end up with my bakwass

3 months later…
A office was shown ….. and then the cabin and then an angry young man…
There is a knock on door…
Man: come in
Man 2: Sir … Kavita maam is here to meet you..
Man: ok.. send her inside.
The other man leaves…
Kavita comes in the cabin and hugs the man from back
Kavita: sanskaar today i am so happy that you said yes for our marriage … sanskaar I can’t beleive it but seriously you said yes… NOW now I have to do a lot of shopping…. sanskaar what you think which colour will suit me …..
Sanskaar: k .. you are happy na… ok now leave…. it’s time for my meeting … ( jerks)
Sanskaar leaves…
Kavita’ s Pov…
Sanskaar…. I know that you still loves that stupid Swara… but sorry I will not leave you …. I need your wealth … I need you to fulfil my lust …. and i cant tolerate you with Swara.. .. once we two get married then see what I am going to do …

Sanskaar’ s Pov
Yaarrrr… that Kavita.. .. pls God save me from that witch… I need my Angel…. I know that I hurted her but she also didn’t came to hospital when I was in comma… i think she had didn’t forgiven me yet ….. and she also showing her rude attitude … I can’t destroy my self respect …. she hurts me to the core by threatening my mom…. I will not forgive her…. Forever…..

A house was shown…..
A girl was waking up his husband….
Girl:Lakshu wake up… look your wifey n kid is waking you up
Laksh: my wifey..n daughter pls wait.. daddy needs more sleep…
Swara: who said daughter..
Laksh: I need Angel like I
Swara: n I need handsome boy like sanskaar ….
Laksh: Swara seriously again sanskaar…. Swara now I am your husband.. ok you didn’t given me full rights of a husband … you say me your best frnd but pls give me the respect…
And angrily leaves…
Swara’s pov..
Laksh.. I wanted to give you the full rights of a husband…. but I cannot forgot sanskaar… this baby always makes me feel that he is with me.. but the point is that I am married to you… I need to forget him…i need to … but I will never ever forgive him for using me and making me pregnant…. he cheated me…. laksh took the responsibility that he will give his name to this baby……

Laksh’s Pov
I really love you Swara but why you are remembering that sanskaar… eventhough I have not seen him but whenever he will come in front of me … I will not leave him …
So today is my first day to SM pvt lmt….. I should ask my Angel to forgive me….

In the room
Swara was having tears in her eyes… laksh came to her..m
Laksh : sorry … my princess for making you cry….. little baby pls sorry your papa
Swara: mommy n baby will forgive you only on one condition..
Laksh what
Swara: we need chocolates when you will come back from Office….
Laksh: Ok.. mommy n baby…. but baby mommy need to promise me that
She will take care of you n her…
Swara: mommy is promising you that…
They both share a hug…
At office
Sanskaar : manager … who is the new COMER
Manager: he is Mr laksh singhaniya
Sanskaar: by what time he should be here
Manager: by 10
Sanskaar: and what’s the time now 9 :15..
Sanskaar: okk leave…
Manager leaves…
Screen freezes on sanskaar and swalak hug ..

Precap: sanlak face to face..

Guys hope now I am not going fast… did you loved the love triangle…guys pls shower your love by commenting n yaa vanisha dii left tu n you can only read her ff at watty… pls guys pls pls comment


  1. alia

    awesome but don’t make swara still in love with sanskar .plz show that swara has started falling for laksh

  2. Neptune


    |Registered Member

    lovely…. love triangle…
    that sounds interesting but poor laksh is being hurt so much……
    suppose if swara goes to sanskaar he will be hurt so much…..
    nice update loved it…..

  3. ankita Gaude

    I am crazy fan of swasan so I am only read swasan story i don’t read swara. laksh. story

  4. Mars


    |Registered Member

    Amazing dear. I just loved it.Can’t wait to read further plzzz post soon.
    Thanks take care

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.