Why me? Chapter 17: New entries part 1


Chapter 17: New entries part 1

Heya guys feeling very sad, cause many people aren’t commenting in this story, it could be that this is the last update in TU and I will continue it only in Watty, so the people, who wanna read it have to read it only in Watty. Thanks my Mental sisters for bringing back my smile and understanding me, while I was having pains everywhere and was crying a lot.

Abhimanyu’s pov
I’m so happy that I am an Chemistry student.” “This Halima is so cute, while she is angry, but I can’t fall in love with an human.” “Why do I feel an unknown connection with her!” “No, I don’t like her, I hate her, I hate girls!”
End of his pov

Fairy and Sameer’s first meet and Sameer’s pov
“We moved to Goa two days ago, cause my family was tired with the same lifestyle in Mumbai.” “I was bringing m brothers to collage, Abhimanyu didn’t come with us, cause of his stupid ego, So I took the others with me, Aakash and Aryan allready went for work.” I have a meeting today with a new client, she wants to file a case against someone, who was harrassing a nurse in an dental clinic.” After dropping them I went to my office, where the well known dentist miss. Fairy Chaudhary was sitting. “Hello miss. Chaudhary!” I said and she replied back: “goodmorning mr. Malhotra.” I don’t know why, but I feel an connection to her.” I thought to myself. “So you wanted to file a case against someone?” “Yeah against your brother Abhimanyu Malhotra, he was flirting and touching a nurse, eventhought she told him, that she wasn’t intressted!” “I know why, he did it, cause that idiot was drunk!” I told and she replied back: “then I won’t file a case against him, cause he wasn’t in his senses!” Then she went.
End of his pov

Sorry guys, but next few meetings will be in the next part of this Chapter!

Characters + CS
Nidhi Maheswari/Gadodia 21 years old, played by Nidz_055

Sinzo Maheswari/Gadodia 21 years old, played by Sinzo

Astha Maheswari/Gadodia 20 years old, played by SriAstha

Fizzo Maheswari/Gadodia 19 years old, played by Silent-writerr

Malika Maheswari 20 years old, played by Malika

Ashnoor Maheswari 18 years old, played by Nisnav

Jazzy Maheswari 18 years old, played by 123jazzyk

Sam(Crazy) Maheswari 18 years old, played by crazygirlsp

IK akka Imran Khurana 24 years old, played by Imran Khan

TK akka Tanveer Khurana 23 years old played by Malika’s husband

ShK akka Shahid Khurana 23 years old, played by Shahid Kapoor

VK akka Varun Khurana 21 years old, played by Varun Dhawan

TiK akka Tiger Khurana played by Tiger Shroff, he is 23 years old as well

RK akka Ranbir Khurana played by Ranbir Kapoor, he is 22 years old

SK akka Sidharth Khurana played by Sidharth Malhotra, he is 21 years old

AK akka Armaan Khurana played by Armaan Malik, he is 20 years old

Diya Gupta/Singhania 20 years old, caring, loves her sisters a lot, non identical twin of Ruch Gupta/Singhania, a teacher by profession. Played by DiyaDC9

Ruch Gupta/ Singhania 20 years old, caring, loves her sisters a lot and naughty, non identical twin of Diya, a cardiologist by proffession. Played by LonelinessAbides

Halima Gupta/Singhania 18 years old, naughty, cute and lovely. Crazy’s pyaari villain and Crazy is her cute jelebi. A chemistry student in her 3rd year. Played by Hxl1m4

Rumana(Cutie) Chaudhary 19 years old, loves her older sis Fairy very much, she is understanding, very mature for her age, cute and caring. Soon she will be a dentist. Played by CuteangelZaya

Fairy Chaudhary 21 years old, loveable, crazy, cute, funny, cares a lot for her sister and friends, makes everyone smile. She is a dentist by proffession.

Anjali Khurana she is 18 years old, the baby doll of her older brothers, she is still childish, cute, likes to annoy Jazzy a lot, believes in love, non identical twin of Kiara. She is a commerce student like Crazy. Played by Anjali

Kiara(Kia) Khurana 18 years old, non identical twin of Anjali, she mature, understanding, loves all her brothers and sister equally. She is liturature student. Played by Goodgirlphobia

Abhimanyu Malhotra he is 18 years old, a flirt, handsome, caring towards his siblings, but for the world he is arrogant. A chemistry student in his 3rd year. Played Sidharth Gupta

Aakash Malhotra 23 years old, caring towards his brothers, the world knows him like that only, a simple man, non identical twin brother of Aryan,doesn’t believe in love, but soon he will believe in it. A businessman by proffession. Played by Arjun Bijlani

Aryan Malhotra he is 23 years old, non identical twin of Aakash, is the total opposite of Aakash, he is caring, but the world thinks the same about him like they think about Abhimanyu. He is a journalist by proffession. Played by Pearl V Puri

Sameer Malhotra 24 years old, the eldest of the brothers, he is handsome, he is the most caring man, prefers truth over lie. He is a lawyer by proffession. Played by Karan Tacker

Ranveer Malhotra 20 years old, a perfect guy for anyone, so many girls have crush on him, but he isn’t ready for commitments or a relationship with a girl. He is an actor by proffession. He is played Avan Jogia

Raj Malhotra he is the oldest of his brothers he is 24 years old like his cousin Sameer, his brothers are Ranveer and Abhimanyu, but everyone calls them the M bros, cause everyone is equally loved by their parents, their uncles and aunts. He is caring, hotheaded, so he is an angry young man. He is an policeofficer by proffession. He is played by Mahesh

Yuvi Malhotra he is 19 years old, he is cute, handsome, a flirt. He is a lawyer student in his first year. He is played Yuvraj Thakur

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