Guys this Shivikajkmn. I know guys that my story has a twist along with some new characters so This is a small intro of my new characters in my story and a Character list of current people in my story along with the actors and actresses who are playing the roles of them.


Navnindra Behl : Kalyani Prithviraj Singh Oberoi, (dadi)
Nakuul Mehta : Shivaay Singh Oberoi/Mahi (Fake Shivaay Singh Oberoi),
Kunal Jaisingh : Omkara Singh Oberoi,
Leenesh Mattoo : Rudra Singh Oberoi,
Mahesh Thakur : Tej Singh Oberoi,
Mreenal Deshraj : Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi,
Siraj Mustafa Khan : Shakti Singh Oberoi,
Nitika Anand : Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi,
Subha Rajput : Priyanka Singh Oberoi,


Anju Mahendru : Savitri Devi Khurana (par dadi/Great grandmother-AniSidRiSowVeer; and dadi/Grandmother of Maan,Geet,Dev,Ani/Anwesha.Nandini,Arjun)

Gurmeet Choudhary : Maan Singh Khurana (dad of AniSidRiSowVeer and father-in-law of Mallika; and brother of Dev and Ani/Anwesha; and brother-in-law of Nandini and Arjun; and husband of Geet) He is one of Successful Business Magnet really arrogant like Shivaay (you can say he is replica of Shivaay) He loves his family a lot. And Anika os princess of her father. And the owner of Khurana industries.

Drashti Dhaami : Geet Maan Singh Khurana ( mother of AniSidRiSowVeer and mother-in-law of Mallika; and Sister-in-law of Dev,Ani/Anweshaand and sister of Nandini and Arjun; and wife of Maan)

****AniSidRiSowVeer – Anika, Siddharth, Gauri, Sowmya, Ranveer****

Samir Sharma : Dev Singh Khurana ( chacha/uncle of AniSidRiSowVeer brother of Maan, Ani/Anwesha; brother-in-law of Geet and Arjun; and husband of Nandini.) He helps his brother in his business. And loves his nieces and nephews a lot.

Melaine Pais : Nandini Dev Singh Khurana (chach/aunty of AniSidRiSowVeer, sister of Geet and Arjun; sister-in-law of Maan and Ani/Anwesha) loves her nieces and nephews a lot.

*Guys actually Dev and Nandini are not blessed with kids so they consider AniSidRISowVeer as their kids.*

Piyush Sahdev : Arjun Singh Rathore. The owner of a Wedding Planning and Even Management. (father of Sahil and Zoya {adopted}; brother of Geet and Nandini; and husband of Ani/Anwesha; and brother-in-law of Maan and Dev; and uncle of AniSidRiSowVeer)

Nikunj Malik : Ani/Anwesha Singh Rathore. She helps her husband in his company. (mother of Zoya and Sahil; and sister of Maan and Dev; and wife of Arjun Singh Rathore; and sister-in-law of Geet and Nandini; Aunt of AniSidRiSowVeer)

Shaleen Malhotra : Siddharth Maan Singh Khurana. He is the CEO of Khurana Industries (brother of AniRiSowVeer; husband of Mallika)

Surbhi Jyoti : Mallika Siddharth Singh Khurana. (wife of Siddharth)

Praneet Bhat : Adi PA of Maan Singh Khurana. and friend of Geet adn he is not married.)

Aditi chopra : Pinky (friend of Geet and she is not married)

That’s it guys and yup I’ll post my FF ASAP probably by tomorrow I’ll post it. And guys tanks for the love and support I’m getting from u guys. And yes guys I’m really happy to get good comments and one more thing I even started my FF in wattpad so if u want to acess it this is my ID : Shivikajkmn. Guys if u really love my FF so pls comment,vote and add my FF into ur library if possible pls. And guys by this I’m taking a leave from u. And in this way only pls always support mte and comment me if ur happy with the current track/need any changes/really confused with anything just ask immediately without any hesitation. I’ll be always there to answer u question and I’ll be glad to do that BYE GUYS HAVE A GUD DAY AND LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!

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