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Hi guys once again… This article is about Krishna’s nephew Abhimanyu.
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Birth:- Abhimanyu was arjun’s and Subhadra’s son. He was an incarnation of varshas, the son of som/moon god. When subhadra was pregnant, Sri Krishna came to take them to dwarka. Subhadra and Arjun along with Sri Krishna went to dwarka. One day when subhadra was cleaning Sri Krishna’s room, she saw a cloth/angavastra tied up and she opened the knot. It had the soul of a demon, whom Krishna had trapped. The soul entered into her womb. Abimanyu was listening to Arjun and Subhadra’s convo when subhadra asked asked Arjun to tell her about chakravyuh/ a formation like a wheel. Arjun only narrated the part of entering into the chakravyuh when subhadra slept.. After that abimanyu couldn’t learn how to come out of a chakravyuh as Arjun along with pandavas and draupadi had to leave for vanvas.

Later:- During the vanvas abimanyu was trained in all fighting skills by Krishna and pradyumn. His only objective was to take revenge for Draupadi, his mother’s insult. He used to practise how to enter a chakravyuh. After completion of his vanvas Arjun went to dwarka and brought Krishna, subhadra and abhimanyu to matsya kingdom where the pandavas had completed their incognito. There abhimanyu fell in love with uttara, the princess ? of matsya kingdom. Uttara also fell in love with him and they married. Abhimanyu loved his wife very much and so did she. Abhimanyu was an ideal son who promised Draupadi that he’ll revenge her insult. He was also a good brother who obeyed his elder brothers, the sons of draupadi.
During the kurukshetra war he fought bravely and killed many soldiers. He stopped the evil intentioned kauravas from attacking pandavas many times.

Death:-during the unfortunate 13th day of the war, the kauravas trapped abimanyu in their trap. They sent Arjun somewhere else to fight and meanwhile trapped abhimanyu in the chakravyuh. Abhimanyu entered the chakravyuh with his bravery but none in the battlefield except Arjun knew how to come out of it and so he was trapped. The 7 maharathis/great warriors attacked on him. He fought bravely against them. They Attacked him many times but he would attack them again. Gradually he became weak. All his weapons were snatched. He pleaded to give him at least a weapon to fight, but wen none listened he broke the wheels of his chariot to attack. Karna gave him a knife ? to fight. All the kaurava princes attacked on him. He became weak with all the attacks and a final blow from Karna who threw a dagger towards him.. Killed him. He fell down but with his weapons in his hands.
The whole pandava camp was grieved to hear of it. Uttara (who was pregnant) tried to jump in the sacrificial pyre of abimanyu whilst Krishna stopped her reminding that she was pregnant. The kauravas didn’t have any humanity and kindness in their heart for a small kid of 16 years.. He didn’t even know that his wife was pregnant. Even Krishna was grieved alot more when he died.. He experienced his sorrow..

Abhimanyu was an ideal son and husband. And the most of all a great warrior.. I can’t get more words to describe him.. Simply awesome.. He had sacrificed alot for his mother.. Draupadi.. And he was the bravest warrior of the Mahabharata war.. He was the most significant warrior..

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  1. Abhimanyu is one of my favorite characters…hats off to him for being such a great person….it was extremely sad to see him die?

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Yes,.. One of my fav too..

  2. Very nice.. Even I am too a fan of abimanyu… He is not one of my favorite characters but the most and first favorite character of mine..

  3. Thank you so much vanshu for accepting my request 🙂 and about Abhimanyu no words for him he was such a great warrior He didn’t even pleaded to kauravas for his life instead he smiled bravely when karna was stabbing him he smiled bravely even when he was in the pool of blood ! he smiled 🙂 ! he was not scared of death instead he was scared that because of him his father should not feel ashamed !

    Abhimanyu was the best warrior of Mahabharata 🙂

    Thankyou vanshu 🙂

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Ur wlcm dearie ??

  4. Tnq vanshu fr such superb info i know this already even then good job dear i m also duehard fan fr him

  5. Ya… really abhimanyu was a great warrior…
    Nice writing vanshika sis…

  6. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Thnx to evry1 for reading and praising it

  7. thanx vanshika for.information dear

  8. thx for an article on Abhimanyu vanshu….. he is my fav character in mb…..

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