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Hi friends this article is on Leela purushottam dwarkadheesh Krishna, the incarnation of lord Vishnu and the supreme god, the protector of his devotees. Krishna was born to devki and vasudev and transferred to gokul at the house ? of Nanda raj and yashoda ma, to save Kansa. He was known for his mischievousness which always kept the people of gokul captivated. Whenever evil Kansa, evil maternal uncle tried to harm the people, he always came to their protection and has slayed in numerous demons. His melodious flute always captured the attention of people and Its magical voice could bring smile even on the faces of the most sad person. Who doesn’t know about his love for butter? His stealing of butter usually angered the gopis but his naughty reasons made them forget all sorrows. His love towards Radha is also known. He used to dance with the gopis known as ras Leela. Eventually he had to leave Vrindavan for accomplishment of other motives.. Mainly slaying of Kansa. To save his people from jarasandha, Kansas father in law, he fought 16 times but when he overpowered him, Krishna found a new city of dwarka and with the help of pandavas slayed him. He always helped pandavas whenever they needed him, and guided them. He eloped with rukmini on her request to save her from shishupal. He married 16000 princesses who were kept in captivity by a demon, just to save them from humiliation. He helped sudama wen he was in great poverty.

He became a good friend of draupadi and always was in front of her whenever she needed him. He Pulled draupadi out of dilemma when she wondered how she’ll marry five pandavs. He helped pandavas to establish their empire in Indraprastha. He slayed shishupala when he insulted his and draupadi relation. And the most important he saved Draupadi from dushasan when he tried to strip off her clothing by stripping off everyone else’s clothing. He took her out of the dilemma she was trapped in after her insult. He along with subhadra took care of draupadis children. He helped the pandavas when rishi durvasa unexpectedly came to have food with his 100 disciples. He told the pandavas where they should hide in incognito. He went as a peace messenger to hastinapur but when Duryodhan refused peace he gave Duryodhan his army and submitted himself unarmed to pandavas. He spoke Bhagavad Gita to encourage confidence in Arjun. He saved the lives of the pandavas in the war and always guided them. By playing his pranks he trapped the kaurava army. He saved uttara’s son Parikshit when ashwathama launched a brahmastra to kill him in his mother’s womb. Krishna was cursed by gandhari, the mother of Kuravas that his whole generation will b destroyed. And after 36 years disagreement rose in dwarka leading to a war. After many kith and kin were killed in the war, shri Krishna decided to meditate and a hunter mistaking him for a deer shot him an arrow ? and Sri Krishna ended his incarnation of Krishna. The city of dwarka was destroyed and sank in the sea. Arjun did his cremation and for the help her did to the pandavas, yudhishtira crowned his great grandson also as a king along with Arjun’s grandson. After Sri Krishna breathed his last, kaliyug started and the pandavas along with Draupadi started their last journey.

Such was the greatness of lord Krishna, he was panchali’s govind, arjun’s madhav, keshav, kanha, kanhaiyya, gopal, dwarkadheesh etc.. Unlimited names.. But most of all he was Purna Leela purushottam… A good friend, son, brother, husband, friend, king ?, and the most important good person..
Anybody who criticizes him, must first do unlimited good deeds as him, I hv only listed some good deeds of him in the article as he’s done unlimited Kalyan to people, it was not possible to include all in one article,..

Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Pls comment ur comments mean a lot to me., which character next????

    1. Oh it’s NYC vanshu….I loved it….n u ryt abt which character u want no matters…..

    2. I would be glad if you write an analysis on Abhimanyu 🙂

  2. awesome one vanshu sweetheart (I know you will not mind if I call you vanshu because you are very sweet ) 🙂

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      I nvr mind.. Evry1 call me as vanshu.. N I’ll post soon analysis on abimanyu…

  3. hey Vanshu…. i have read all ur updates…. they r just awesome…. really sorry that i cannot comment on each one…. but keep. on writing…. keep doing the good work….. God bless u dear…..

    n yippie next is on abhimanyu…. my fav character from mb…..

  4. No words to praise u vanshu.u r really fabulous dear i love krishna a lot and lot actually, i m soo glad fr u vanshu

  5. Krishna is just amazing?
    Jai Sri Krishna

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