Why did you cheat me in love???? Ishqbaaz (Part 3)

I really hope that u all gyz are liking my ff couz it’s my try for this ff and really happy that u all liking it. I knw that my ff is kinda a different one and tottaly opposite from ishqbaaz. So let’s begin with the episode

Let’s get started…….
Recap-all 3 girls reached the oberoi industries. Om is already in the office and preparing the presentation. Shivaay and Rudra has already left the oberoi mansion and heading towards oberoi office……

At the oberoi office
Security-may I knw who u all three are???
Driver-they 3 are the clients of rathore industries
Security -ohhhh I

At reception
Receptionist-ma’amu all can wait in the next room couz some more people have to come
Saumya-I guess the clients have told us to reach over here by 8 and that’s what was there in our timetable so we came by 8
Receptionist -sorry ma’am but they will be arriving very soon
Gauri -fyn we will wait
Receptionist -next room
Anika-fyn we will wait in next room but please tell us when they arrive

All 3 headed to the room

Receptionist in connected phone talking to Omkara ………

Omkara in call with Shivaye saying clients hhave already arrived aand the presentation is already doneso plz come fast…..
Shivaay-we both are on the
Rudra-ya O i knw we are almost on the way just handle them
Shivaay-no need to handle them couz we have reached the office
Rudra-we didn’t knw that a have reached the office
Shivaay- Om everything all set
Om- everything is all set u gyz just come fast….

Shivaay&Rudra just reached the oberoi office

Receptionist-thank God sir u have reached it was very hard for them to control as they were time prefect
Shivaay-don’t worry a will handle them just tell them to come to the meeting room
Receptionist -k sir i will telll them

Shivaay&Rudra went to Om and gave him confidence that he can crack the deal

Waiting room where those 3 are there

Receptionist-ma’am u all go to the meeting room as they havw reached there right now
Anika-k fyn

All 3 headed to the meeting room
At the meeting room
Shivaay -I apologise to u all especially couz we knw we arrived late so we are very sorry
Anika- u really need to be sorry couz we have arrived on tym and waiting for half an hour
(The oberoi brothers are shocked)
Shivaay- uall gyz over here
Anika -do I affect u
Shivaay-no way for Shivaay Singh Oberoi his past doesn’t affect him at aall
Gauri-heard allot about u oberois that u all gyz are tym perfect in middle east I guess what a heard was wrong
Om -no wht u heard is right oberois at always tym perfect
Saumya -but 2dayfor this important deal u all were late
Rudra -I apologize for being late
Saumya -it’s fyn let’s talk about the deal

Deal meeting goes on
Shivaay- congratulations to u all 3 for the finalising the deal
Anika- congratulations to u all too
So let’s go and start working

All 3 sisters leave and work in cabin but the oberoi brothers are so angry that why have they come in our lyf…….

Precap- Tia,Svetlana and Rumi are shocked to see those 3 sisters in the oberoi office

Sorry for grammatical errors and I knw the episodes is a bit short

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