Why me? Chapter 18: FizzHarth and JazzBhir special dream sequence Part 1


Chapter 18: FizzHarth and JazzBhir special dream sequence Part 1

This is a special chapter with two couples each of the K bros and the masked angels, so there will be 4 parts to it. I hope you guys enjoy it, these parts will play in both dimensions and it revolves around their dreams and how it became a part of them without their knowledge.

I hope you guys like it!

All kinds of comments are welcome, so if you want to bash me then you can, but let me tell you something I will take it like a gift/present, cause bash comments give me more motivation to write more as well, so that you can get annoyed with me????

So now back to my story with the first dimension.

SK’s dream + pov
The dream starts in an very beautiful venue decorated very nicely and there was a girl. I went to her, hugged her from back and said: “I knew you would come Fizz, I really love you!” “She turned around it was…..” “I only could see a crying Fizz running away from here, I tried to run after her, but that person was holding me back.”
End of his dream

“I woke up bathed in sweath.” “I don’t want to lose Fizz again!” “I know other people would say something like: “I can’t live without her and she is my everything!” “That’s true, but she knows how much I love her!” “I will do everything, that this dream won’t come true.” I will do anything to secure our future!” “I will only live to protect my Fizz!”
End of his pov

Jazzy’s dream and pov
The dream starts with SwaLak’s marriage.
“We were getting ready for their wedding!” “Then RK came to me and said: “soon we will get married too my princess!” “I’m so happy that bhai is getting married to the girl he loves!” “We all went down, but Ragini bhabhi was missing, I could only see an upset Sanky bhai and the bride wasn’t Swara at all it was someone else, who was evilly laughing at me!” “I was shocked and then I heard few noises like: thud!” “Thud!” “Peng!” “Peng!”
End of her dream

“I was really shocked, cause of that dream.” ” I tried to sleep again, butI couldn’t, cause this dream was running in my mind over and over again!”
End of her pov

Now to the second dimension.

RK’s dream and pov
There was a weddingvenue prepared for 10 weddings.
“RK aren’t you ready for your marriage with Jazzy!” “Yes, I am!” “Congrats, you are getting married to my cousine!” Someone said, but I don’t know, who it was, but something was wrong, cause after few mins the whole venue burned down!
End of his dream

“The next morning I told my bros about my dream!” “They were shocked as well, they were like: “what in our marriage the whole venue burned down, we should tell the girls about your dream.” “But who is after our happiness?”
End pf his pov

At the other side Fizzo had a dream as well.

Fizzo’s dream
“We all were having a fun time with our family, but suddenly the happy mood changes to sad one, cause someone tried to kill us all, I could see a pregnant Ragini getting stabbed by someone, my SK was getting tortured by a girl, who was evilly smilling at me!” “Everyone was dead except for me and SK!”
End of her scary dream

“I screamed very loudly my sisters woke up and asked me, if I was allright, so I told them about my dream.” “We have to tell the boys!” Nidhi said. “Yes, we will tl them tomorrow!” “Then we went back to sleep, but the dream was still haunting me.”
End of her pov

So guys this was the first part of the dream sequences. You guys must have thought, that this is a romantic part, but sorry to say it isn’t, cause they are two new villains coming, this villains will be more evil then the previous ones!
So guys be aware of this creapy villains, they could haunt you guys as well in your dreams!

I hope you guys like!

See you guys soon with the next update!

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