Why me? Character sketch and Chapter 1

Character sketch and Chapter 1

Nidhi Mehaswari/Nidhi Gadodia she is the oldest sister as well as her twinsis Sinzo Meheswari/Gadodia, they are in reality 21 years old, but the story starts with the past, so they are 10 years old, they are Sanky’s sisters(Lucky’s)

Astha Meheswari/Gadodia, she is the second oldest, she is 20 years old, she is Sanky’s sis(Lucky’s), 9 years old in the past

Fizoo Meheswari/ Gadodia, she is the third oldest, she is 19 years old, she is Sanky’s sis(Luckys), 8 years old in the past

Malika Meheswari/Meheswari she is the oldest and is 20 as well as Astha, she is Lucky’s sis(Sanky’s), she is 9 years old in the past

Ashnoor Meheswari/Meheswari she is the second oldest, she is 18 years old, like J as well as me, cause we are triplets, we are Lucky’s sisters(Sanky’s), we are 7 years old in the past

Ashnoor’s pov in the past
“Why do we have to leave you dad, with our RP chacha and nearly the whole family.” Cause, you aren’t save here.” DP replied back. “Ok, dad, we will miss you!” Me and my sisters replied back. We went of to South London, where our destiny is to meet our parents, brothers and Bhabhis. “Yeah, I dreamt about it yesterday night!” I thought to myself. “My cutiebeauty, are you allright.” Malika di asked me. “Yeah, I’m fine, just gonna miss mom and dad.” “We all are!” J, crazy and Malika di said.

In the parallel dimension in the future, but in the future

Astha’s pov about her dream in the past
“Why, do I see myself as someone elses sister, not my cousinbrother Lucky’s sister as his bestfriend Sanky’s sister, I think, I am crazy like my very funny sis Sinzo and my friends J and Crazygirl.” I thought to myself. “Asthu, where are you lost?” No where Sinzo di. “Ok, I wanted to tell you that the food is ready.” “I’m starving.” “Fatty Pappu can’t stop eating saala???.” “Now you are dead di.” “Sinzo, stop annoying our sweet sis.” Nidhi said in an ordering tone. “Yes, officer Nidhi.” Sinzo said. “Nidhi, Sinzo and Astha come down, food is ready.” Janki chachi called us. We went down, where we met the Meheswari family. “Happy birthday dear Astha.” Everyone shouted, yes I turned 9 now, which shocked me, infront of my eyes my parents: Sharmistha and Dev Gadodia died, someone shot my friends, my sisters and me, everyone who were alive thought, that Nidh di, Sinzo di, J, Fizoo, Crazy, Malika, Ashnoor and I died, but we are gonna find the killers of my parents and take revenge.

Today is my 20th birthday, but since 11 year, we do not celebrate it, cause we remember, about the murder of my parents,the revenge, that we are gonna take from MT. “Astha, it’s prayer time.” Nidhi di called me. “Yeah, coming di!”

We prayed for our family, who are still alive, we all miss them a lot.

Fizoo’s pov

“Mom and Dad, I promise you guys, that we will avenge your death.”

Back to the other dimension

Nidhi’s pov
“We reached our new home.” It was very beautiful from the outside and from the inside.

From outside

Sitting room

Dining room


My and Sinzo’s room

Our bathroom

Astha and Fizoo’s room

Their bathroom

Malika and Crazy’s room

Their bathroom

Ashnoor and J’s room

Their bathroom

Mom and Dad’s room

Their bathroom

“Wonderfully awesome villa dad.” Sinzo said like a 5 year old. “Sinzu, aren’t you older than 5.” I said, cause I was annoyed, because of her jokes. “Nidhu, you and Sinzo are going to share the Room.” Mom said. “Yay, I’m gonna share the room with my twin, but not as fun as me.” An happily and jokingly Sinzo said.

Who is MT?

Who wants to have a lovestory in here and with whom?

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      1. Malika

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  5. Nice intro…something different…interesting…….

  6. who r playing these characters and is thr ragini in ur ff

    1. AMkideewani

      Malika, J, Sinzo, Nidhi, Silent-writer, Astha, Ashnoor and me are the main characters.

      There will be some scenes in which Ragsan and Swalak will be in it

    2. Astha

      we r playing this characters dear…… ha ha ha…. hope u remember this salt n sweet writer….

  7. wowww its amazibg dear and we r triplets wooow i always dreamed of having a twin sis and i m sharing my room with ashnoor woww and i m basically sanky’s sis right
    loved it dear thanks for making us a part of it ???

    1. AMkideewani

      Sanky’s sis in the other dimension?

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    Wow it’s good story but you will be shocked by my sudden comment but I just got this story from your post
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    You know I can’t read story but just read intro it’s good

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  14. Awesome
    J and I are sharing the room .
    I too is so exited like j .

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