characters of epics: sulochana and Vibhishan

Hi guys ? all of you know that sulochana was the wife of Indrajit aka meghnad and an unseen character in the epic Ramayana. This article is dedicated to a virtuous woman sulochana. Her name literally means beautiful eyed or good eyed ?. And she proved her name always. She was really good eyed and couldn’t bear anything bad ?. She was the daughter of sheshnaag or vasuki, the king of serpents ???. So she was a naag-princess ?. She was asked to marry indradev but refused, fetching her the curse that lead her marrying ravanputra meghnad. Though she was married to Indrajit, she was really virtuous and kind hearted lady. She always supported good and tried her best to make Indrajit a good person. She’s a shadow of mandodri, ravan’s wife and her mother in law. She supported surpankha when she went to impress ram, unknown of the fact that ram’s already married ?. This was one of the mistakes which she got a lot of scolding for. Still when ravan wanted to kidnap sita her goodness was revealed and she like mandodri wanted him to stop all this. But he never listened to her.

Sulochana was very brave and exhibited this virtue when the Indrajit, her husband, was going to war with Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana, she supported her husband by not crying and never stopped or requested to not to go to war. She just told him not to do anything that may harm their kul/generation.. And dat was done by Indrajit when he attacked lakshman n got killed by him. After meghnad died there is no reference of her in the valmiki Ramayana.. Some versions of Ramayana say that she did sati and consoles her kids saying they’ll b safe with Vibhishan. In this way she predicted ravan’s death.. She was indeed a kind hearted, good eyed, brave and inspiring lady….


Ravan’s bro and vishrava’s son is better known by the name ghar ka bhedi.. He was also one of the important characters in the Ramayana war. He always supports mandodri and sulochana in their decisions. He was also a good willed person who always try to bring ravan on right track(ravan had so many well wishers still he was doomed) .. He left Lanka when ravan didn’t listen to him. He joined ram’s army and thus played an important role in Ramayana war. After ravan was killed, peace restored in the kingdom and he was crowned the new king ? by ram. He is also considered as one of the four heavenly kings by Sinhala people. Though he was a demon, he still had good thoughts or we can say godly thoughts in his mind.
Vibhishana had a sattvic (pure) mind and a sattvic heart. From his early childhood, he spent all his time meditating on the name of the Lord. Eventually, Brahma appeared and offered him any boon he wanted. Vibhishana, said that the only thing he wanted was to have his mind fixed at the feet of the Lord as pure as lotus leaves (charan kamal). He prayed that he should be given the strength by which he would always be at the feet of the Lord, and that he would receive the darshan (holy sight) of Lord Vishnu. This prayer was fulfilled, and he was able to give up all his wealth and family, and join Rama, who was Avatar (God incarnate).

Vibhishana was the youngest son of Kaikashi and Sage Vishrava, who was the son of Sage Pulatsya, one of the Heavenly Guardians. He (Vibhishana) was the younger brother of the Lord of Lanka, Ravana and King of Sleep, Kumbakarna. Even though he was born in the demon race, he was alert and pious and considered himself a Brahmin, since his father was intuitively such.

In the Lanka War, Vibhishana’s knowledge about the secrets of Lanka proved invaluable to Shri Rama. Vibhishana freely divulged many secrets that became key to the success of Rama’s attack, including revealing the secret path to the temple of Mata Nikumbala, the family deity of the Pulatsya Clan. Because of this, however, Vibhishana is also known as a traitor…

What’s ur opinion on these two characters.. And how was my article?? Pls comment dears.. They r my strength and courage.. Support and inspiration..

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  1. Gud work vanshu dear……my support is alwalways with u dear…. Keep rocking dear..

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  2. Wat is the curse that sulochama got??
    Nice writin .Pl. continue

  3. Good information but shesh nag is lakshman right?so he himself make her daughter widow?it’s not expected from our loving lakshman????????

    1. i have read that
      Meghnath knew that he was going to be killed by Sheshnag so he married his daughter thinking that then be will not kill his son in law.

  4. One should always be on the Path of Dharma/ Right path even when the circumstance are odd like the case of Vibhishana . Vibhishana did right and He had all the good qualities of his father. He was right and He did right in supporting Ram. I would have done the same if I were Him Who says him -traitor ? Ravan -the evil headed man -egoistic and womanizer.

  5. awesome Vanshu… keep up the good work…

  6. Informative. At least meghnad married only once, not like the evil Ravana numerous times, Mandodari had to suffer too much.

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