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Hi everyone it’s me Thanmathi we all know that there is no answer in Valmiki’s RAMAYAN for the question how Chatayu and Dhashrath become friends. There are different stories but this one is accepted by most of the people. So I wish to share this with you all

Once Ravan worshipped Brahma. When Brahma came in front of him he asked him to make him immoral. But Brahma said that it is not possible and he’ll be killed by Kaushalya’s son. All this happened before Kaushalya’s marriage. To stop Kaushalya from bearing son Ravan kidnapped her and imprisoned her in a wooden box. He threw the box in a river fortunately it was Sarayu river. Dhashrath who saw the box was very curious to know what was in the box. He jumped into the river. But he was also swept away by the river. Chatayu who was watching this came to his aid. He saved Dhashrath and they both together gets the wooden box to the river bank. When they opened they box they found Kaushalya inside. Dhashrath fell in love with her and married her. He thanked Chatayu for helping him and they became close friends. I know it seems irrelevant but I just wanted to share this info

Credit to: Thanmathi

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