Chapter 2: Khudgarzi – Yeh Kaisa Pyaar Hai


Khudgarzi – Yeh Kaisa Pyaar Hai

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By Eva and Halima.

Chapter 2:

The chapter starts with Sanskaar walking out from a room after being interrogated, he releases as sigh of relief and sits down on a bench near by.

“Thank god that sub inspector came to the rescue and freed me from that hitler of an inspectors silly questions that have nothing related to the case, like who asks what colour socks you’re wearing?” Sanskaar thinks in his mind and sighs.

“Help! Help!” Few of the nurses rushed out from a room, screaming and frightened.

Sanskaar turns to the side and sees them standing outside the room, the instantly shift to the side, so that the wall could protect them.

“Go call the doctor!” One of the nurse shivers while telling.

The other nurse nods and rushes from there, Sanskaar stands up and approaches them.

“Is everything okay?” A concerned Sanskaar asks the bunch of few nurses praying for their safety.

They stared at him blank, not being able to respond as no words reach their lips.

Sanskaar hears a sound from the room and walks forward in order to see what exactly scared the nurses off.

“Sir. . .” One of the nurse managed to utter but it was late, Sanskaar had entered the room.

Before he could realise the situation, a vase flies over and smashes on his head. As the pieces fell on the ground, in no time, Sanskaar collapsed with pool of blood dripping down from his head.

“Stay away from me! Who are you!” Swara shouts and covers her self with the blanket as she’s sitting on the bed, trashing everything around her, after the oxygen machine and the transfusion stand.

The doctor rushes in and is stunned seeing the bay as a mess.

“Ms Gadodia! You cannot misbehave in the hospital!” The doctor shouts with the anger on its peak as the most expensive machines were broken on the floor.

Swara slowly takes the blanket off her face and looks at the doctor with a pout as his tone of voice scared her.

The doctors eyes widen as he sees scissors in Swara’s hand as she brings it up in order to throw it at him.

“You can’t talk to me like that!” She shouts and throws it but luckily the doctor moves out of the way on time and Swara starts wailing.

The doctor rushes to her and manages to hold both of her hands.

“Sisters!” The doctor shouts.

Swara looks at the doctor and bites his arm, the doctor instantly realises his grasp on her and angrily eyes her.

The nurses rushes inside and manage to grab her, straight after, another nurse comes in with an injection and instantly shoots it up her arm.

Swara wails louder and slowly starts drowning in unconsciousness.

The doctor and nurses sigh a relief and turn, only to find Sanskaar on the floor and in the condition he shouldn’t be in.

“Oh my god.” The doctor gasps.
“Sanskaar, why did you marry me if you didn’t love me?”

“I married you because I loved you but I was wrong, you didn’t love me Ragini!”

“I did love you but you cheated on me!”

“I cheated on you? What a joke Ragini, what a joke, its the other way round, you cheated on me! I can see it very clearly!”

“I hate you!” Ragini utters and slams the door shut behind her.

Sanskaar angrily breaks the items in the room.

The blurry vision starts clearing as Sanskaar opens his eyes, he finds himself on the hospital bed. Tears form in his eyes as he remembers some of his mistakenly beautiful yet bitter past.


Sanskaar and Ragini studied at the same college, they were love birds since first year of college and had planned their future together, little did he know he had to face a lot of challenges in his life as his family had kicked them out, they never accepted and never will expect Ragini as their daughter in law, that’s what they had sworn while the discussion.

Therefore Sanskaar left his house and went to Ragini’s house, taking her away with him and marrying her in a local temple, both happily moved to Mumbai. After their shift to Mumbai, they slightly distanced as Sanskaar had found a job and started concentrating on it, more than Ragini which annoyed her as she was left alone in the house all by her self.

Due to some misunderstandings, they separated as Ragini had cheated on Sanskaar and Sanskaar was more engaged in work which made Ragini think he had an affair with his boss, Kavita Mangalna.

Both weren’t happy with one another and decided to apply for divorce and they did, they applied for divorce and Sanskaar moves on, forgetting Ragini but a year later, he received a call from his family saying that they miss him and they’re ready to accept Ragini. Sanskaar was happy but shocked as he didn’t know how to get Ragini back.

End of Flashback.

Sanskaar sniffed as the pain in the head distracted him, he placed his hand on his head and felt the bandage.

“How are you feeling sir?” The nurse queried as she entered with a tray full of medication.

“What happened?” Sanskaar sighs in pain.

“You had got hit in the head with a vase after entering the bay.” The nurse reveals and places the tray on the table, besides him.

The latter remembers entering a room but doesn’t clearly understand what happened and why.

“Mr Maheshwari, there’s something we would like to disclose.” The doctor utters as he enters the room.

The nurse exits after catching the sign passed out.


“Mr Maheshwari, the girl you had brought, I suppose Ms Gadodia, she. . . We would suggest you to call her family members as soon as possible, only you gave that piece of information as we don’t know anything expect her name.” The doctor utters with a small sigh.

“Is everything alright?” Sanskaar queries the doctor who seems slightly disappointed.

“She is mentally ill and it’s highly impossible to keep her here with us, she would ruin our hospital one day.” The doctor responds in infuriate as the machines had been damaged and this could cause him suspension.

Sanskaar was shocked with that statement.

“Please give them a ring asap, I wouldn’t want another member of staff experiencing what you had gone through.” The doctor says with a fake smile and walks out.

