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Mandodari is the daughter of Mayasura, the king of the Asuras, who are god-like demons. What is most interesting and even controversial is that she was the main wife of Ravana, the demon King of Lanka. Mandodari is said to be very caring and righteous, totally unlike her husband. Her personality of selflessness and faithfulness can be traced back to her childhood. She was said to be a very kind child, and she was the only daughter of Mayasura and Hema. Mandodari was special- she would always try to keep the peace between her two brothers who fought a lot when they were younger. These two brothers were extremely troublesome- they would stir the pot and cause issues between many people. They were also extremely dangerous, their powers were strong and they used them whenever they wanted. There was one instance in particular when her two brothers, Mayavi and Dundubhi, had been arguing and at each other’s throats all day. The source of the argument was trivial, but nevertheless the argument became violent. The brothers started becoming physical- they were punching and biting each other. Young Mandodari absolutely hated seeing this, so she came up with a plan. She was able to calmly separate the brothers from each other, and she put them in different rooms. She first physically stepped in between the two brothers, then held each by their hair and spoke very calmy. She told them to separate because they were a disgrace the family. Then she spoke with each of them separately. She explained to them that they were family and that no one else in the world would protect them like their own family would. She told them there were too many bad people and evil deeds going on to be fighting your own brother over something so trivial. Mandodari, even at a young age, had the capability to speak eloquently and gently yet still firmly enough to get her point across. Sometimes her speeches would work, sometimes they wouldn’t. In this case, however, her talks with her brothers did work, and that was the last time they ever allowed a disagreement to get out of hand.

When Mandodari was older She was married to Ravana. Ravan had forcefully married her. she had to exercise this skill very often. She wanted so badly to lead Ravana down the path of righteousness, but it was almost hopeless. Her greatest challenge was when her husband decided to kidnap Sita. Mandodari knew that Ravana’s lust was too great to overcome, but she still tried to plead with him to let Sita go after she had been kidnapped. Although Ravana did not listen, Mandodari did use her power to save Sita’s life. Ravana was furious when Sita would not agree to marry him, and he got his sword and was about to behead Sita. Mandodari, however, grabbed Ravana’s arm and gently lowered it, convincing him that he was making a foolish mistake. This saved Sita’s life so that she could eventually return safely to Rama.

Mandodari was an extremely loyal and faithful wife to Ravana, despite his flaws and corrupt actions that she disagreed with. She tried her best to make a better person out of him, which was extremely admirable and brave. She was a beautiful woman and a fascinating lady whose story deserves to be told.
.she would fall in love after she had to marry Ravana. Mandodari was said to be very kind and righteous, two things Ravana is certainly not. she would try to make him a better person and improve his characteristics, although for the most part she failed. I feel like she was a good wife to have, always trying to bring out the best and still staying loyal even though Ravana did not change. Ravana did listen to her at times, however, which is impressive and good. I told a story about Mandodari’s childhood, when she makes peace with her wild young brothers, to foreshadow and explain how Mandodari operates and how she uses her skills to calm down others she cares about. There are not many people who are constantly trying to make others better, but I feel that Mandodari is without a doubt one of those ppl. She also suffered alot coz of ravan’s deeds and his death.

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  1. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    thanks fr dis info vanshu dear

  2. But in Lanka I understood she had a choice to stand up for dharm
    Even her satitva coudnt save her husband becoze yesterday the way ravan behaved with Sita he has to behave with mandodari I mean the indecent proposal
    For Sita she was pure so was ram
    There Sita has a edge over her

  3. Superb????

  4. Nyc vanshu dear

  5. Super info sister.
    What you told about Mandodari’s childhood shows her good character!

  6. Mandodari was a good lady indeed -knew what was wrong and right. But she did her best to make Ravaan -immortal . Because of her Sativa/Chasity, Ravaan had amrit Kalash. Instead she should have used her Sativa / Chastity to make her husband on the right path. Here, she failed miserably. And She should not have asked for amirt Kalash for Ravaan’s life. Making a evil person stronger is indeed a crime.
    Rather I support Vibhishan , compared to Mandodari-because when Vibhishan failed make his brother Ravaan understand the wrong he had done & could not convince him to return Sita to Ram, Vibhishan moved to Ram’s side . Because Vibhishan was always on the Right /dharma path and revealed all the secrets to Ram and played a significant role in Ram’s victory. Vibhishan never bothered the allegations given by his brother Ravan. He did what was right .
    And yes, When Ravan died , Mandodari cursed Ram that Ram would suffer the pain of seperation from his wife Sita the way she had to suffer .—was it justfied on the part of Mandodari ? THus sets the stage for Sita’s second exile. Mandodari was wrong indirectly- she used her power of Sativa/ Chastity in the wrong directions

  7. Good vansu keep it up.???????

  8. Mandodari married to Vibhisana after death of Ravana according to some texts. ☹

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