Why me? Chapter 17: New entries part 2


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Chapter 17: new entries part 2

So guys there is a character change instead of Anjali, Lisa will be Kiara’s non identical twin, cause Anjali didn’t want to be a part of this story anymore, so Lisa will replace her forever! If you guys don’t like my decision, then I’m very sorry, but Anjali removed us from her heart!

Rumana(Cutie) and Raj’s first meet
Cutie was walking in a street there weren’t any people at all except for some goons. Raj was driving in this street too, the guys were troublelling Cutie, Raj came out of his car, but he couldn’t help her, cause she was beating up the goons. Raj was enjoying it very much with popcorn, which he bought before. The goons got very scared and ran away, cause they thought that Cutie was crazy. “Wow, the way you beaten up these guys!” “That’s cause I have learnt selfdefense from my friends!” “If you don’t mind can I drop you somewhere?” “Yes please, I need to go home or my sister will kill me!” “Hello, I forgot to interdouce myself I’m Raj Malhotra and what’s you name?” “My name is Rumana!” She answered back. He droped her at her place she said bye and then he went.

Raj’s pov
“Why do I feel an connection to Rumana, I can’t and won’t fall in love, not after what “my mother” did to our father, I don’t believe in it anymore.” She “my mother” ruined our lives!” “I hate that woman!” “She cheated on our father with that Marc Tomson, when I was two years old and she even had his child Alec Tomson!” “She ran away with him!” “Our father was heartbroken, cause I was still young my father married someone else and she took care of me like I was her son, for me she isn’t my stepmom she is my mom!”
End of his pov

Aakash and Lisa’s first meet + Crazy
“I am going, to the Malhotra and sons company for an interview Crazy bhabhi!” Anjali said cutely. “Why do you call your bhabhi crazy?” Aakash asked her. “Actually my name is Sam, but she and everyone else calls me Crazy, cause it’s my nickname.” Crazy said. “Ok, so where are you girls going?” “I have an interview in the Malhotra and sons company and my soon to be sister-in-law is my lucky charm, so she is coming with me!” Lisa said without taking any breath! “Ok, I will drop you girls!” Aakash said “Thanks for your help sir!” Lisa said, then he drove to the company, he went in the backside of the company and went in there. The girls went in at the main entrance, a secratary came towards them and asked: “who is miss LisaKhurana?” “I am Lisa, nice to meet you mam!” “You are next, so please follow me.” They went up and left Crazy behind.

Aakash’s pov
“Why does this Lisa keep coming into my head, soon I have to interview her!” I came out from my thoughts, cause someone knocked at the door and I said: “come in!” She came in, was shocked to see and asked me: “you are the chairman of this company?” “Yes, I am!” “Wow, awesome, I didn’t know, that the boss of this company is a gentleman!” So they talked for an hour and had the interview too.
End of their meet and his pov

Aryan and Diya’s first meet
Diya was going to meet Fairy, whe she slipped and someone caught her and it was her hero Aryan. “Are you alright.” A concerned Aryan asked her. “Yes, I am thank you!” “Aren’t you the newsreporter Aryan Malhotra?” “Yes, I am, my preety lady!” She blushed a little bit after he said that. “And what’s your name miss?” “My name is Diya!” “Such an beautiful name like you my lady!” “Thanks!” Then she went blushingly away to Fairy.
End of the meet

Aryan’s pov
“Why did I flirt with Diya?” “I’m such an idiot!” “But I really like her, no I can’t like any girls, they always hurt us, with their stupid games!” “I hate women!”
End of his pov

Ruch and Ranveer’s first meet + Ranveer’s pov
Ruch was going to the cinemas with her friend to watch the new film of Ranveer Malhotra and some of her friends came with her. Ruch was walking to her seat, to her right Ranveer sat next to her so she said: “omg, aren’t you Ranveer Malhotra, if you are then I’m a big fan of yours!” “Yes I am!” “Omg, someone please pinch me.” I pincehed her and then she said: “it’s really you!” “Wow, this girl is very cute!” “But I can’t fall for her, cause it’s against our M bros rules!” “My name is Ruch, nice to finally meet you RM!” “Your name is so cute like you!” After the film finished she went and went home too.
End of his pov and their convo

