Why me? Chapter 18: FizzHarth and JazzBhir special dream sequence Part 2 + intro of one villain

Chapter 18: MalVeer and NiMran special dream sequence Part 2 + intro of one villain

So here the second part of the dream sequence, this time it’s starting with second dimension.

I hope you guys like it, these dreams are an very important part of this story, cause this season will end after the fourth part of this chapter and season two will start with the new villains!

Malika’s dream + pov
“I really love you Malika, never forget me and promise me that you will find a way to remember me!” TK said. “No TK don’t leave me!” “I have to or else they will kill you!” “I love you TK!” “I love you too!” “Never forget me!” “I won’t TK!” Then TK dissappeared.
End of her dream

“Omg, what was this dream about, Tk dissappearing, this can’t happen and I won’t let that happen, I can’t lose him again, this time I will be more shattered than I was allready!”
End of her pov

IK’s dream and pov
“I was running after my wife Nidhi, we all got married at the same day like RagSan and SwaLak, cause she wasn’t telling me what’s wrong with her!” “We were running like that for long, until she fell unconscious!” “I called the doctor and she said: “congrats Mr. Khurana your wife is pregnant!”
End of his dream

“Wow, I would love to have children with Nidhi, but we aren’t married, why did the doctor say your wife!” “I’m so confused now, nothing makes sense!” “I should talk to my princess tomorrow!” Then I fell asleep again.
End of his pov

Now to the other dimension with other dreams

Nidhi’s dream and pov
“I’m the happiest man ever!” “What happend IK?” “You are pregnant Nidhu!” “What?” “Yes, you are my lucky charm Nidhi!” “But Vampires and Werewolves aren’t aloud to children!” “Yes, we are aloud, cause we are mates forever, we can’t die and we have the same power my darling wife!” “I’m such an idiot!” “Not like my brother and your sis!” “Which couple do you mean?” “You know, who I mean our loverboy and your crazy sis, the can’t stay a minute without eachother!” “Oh, you mean AK and Sam(Crazy), you are very mean to them!” “My second name is mean(hahhaha, took one of my dad’s dialogs).”
End of her dream

“I woke up and was laughing like a crazy woman!” “So Crazy asked me are allright Nidhu darling?” “Yes, I’m allright my Crazy baby sis!” “I think you have a mental problem!” She said to me. “So the crazy one is telling me that I have a mental problem, what about you and AK, whenever I see you two together, you are romancing all the time!” “Goodnight, I’m going to sleep!” An upset Crazy said. “I’m sorry baby!” “No sorries and thank you’s in sisterhood!” “Aww, love you my Jaane Jigar!” “Love you too Nidhu darling!” Then we fell asleep again!
End of her pov

Tk’s dream + pov
“Come and catch me TK!” My darling wife said. “I will allways catch you Malika, whatever happens!” “Oh, you are becoming romantic like your brothers AK and VK!” “One sings songs all the time and the other one runs like a Majnu(loverboy) after my sis!” “Don’t forget I’m older than them and I have more experiance in romance then them!” “Really?” “Yes, did you forget our romance, when you were drunk!” “TK, you are an idiot!” “Really, Mrs. Angry bird!”
End of the dream

“Oh, man I really miss Malika!” “We should get married again, before our powers get stronger!” “So before we all turn 25!” “Thank god Ragsan got married before, so their powers are safe for now!”
End of his pov

Intro of the villain and it is any guesses? No, ok It is Sarah Tomson!

So now to her Intro
Sarah Tomson, married to Alec Tomson, she is a good actor, infront of everybody she is innoncent, but the truth is, she is more evil than her husband, she is 25 years old, she is something as well, but she isn’t as powerfull as RagSan, SwaLak, DiRuFaiHalCut, the M bros, The K bros, the K twins and the Masked Angels! She will be played by Ridhima of Ishqbaaz.

I hope you guys like the new twist in the story!

And guys do follow and read the stories of my Mental sisters as well.

So guys I’m ending this season with this part, so that I can start the next season with the other dream sequences.

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