Why me? Chapter 16: An engagement with a twist part 2


Chapter 16: An engagement with a twist part 2

Before writing this part thank you Jazzy for helping me with some awesome ideas.

Crazy’s pov
So we were about to go to change our clothes, but before we could go AK came to me and said: “I have present for you my Jaan.”

The present for me

“Oh, my cute Jaan, the dress and the earings are beautiful.” I said, while I hugged him, then he said something that made blush. “Oh, Jaan don’t blush that much or I will do something, that we shouldn’t do!” He said naughtilly.
End of her pov

Nidhi’s pov
I was going to my, but someone pulled me towards himself and said: “Nidhi, I have something for you for tonight.”

My dress

“It’s very preety, thanks IK.” “But not as preety as you my princess.” A big smile came from me to hide my blush, but still he could see it and he said: “I will never ever hurt you again Nidz, I love it when you smile, cause my heart beats faster whenever I see you.” After he said it, he went.
End of Nidhi’s pov

Astha’s pov
“Astha, I want to give you something.” My VK said to me. “That’s for you my darling!” He said again and gave me a packet, cause I wanted to know, what it is, I openend it and I was shocked, cause I received an amazing dress from him.

The dress

I hugged him very tightly and said: “thank you, thank you, how did you know it’s my fav color?” “Cause I know everything about you my dear Asthu.”
End of her pov

Anjki and DiRuFaiHalCut were allready ready to go.

Diya’s dress

Ruch’s dress

Anjali’s dress

Fairy’s dress

Halima’s dress

Cutie’s dress

TK’s pov
“Malika, I have something for you?” “What does my cute husband have for my.” “My sweet wife close your eyes please?” She closed her eyes, I took her to our room, there was a dress ready for her to wear and I said: “now you can open your eyes.”

Her dress

“Wow, TK it’s an mindblowing dress.” “I will try to keep you always happy!” “You do keep me happy TK and I want to start my life again with you!” My wife said.
End of his pov

TiK’s pov
“Sinzo our plan worked and we all wanted to go celebrate our victory, so I bought a gift for you!” “I want to see it now, show me the dress please.” She asked my very cutely, so I showed her the dress.”

The dress

“I must say you have a great choice TiK, cause I love the dress!” She said. “Aww, baby, you know what, when I saw the dress I knew it allready, that it is made for you only you!”
End of his pov

ShK’s pov
“Ashnoor, can you please come here for a second?” “Yes, I’m coming!” “Can you please try this on for, I want to see, how you look in this dress.” She went straightaway to try this dress on.

When she came out, I was mesmerised with her beauty, I didn’t hear what she said, untill she said: “ShK are you listening to me?” “No, I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, cause I was looking at my breathtaking angel.”
End of his pov

Jazzy’s pov
RK pulled me towards himself and said: “my sweety, I have a present for and I know you will look hot in it!” “What is it my angry man?” “Here that’s for you!” I slowly openend the packet in there was an hotpink dress it was breathtaking beautiful, I went towards RK and kissed his cheek.

The dress

“Thank you RK, I love it!” “Yeah I love you too Babe.” He said and I started to laugh and said: “Idiot i said that I love the dress not you!”
End of her pov

SK’s pov
“SK, you can do it, just tell Fizz that you love her!” I said to myself loudly and heard, how Fizz was laughing at me, so I said her, cause I was upset: “what’s so funny Fizzo, here I’m trying to tell you about mfeelings for you and you are laughing at me!” “I’m not laughing at you baby, you are too cute, that’s the reason, why I was laughing and you don’t have to tell me that you love me, cause I feel it in here.” She said, while she was touching her heart. “I have something for you my darling!” “What, is it?”

The present

“SK, it’s perfect, I’m gonna wear it tonight!” And then she went
End of his pov

IK’s pov
After the girls got ready we went to a bar named the lovers Garden. We all went in as pairs like: “TiK and Sinzo, Jazzy and RK, AK and Crazy, VK and Astha, Malika bhabhi and TK, Ashnoor an ShK, The twin K sis, Diya and Fairy, Halima, Ruch and Cutie and at last Nidhi and I.” “That’s the first time I’m going to a bar.” An excited Nidhi said. We all qent to drink something, but girls were allready drunk after two Vodka shots(I did, what Jazzy told me to do). I was trying to take care of Nidhi and she said: “you know, what IK, you are so cute, I never was angry at you just was heartbroken, when you told me that you don’t love me, but I knew that you were lying, I could see your love for me in your eyes!”! “I love you IK never leave again or I will did qithout you!” “Shhhh, never say that again!” I took her back to the hotel, made ber lie down on the bed.
End of his pov

Anjali’s pov
I was walking here and there, some guys tried to misbehave with me, bit someone saved me and he was hot and he asked me: “miss are you allright.” “Yes, I’m thank you.” “Hi name is Aakash Malhotra(he is played by Arjun Bijlani).”

“Nice to meet “gulp” you Aakash, my name is “gulp” Anjali Khurana!” Before I lost my consciousness he saved me and took me to my brothers.” “Thank you, can you please help us in taking the girls to the hotel!” AK bhai said. “Sure I will, just calling my brothers and cousins for help.”
End of her pov

So guys here is the second part guys.

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