Why did you cheat me in love???? Ishqbaaz (Part 2)

I am really happy that you all gyz liked my ff and thank u gyz for commenting on my ff so lets get started with part 2….

Let’s get started………….

Recap -All three agreed to go to Mumbai

At the office cabin
Anika-so lets go to our cabin and collect the important things which we need it in Mumbai
Gauri-yeah couz only the files can can bring us back to our Dubai and to Dubai
Saumya-yeah couz only our important files can bring our lyf back to normal and I hope that this deal happens fast so that we don’t need to stay in Mumbai for long run
Anika-are we gonna talk over here only letst go and take our files which we need from boss and let’s prove those oberois that we have moved on in our lyf and let’s crack this deal with full courage and confidence
Gauri -we can do this deal
Saumya-let’s go to our office cabin and collect
They all 3 move ahead to their cabin

They collected the important files from the boss and went to their house and packed their suitcases and headed DON Terminal3

At Terminal3
Boss-I Will miss u all gyz 3 couz u knw that I don’t have any kids and considers u all gyz as my own
Anika-we knw that and we consider u as our own father.We will surely miss u but now can we
Boss- K fyn bye

(Gyz over here Vikram Singh Rathore has no child so he considers these 3 as his own daughters)

They headed to the immigration counter and collected their boarding pass and headed to their flight….

After 3 hours of journey they finally reached Mumbai. …..

Saumya -after a long gym a reached Mumbai
Gauri-yeah do much changes over here in Mumbai
Anika-yeah so let’s go to the immigration counter and then we have to go and collect our luggage

They collects their luggage and comes out of the airport…..

Anika-wait where willwe go couz we don’t know who is coming to pick us up
Gauri -yeah that’s true couz we don’t even have any idea at
Saumya -no need to do anything couz someone is waiting for us see rathore industries
Anika -yeah so let’s go have u came from JW Mariott Hotel
Driver-a maam I have came from JW Mariott hotel
Gauri-so we are those 3 who have come ffrom rathore industries
Driver-wait here maam I will bring the car

All three headed to the hotel
Saumya -I am so tired I’ll just sleep and tomorrow we have to crack the deal any how with those oberoi
Gauri-ya the most important day
Anika- I all fresh up I’ll just make a call and inform that we reached mumbai
Saumya-that’s good u better make a call

Next morning
At the oberoi mansion

All three bros are cooking together and preparing breakfast for their family……

Got ready and sat at the breakfast
Tej- Shivaay I heard that the deal which we are making with Rathore industries will build up our oberoi empire stronger as they are the topmost company in middle east and have a good market
Rudra-s papa and this deal is handled by three memers from his company and rathore considers these 3 members as thier own child
Shivaay-any details u got
Rudra-not much just that they don’t come in media a lot so not much info bhaiya Where is Om
Shivaay-he has gone to office already to prepare for the presentation
Rudra -ohhhh so can a leave bhai
Shivaay-k fine wht abt u papa and bade papa
Papa-we will come in afternoon
Shivaay-fun then

Rudra and Shivaay left the oberoi mansion

At JWMariott hotel
Anika-Gauri and Saumya get ready fast a have to have our breakfast and then head to the oberoi office so fast
Saumya I anika do
Gauri-done I am ready So breakfast table let’s go
Anika-no breakfast car has already arrived just take a sandwich and coffee and head to oberoi office

Reached the oberoi office

Precap- oberoi brothers are shocked to see them as their client

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