At first, Sanskaar was confused but realised that the doctor hinted out Swara was the one who was behind this attack of his.
After a while, Sanskaar, opens the of the bay and enters, seeing Swara lying down and the nurses clearing the mess she had created.

“This is the only way. . .” Sanskaar says in his mind and sees an innocent Swara sleeping.

Few time later, Swara opens her eyes slowly and glances around, she sits up instantly, timid and nervous while glancing around.

The nurse walks in with a worrying smile as she looks at Swara, the doctor also walks inside, hoping for the best.

“Who are you?” Swara stutters with a slight pout.

“I’m the doctor and she’s the nurse, who are you?” The doctor, in a friendly tone responds.

Swara confusingly looks at him.

“Who am I?” Swara slowly whispers and starts thinking.

“Swara! Finally you woke up, do you know how much you scared me?”

Swara glances around, her eyes stop at a gift bag with balloon wrapped with it and flowers inside the bag. The doctor and nurses turn. Swara is more keen to know the person behind the balloon is.

The person moves forward and places the bag ok the bed, Swara, slightly timidly moves back.

The person comes forth and is none other than Sanskaar, he looks at her with a smile on his face.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Have I got something on my face?” Sanskaar questions and starts touching his face.

He knew if he had to communicate with Swara then he had to befriend her by doing what she enjoys.

“I. . Is my name Swara?” Swara innocently asks as she blinks at him.

Sanskaar shakes his head positively with a genuine small smile, her innocence is no less than a charm.

“Swara Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Sanskaar completes with slight faded smile.

Swara’s eyes slightly widen.

“Such big big name?”

“Yes.” Sanskaar responds.

“W. . . Who. . . Are you?”

“Sanskaar Maheshwari. . .” Sanskaar trials off.

“You’re also Swara Ragini Sankaar Meshari?” Swara queries with her innocent blink.

Sanskaar slightly chuckle and negatively shakes his head.

“Only Sanskaar Maheshwari.”

“Then why am I Swara Sankaar Meshari?” Swara slightly pouts.

“Because. . .” Sanskaar utters and thinks of an excuse.
“Because we’re friends and that’s what friends do.” Sanskaar lies.

“You’re Sankaar and I’m Swara.” Swara says in order to understand.

She smiles and looks at Sanskaar, Sanskaar passes a un-doubtful fake smile.

“Friends?” Swara chirped and forwarded her hand.

Sanskaar shook it, “Friends” he responded.

Swara takes her hand back and claps.

“Yayyy, mela dostttt.” Swara happily claps her hands with a broad smile.

Sanskaar’s smile fades as the flashback occurs in his mind.


“What are you saying Mr Maheshwari?” The doctor, sounding surprised stands up from the chair to what Sanskaar had told him.

“It’s true Doctor, she is my wife, we had some personal conflict to which she left the house in anger and this accident happened, I was too hesitant to accept it as she had already divorced me but I cannot leave her alone in this condition. . . I can still cancel the divorce as the papers haven’t got a legal stump.” Sanskaar recites to what his brain had told him in order to get this situation to his side.

The doctor seemed to be convinced.

“I suggest you to take her home Mr Maheshwari, she needs home care.” The doctor vocalises and leaves from the room.

Sanskaar sighs a relief with tinge of guilt as whatever he had uttered was mere a lie.

End of Flashback

“Swara. . . It’s so boring here, do you want to go home?” Sanskaar, in a calm tone pronounces.

Swara looks at him in confusion.

“Home? Where is our home?”

“Kolkata.” Sanskaar responds.

“Kolkata?” Swara repeats and slight confusion.

“Yes Kolkata, our home where we play lots of games and have fun.” Sanskaar, in a fake thrilling tone utters to show his fake excitement.

Swara gets glad hearing the words ‘games and fun’ as they indicate entertainment and enjoyment.

“I wanna go home!” Swara instantly retorts, taking no more time.

“Let’s go. . .” Sanskaar trials off.

Swara nods her head and a wide and childish smile creeps up her lips.

Sanskaar looks at the doctor and blinks his eyes, mouthing thank you, the doctor nods with a smile and walks out, the nurse also walks out.

“Now we will go home, ready?”

Swara nods and innocently blinks at Sanskaar.

“Sankaar, how long is Kolata?” Swara softly and innocently utters.

“We have to go by train and then we will reach there.” Sanskaar responds, the train was the only transport route he could use with no worry as no problems could arise.

“Train means chuk chuk gaadhi?”

Sanskaar nods in response to her question.

“Chuck chuk gaadi. . . Yayyyy!” Swara excitedly pronounces.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling guilty, am I doing the wrong thing by taking her with me to Kolkata?” The question which often drowns Sanskaar to search for answers and develops a guilt of a feeling.
After a while, Swara and Sanskaar reach the train station, Swara was very nervous by seeing the crowd, she was conscious and held Sanskaar’s hand.

“Sankaar. . . Too many people, I going to get lost.” Swara pouts worriedly and looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar passes a faint smile.

“I’m here na Swara, nothing will happen.” Sanskaar assures and both enter inside the train box.

The announcement for Kolkata was made and the train starts moving as soon as Swara and Sanskaar take their seats in their compound. Swara smiles while looking outside and Sanskaar thinks about what he’s doing.

Chapter Ends.

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Story By Eva and Halima

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