Why did you cheat me in love???? Ishqbaaz (Part 1)

Hey everyone I am also a big fan of ishqbaaz and I do read u all gyz ffs and it is very interesting and nyc so I hope that u all gyz do like my ff so this is a try and this actually different so lets see how it goes?

2 years back

Anika,Gauri and Saumya are coming back from shopping and all the family at the hall starring at them.
Shivaay-Didn’t knew that u Anika will cheat me?
Anika-but what did I do with knowing anything u can’t shout at me?
Shivaay-don’t be so innocent Anika as if u don’t know anything
Anika-but what did I do?
Saumya-bade bhai but what did Anika do?
Rudra-yeah don’t even try to innocent as you are always ziddi
Om-never knew that u all three could cheat us
Anika,Saumya and Gauri in shocking we three cheated you
Shivaay-yes you three
Dadi-I always considered you as my on child and what did you all do
Saumya-dadi we really don’t know what we did
Dadi-please I really don’t want to talk to you all just leave my House
Rudra-Just leave from here as I don’t want to see your faces
Om-please don’t even show your faces to us
Shivaay-And forget that we were your husbands
Anika-we really don’t know what we did but just waana say one thing we all 3 know that we didn’t cheat you all and for what reason you all gyz are angry we rally don’t know that but when the truth will come out it will be really late just mark my words
(Saumya and Gauri stand next Anika)
Tia,Shwetlana and Rumi are enjoying the scene

Shivaay-leave from the oberoi mansion
Pinky-leave my son alone
Jhanvi-applies same on u Gauri and Saumya
Anika,Guari and Saumya leaves the Oberoi Mansion…………

At present…..

In Dubai

Filled everywhere with building and having a good skyscraper
Anika-get up u both
Gauri-5 more mins Anika bhabi
Anika-Gauri u know that I am ur sister not bhabi
Gauri-sorry Anika di
Saumya-I still remember that day when they all 3 told us that we cheated them. I still can’t forget it at all.
Anika-Saumya don’t worry one day they will get to know the truth and when they get to know the truth they will be late.
Gauri-s di that time no one knew how are they gonna face the situation
Saumya-can we all go to india…I really want to go
Gauri-mme too
Anika (excuses form there and talks to her boss)
(Saumya and Gauri having fun in bed)

Anika-we have to go to office urgently so please get ready fast and I will prepare coffee for u all 3 gyz
Alll three got ready and went to Rathore Industries where they actually work.
Viram Singh Rathore who is their boss
Boss-Actually you all three have to go to Mumbai immediately
Anika-why any problem in Rathore industries in Mumbai
Boss-no actually our Mumbai branch has dealed with one of the topmost companies of Asia and I really don’t want to take risk with this deal so u all have a good experience and u all have stayed in Mumbai and you 3 can handle this deal very well
Gauri-sir don’t you think that we are going to Mumbai and that though urgently.
Boss-I know that its fast but no option please go to Mumbai by today itself and here are your passports and tickets
Saumya-if u don’t mind may we know the company with whom this deal is happening so u knw that we don’t need to take risk for our company and suffer a loss?
Boss-yeah sure we are going to deal it with Oberoi industries one of the topmost companies in Asia and has a good market stocks if we deal with this company we are gonna have a huge profit
All three are shocked

Saumya-sir Oberoi industries are u really sure
Boss-yes I am really sure…Why any problem?
Saumya-no sit nothing like that
Anika-ok sir we all 3 are going to Mumbai by today itself
Boss-thanks Anika I knew that u all will go to Mumbai .I will email them that three members are coming from our company to crack this deal..Now u may leave
Gauri- Anika di have u gone mad that though Oberoi industries
Anika-so what does it affect you?
Gauri-No way it doesn’t affect me at all
Saumya-I won’t go to Mumbai….I can’t face
Anika-Have courage and faith on yourselves and we have to show them that we have moved on in our life and we can handle business deals.
Gauri-Saumya Anika di is right we need to prove them
Saumya-fine then I will also come to Mumbai.

Precap-All three leeaving to mumbai

Sorry for gramatical errors.

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