character sketch of swaragini-2 (ff)

Swara maheswari:- (helly shah):-A 20 years old sweet , bubbly , mix traditional and modern girl . Love her younger siblings very much . She have a twin brother sparsh who is younger than her . Love and respect her papa and chachu very much . Look like her mother swara . Love to play guitar ( sorry earlier I mentioned that she loves to play sitar)

Ragini maheswari:-(first kanchi singh now tejaswi prakash) :- a 20 year mordern girl , sweet and bubble in nature like swara . 3 months younger than swara . Had a plastic surgery now she looks like her mother ragini laksh maheswari . Love her siblings and bade Papa and chachu .
Love to play sitar (sorry again)

Raj purohit(mishkat verma):- a 21year handsome , charming boy full of life . Love his bro very much. Studied in London for 3 years .
Love dancing and playing guitar.

Sidharth purohit (ravi dubey) :- A 23 year old handsome boy . Love his bro and his family. play flute .

Devika purohit :- (reena kapoor) mother of sid and raj love her family very much. A sweet mom .

Sameer purohit :-(anas rashid ) :- father of raj and sid . Love his sons equally. Very friendly to his sons. .

Sanskar maheswari :(varun kapoor) as before but became some old by. Time ? love swaragii and sparsh very much miss .swara who is died .

Laksh:- same as sanskar love swaragini and sparsh and miss ragini . Became some old by time .

Sparsh:-(shivin narang) twin of swara. A handsome boy full of life. Love her sisters

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