Channa Mereya SS (SwaSan -RagLak) Chapter 1


Channa Mereya SS

Hello guys once again we’ve come with our SS so hope you all like this SS we’ve cropped many scenes From TV shows and Movies ????

Chapter 1

People say Monday mornings are the worst mornings of your life but here

Girl – Ahhhhhhhh

Ragini – What happen Shona

Girl – my stupid sleep ??? I was dreaming about Varun proposing me and then ????

Ragini – Kya (What??)

Swara – AC went off and my Dream went?

Ragini – it was a dream and dreams can Sometimes only come true not everytime

Swara – Can’t be true ? seriously Rago listen you know I wanted some doggy and papa got me Gogo master????

Ragini – Swara ?? go get ready and get down for breakfast



Laksh – Sanskar Sanskar get up

Sanskar – Ahhh what are you doing I thought Deepika came ???

Laksh – Offooo??

Sanskar – Love is my heart bhai❤️

Ramu bhaiya from back – Love love love arrey love is a waste of time Amir khan did right making that song now listen
These girls choose what to wear but if we choose what they should wear they talk about gender equality,Liberty, stereotype arrey yaar if I say her mom is emotional she’ll war against me but if she says something I’ll have too sit and listen like she’s giving some important speech
Arrey yaar on titanic ship fell tho fell par she greedy is she a doctor sidha sidha bichare ko mar dala???
My life is a waste of time over here a monster and over there I’m a Slave ???????????

Sanskar – Arrey chill down I feel you uncle you know I always dream of Katrina,Priyanka Deepika but I don’t get any of them in my life????

Sanskar and Ramu cry and hug each other while Laksh sighs and thinks “O my god why have you sent all the mad people in my life?”

Man – What’s happening

Sanskar – Take the name of the monster and he’s here??

Ramu – Sahab come in

DP – aye Ramu come we need to go to the gym

Ramu – hey god I’m so tired and now again he’ll make me a rat?

All go down SanLak have their breakfast and DP along with Ramu go gym



Shomi – come on Shona why are you so happy

Shekhar – ovio her college days are starting and me and Rago know the struggles of life ??????

Ragini – Yeah papa ??

Swara – Mummy see na ???

Shomi – Ragini Shekhar stop teasing my Shona

Swara – lol ok mummy is mama coming today???

Shekhar – tomorrow timetable is coming

Rahul their neighbor comes – Swara see what I got you

Rahul keeps praising Swara and gives her gifts and they keep talking

Ragini – see dad Chipku came???

Shekhar – lets See I’m too pissed with him ???

Swara – Awww thanks Rahul bhaiya

Rahul is shocked he goes away in shock while Shekhar Ragini laugh out ???

Ragini – Rahul Bhaiya????

Shekhar – Same Rago ????

Swara pouts and leaves Ragini goes along with her giggling while Shekar and Sharmishtha laugh out fully ??????


Swaragini are passing through when Swara says STOP and gets out of the car

Ragini – what happen

Swara – See orphanage I want to meet the kids

Ragini – lets go

Swara is playing with the kids without realizing when Ragini turns and says YOUUUUUU

Precap : Face Off


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