Chapter 1: Khudgarzi – Yeh Kaisa Pyaar Hai By Eva and Halima


Khudgarzi – Yeh Kaisa Pyaar Hai

By Eva and Halima . . .

Chapter 1:
It was a cold and dark night, with lamps flickering on the streets, the road was clear and the sound of of thin air. A girl walks out from a house, in black coat with jeans and boots and was shivering.

“W…where is b…baba?” The girl shivers as she utters and takes her mobile phone out from her the right pocket of her coat.

As she walked forward, eyeing her phone and not seeing the atmosphere around her, a truck, loaded with heavy items hits her and pushes her away with full force.

Her phone slips out of her hand and falls on to the floor, the heavy tire of the truck crushes her phone beneath it.

The driver stops and turns, looking around.

“Did I crash into something?” The driver confusingly asks himself as he wasn’t paying attention on the road.

He shrugs his thoughts and drives away.

The girl rolls onto the floor and eventually stops as her head hits a large rock.

A man, who was driving, stops driving immediately as he notices someone lying in front of his car on the deserted road.

He steps out of his car and rushes to her, as he bends down and turns her towards him, her ID badge slides down her coat pocket.

“Swara Gadodia.” The man mummers as he picks the badge up and reads it.

He stares at the girl and she is Swara, Swara Gadodia, an intern at the fashion industry that she took step out of but not to see this coming.

The man slightly panicked upon seeing blood dripping down non-stop, forgetting his dismay, he lifts Swara and walks towards his car.
After a while, at the Hospital:

The doctor walks out from the operation theatre and takes off his blue surgeon mask from the mouth and looks at the man.

“What happened doctor? Is she alright?” The man concernedly queries the doctor.

“Don’t worry Mr Maheshwari, she is out of danger, you did the right thing by bringing her here on time, we have started the treatment but we can’t say anything quite yet, she’s still in a critical condition.” The doctor answers and discloses that man to be a Maheshwari.

He shakes his head in understanding way.

“It’s a police case Mr Maheshwari, we are compelled to call them.” The doctor slowly says, hoping he would understand.

“I understand, you should if it’s a serious matter.” ‘Mr Maheshwari’ utters with a small smile.

The doctor nods and leaves from the place.

“What is happening with your life Sanskaar? How should I face my family and with what?” ‘Mr Maheshwari’ speaks in his mind, divulging his name to be Sanskaar by talking to himself.

Sanskaar Maheshwari, kicked out of his house for the ‘mistake’ he did, to which now he regrets and curses himself for, self-made man.

Soon he was brought out of his world of thoughts upon hearing a stern voice. He turns and sees the inspector standing with his team.

“Mr Maheshwari, we would like to take your statement.” The inspector says while hitting the end of his stick on his palm and eyeing Sanskaar with the eyes of suspicion.

Sanskaar shakes his head positively and takes steps towards them.

“Follow us.” The inspector says and turns around, walking away.

“He’s one rude police inspector, I hope he doesn’t try framing me in this case.” Sanskaar says to himself and manages to catch up to their speed.
“Doctor, the patient needs to be shifted, can we shift her to the observation bay with the specialists?” The nurse asks the doctor upon seeing him walk in.

“How’s her condition?” The doctor asks the nurse to know if there’s been any movements.

“We can’t tell yet, she’s not in a good condition, I guess we have to wait till that blood bag finishes while being transfused.” The nurse utters.

“Shift her to the observation bay.” The doctor directs.

“And I’ll talk to Doctor Singhania regarding this and see if he can get his special unit on this case to get her X-ray done.” The doctor adds and walks out after the nurse agrees.

The nurse, while shifting the items around her, gazes at Swara.

“What must’ve happened with her?” The nurse asks herself as she feels slightly bad for Swara’s condition.

Chapter Ends.

Up Next – Chapter 2 ~ “This is the only way. . .” || “Who are you?!” || “Ms Gadodia, you cannot misbehave in the hospital!” || “Mr Maheshwari, there’s something we would like to disclose.”
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Plot By Eva
Written By Halima

Story By Eva and Halima

Hope you liked it, there would be slightly delay in the next chapter, till then keep smiling and stay blessed ✨

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