Why me? Chapter 16: An engagement with a twist part 3

SK’s pov
“What, Fizz is allready drunk after two or three shots.” “She is blabering something: “SK, my sweetypie, never ever leave me again or else you are gone!” “I will kill you with my bare hands!” “And don’t go near this b*t*h GG!” “Or I will her and you too, cause I can’t see you with someone else!” “Oh, she is so sweet.” I picked her like the bridalstyle ip and went with her to the hotel, I layed her down on her bed and I wanted to go, but she pulled me towards, cause of that I fell on top of her, then she pulled me down, kissed me on my cheek and fell asleep.
End of his pov

RK’s pov
“What’s wrong with Jazz, she is dancing like crazy and singing to it: “I don’t care, I love it!” Some guys were looking at my Jazz, so I went to her, she pulled me towards her, danced with me, kissed me infront of these guys, they were really jealous and O enjoyed it a lot!” “Baby, are you tired?” She asked me and I said: “yes, I am my angel!” “Are we allready going?” She asked me cutely, without saying anythin I picked her up and went to the hotel, where I saw something that I shouldn’t be watching and it was TK bhai’s and Malika bhabhi’s romance.”
End of his pov

Malveer scene
A drunk Malika came towards TK, took him with her to her and Jazzy’s room, there the real fun began?. Malika pushed TK on the bed, she started to kiss him on his lips, then his neck, he started to response as well it got wilder and wilder, their kissing got very intense, she took of his clothes, he took of her clothes, untill they were naked and made love, Malika was moaning a lot, which made TK go deeper into her, she moaned and moaned, she was lying under then she turned her and him around, that she was on top of him, then she pushed herself harder on to him, that he would be deeper inside her and now he moaned in pleasure. It finished after few hours.
End of their scene

Vk’s pov
Astha is behaving very weirdly, oh no she drank Vodka as well as her sisters, my sisters and our friends.” I have to do something, but what?” “There is a room, I could take her there, so I can take care of my princess.” “To Astha’s luck I saved her at right moment, but she was unconscious!” “I took her to the room, woke her up again and this time she fell asleep while holding my hand.
End of his pov

AK’s pov
“What should I do now, I have to handle these girls alone, all my bro’s went with their ladies, a guy came he was holding Anjali and I asked him for help, so he went to get his brother and friends with their help we could take them to the hotel.” “I took Crazy to my room, I wanted to go, but she held me up and she cutely said: “AK, don’t leave, I’m scared that something will happen to you, I can’t live without you, your the man, I allways loved, you are my hero, my prince and my soul, I know we both have got different bodies, but our hearts and soul is connected to eachother!” “I will never leave you I promise, I want to grow old with you and have children with you!” She hugged me, kissed my lips and then she fell asleep on my chest.
End of my(crazy’s) hero’s pov

The next morning the masked angels, the Faries and K twins woke up with an heavy head, the K bros made lemonwater for all of them. Mr. Khurana thinks that someone poisened us, cause Fairies, Vampires and Werewolves don’t actually get drunk and we knew, who did this and it was……

Nidhi’s pov
Then later we went to GG, Fizzo slapped her a few times, Crazy was very angry and she kickedpunched her a few times till she was unconscoius, we took her to another special cell, where no one will ever find her?????. We totured her for very long, untill she died.
End of Nidhi’s pov

Revelation part 2 and Astha’s pov
“At night Mr. Khurana told us that we live in two parallel worlds, which are connected to eachother and we live there in the same year, but our cousins are Raglak and SwaSan and not all of us are sisters.” “We all were shocked and he told us, that our lovestories are different then this world……”
End of the revelation and Astha’s pov

At night we all went back to South London, where we met the guys, who helped us DiRuFaiHalCut and AnjKi felt a weird connection to them.

So now I’m changing to Swaragini: you stole myheart dimension.

Halima’s pov
“Why is this Abhimanyu Malhotra, in my class?” “He is do annoying, I hate him, I wished he would be like VK and AK jeeju, both are so cool, but this guy is such an Monkey.” “Look at him, he looks like some animals live in his hairs.” “Is he my enemy or do I like him!” “No, I don’t like this monkey, stupididiot.”
End of her pov

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