Why me? Chapter 16 An engagement with a twist part 1


Chapter 16: An engagement with a twist part 1

Before writing this part thank you Jazzy for helping me qith some awesome ideas.

Astha’s pov
“Anjali just wrote a message, that they reached and they are coming now.” I said to the rest. “We need to tell them about your dream Crazy!” Nidhi said to her. “Yes, I will tell them!” She said. Soon we heard a knock, Sinzo went to open the door and TiK came in, the rest came in too, but SinGer looked like they cried a lot, cause of tonight GG will get engaged to TiK and their silence speaks a lot about their emotions. “So I need to tell you guys something about my dream last night!” Sam said. “What did you dream Jaan?” AK asked her. She told them everything about it, they were shocked as well as scared, but they said: “we will do anything to stop this engagement!”
End of her pov

Plan of DiKiRuFaiHalCut, AnjKi, K bros and the masked angels and VK’s pov + AnJazz fight
“We should break the engagement in a rocking and shocking way.” Anjali said. “What about, we get some dogs, who will eat that GG alive.” Jazzy said ver evilly. “Are you out of your mind chudhail.” Anjali said and Jazz replied back: “Dumbo, it’s just an idea.” “Baby doll, how dare calling her Chudhail, you know what Jazz is my fiancée.” RK said angrilly and Jazz said to him: “RK, my jaan calm down, we just love to tease eachother, Am I right dumbo.” “Yes you are chudhail.” “We should concentrate on our plan.” Nidhi said. “What about Cow poop?” Ashnoor asked. “Wow, that’s so disgusting!” ShK said. “Great ideas girls!” Kia said.
End of their and VK’s pov, cause the rest of the planning, you guys will get to know soon.

In the afternoon everyone got ready for their planning and plotting, they went shopping for their first step in stopping GG. Some couples had funtime together. AnJazz teased eachother for hours, untill RK stopped them both. After few hours of shopping they went to the hotel to get ready.

Fizz decided for option 1, Jazz for 2, Ashnoor for 2, Malika for 2, Sinzo for 2 and Astha decided for 1.

Anjali’s dress

At the other side GG was getting ready in her glamourous western dress, but she didn’t know, what will happen to her today?

“Oh look at me I look to hot for this stupid and dumbo TiK, what about getting engaged to AK or VK instead of him, cause these two are very hot!” She said, while she was checking herself out!”

Soon the evening of the engagement came, everyone was looking mindblowing, the K bros were wearing matching clothes to the masked angels. They went to the venue.

As per plan AnjKi went to GG,then the drama started, they went up and Kia said: “omg, Bhabhi your dress has got stains at the back of your dress!” “Can you please help me in washing it?” She asked them and they said: “we will wash it for you!” Then AnjKi went to the bathroom, attached a piece of meat(just doing, what Jazzy told me to do) somewhere you can’t see it, then they helped her wearing the dress and after helping her they went down, where the guests were waiting for her, some of them came with their dogs, cause they smelt the meat, they started to run after GG, who was shouting and crying, not even her friends could help her, so she went outside, then she slipped on cow poop and rotten eggs and she fell in it too. After few mins she came out of it went inside, everyone was laughing at her.
End of plan 1

Now plan 2
Before she could go TiK took the attention from her to himself. “Dad I’m sorry, but I can’t marry Goldie, cause I love someone else and that’s Sinzo Maheswari!” Then Sinzo came in, all the people looked at her, cause she is breathtakingly beautiful more than GG ever will be. “I’m so happy for you my son, I knew you wouldn’t get married to GG, it was my plan to trap her, cause her father killed your mother too, like he killed the uncle and aunt of these masked angels and GG was planning to kill all of you.” Mr. Khurana said.
End of plan 2, cause now a revelation part is coming

Shocking revelation part 1
“But this evil witch doesn’t know, that she can’t kill you guys!” Mr. Khurana said. “What do you mean dad?” IK asked him. “You guys can’t be killed, cause you have got special powers, you guys are mated to be together, cause you guys have got the power of Earth, Fire, Water and Wind.” “What?” “You guys are Vampires and werewolves.” Mr. Khurana said. “That can’t be sir!” Nidhi said. “Yes, you girls are werewolves and my sons the K bros and my daughters AnjKi are vampires.” “DiRuFaiHalCut are Fairies, they have got other powers than you.” Mr. Khurana said. “Can you please tell us our powers?” Astha asked.

“So I will start with the fairies.”
“Diya has the power of light, her mate will have the same power.”
Fairy has the power of happiness, the same will be with her mate.”
“Ruch has the power of time change, like her mate too.”
“Halima has the power to change the color of the oceans and her mate can do that too.”

“Now to you my daughters
Kia and Anjali are twins, but they don’t have the same powers.”
“Anjali has the power of moodchange, her mate can do it too.”
“Kia has the power of the weatherchange and her mate too.”

“So now to you the K bros and the masked angels, you have the most powerful powers, cause each power has two of you sisters and two of you brothers.”

“Water power!”
“Fizzo and SK.”
“Ashnoor and ShK.”

“Earth power!”
“Crazy and AK.”
“Astha and VK.”

“Wind power!”
“Sinzo and TiK.”
“Jazzy and RK.”

“Fire power!”
“Malika and TK.”
“Nidhi and IK.”
End of the first part

So guys this was the first part of the special chapter, I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, cause there will be some more drama, cute moments between the couples, new entries, villains and revelations in the future. Tomatoes, sandals for negative comments are always welcome, positive comments and bashers are welcome too????

With love Crazygirl❤️️❤️️❤️️

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