Kia and Yuvi’s first meet with a little bit of Drama and Yuvi’s pov
Someone was driving very fastly, he nearly killed someone. “Mam, are you allright?” I asked a girl and she replied: “you idiot nearly killed me, the sister of the best singer of India Armaan Khurana, Kiara Khurana is my name!” “What, you the fightercock is related to my favourite musician, that can’t be, cause I heard his sisters are very nice girls, but you are an angry bird!” “You are a dumbo, mr. I don’t know your name!” “My name is Yuvi Malhotra!” “So you are an Malhotra too!” “This Kia is so beautiful yaar, I would love to kiss her, but I can’t, cause we bros promised eachother, that we will never ever fall in love!” Without saying anything I went back home.
End of his pov and their meet

So guys this was the update about our new entries, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s chapter.

Negative and positive comments are allways welcome.

I didn’t reread the story, so if there any grammatical errors then I’m sorry!

Characters + CS
Nidhi Maheswari/Gadodia 21 years old, played by Nidz_055

Sinzo Maheswari/Gadodia 21 years old, played by Sinzo

Astha Maheswari/Gadodia 20 years old, played by SriAstha

Fizzo Maheswari/Gadodia 19 years old, played by Silent-writerr

Malika Maheswari 20 years old, played by Malika

Ashnoor Maheswari 18 years old, played by Nisnav

Jazzy Maheswari 18 years old, played by 123jazzyk

Sam(Crazy) Maheswari 18 years old, played by crazygirlsp

IK akka Imran Khurana 24 years old, played by Imran Khan

TK akka Tanveer Khurana 23 years old played by Malika’s husband

ShK akka Shahid Khurana 23 years old, played by Shahid Kapoor

VK akka Varun Khurana 21 years old, played by Varun Dhawan

TiK akka Tiger Khurana played by Tiger Shroff, he is 23 years old as well

RK akka Ranbir Khurana played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is 22 years old

SK akka Sidharth Khurana played by Sidharth Malhotra, he is 21 years old

AK akka Armaan Khurana played by Armaan Malik, he is 20 years old

Diya Gupta/Singhania. Played by DiyaDC9, she is 20 years old

Ruch Gupta/ Singhania. Played by LonelinessAbides, she is 20 years old

Halima Gupta/Singhania. Played by Hxl1m4, she is 18 years old

Rumana(Cutie) Chaudhary. Played by CuteangelZaya, she is 19 years old

Fairy Chaudhary. Played by Fairy, she is 21 years old

Lisa Khurana. Played by Lisa, she is 18 years old

Kiara(Kia) Khurana. Played by Goodgirlphobia, she is 18 years old

Abhimanyu Malhotra he is 18 years old, a flirt, handsome, caring towards his siblings, but for the world he is arrogant. A chemistry student in his 3rd year. Played Sidharth Gupta

Aakash Malhotra 23 years old, caring towards his brothers, the world knows him like that only, a simple man, non identical twin brother of Aryan,doesn’t believe in love, but soon he will believe in it. A businessman by proffession. Played by Arjun Bijlani

Aryan Malhotra he is 23 years old, non identical twin of Aakash, is the total opposite of Aakash, he is caring, but the world thinks the same about him like they think about Abhimanyu. He is a journalist by proffession. Played by Pearl V Puri

Sameer Malhotra 24 years old, the eldest of the brothers, he is handsome, he is the most caring man, prefers truth over lie. He is a lawyer by proffession. Played by Karan Tacker

Ranveer Malhotra 20 years old, a perfect guy for anyone, so many girls have crush on him, but he isn’t ready for commitments or a relationship with a girl. He is an actor by proffession. He is played Avan Jogia

Raj Malhotra he is the oldest of his brothers he is 24 years old like his cousin Sameer, his brothers are Ranveer and Abhimanyu, but everyone calls them the M bros, cause everyone is equally loved by their parents, their uncles and aunts. He is caring, hotheaded, so he is an angry young man. He is an policeofficer by proffession. He is played by Mahesh

Yuvi Malhotra he is 19 years old, he is cute, handsome, a flirt. He is a lawyer student in his first year. He is played Yuvraj Thakur

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