Channa mereya by priyali (part 13)


Hey peeps.. Priyali back with my ff.. I am super happy with your response,, thank u so much for commenting!!! Plz keep your support like this only!! Love u all!! Without further ado, let’s begin with the episode.

The gang are super happy looking at the house, and they all go inside. The mansion is super big and there are many rooms. Ivanku and anshu refuse to stay in separate rooms because they always have stayed together. They go to their room after everyone decides to meet back at the dining room in 10 minutes.

***** After 10 minutes******

Everyone assemble in the hall for lunch. They are about to sit down in the hall when they here a shout, “Anika di!! Ishana di!!”..
(Guess who?)
“Soumya?” Anika and ishana look at each other in surprise yet happiness. Soumya comes and hugs Anika, then ishana.
Hey champs, how are u both? Soumya asks ivanku and anshu(hi fiving them both).
We are good massi, how r u?? I&A ask. Bas good… comes soumya’s reply…
Oi soumya, aapne bhaiyo/jijus ko bhul gayi?? (Did u forget your bros?)
Of course not..
Soumya goes and hugs shivaay and om(group hug) Hey sumo… weight lose(u lost charm oohoh) kiya… mera charm oohhoo.. Rudy says.
Crybaby oberoi, tumhe weight ke alava kuch dikhta hai??( do u see anything except weight?-) Soumya retorts back.
Everyone looks at each others faces with the expression of “phirse shuru ho gaye”
Their bickering continues for the next 5 mins when Anika loses her cool and says, shouts in fact. “ CHUP! BAHOT HO GAYA.”(shhhh ENOUGH)

She makes soumya sit at one end of the table and Rudra at the other end. The gang then sit between them and start eating lunch. Oye sumo.. kuch khana dusro ke(leave some food for he others.) liye bhi rakho.. Rudy says while eating.
Shut up duffer! Eat your food quietly.. soumya replies to him. The others sigh in relief because they thought another rumya war was gonna start. Toh soumya tu bata… kya chal raha hai… saying this ishana, soumya and Anika start thier convo. Hey leave the lunch table and go talking. The obros look at each other in surprise because Anika and ishana never leave the table without asking their respective hubbies if they are full and happy with the meal. Ivanku and anshu go out to play on the swings.

In soumya’s room.
A: Toh somu…. Kaise chal raha hai kaam and all?? (How is your work and all going?)
S: Bas Didi… thik … (OK..)
I: Tu bata… Rudy ko date karne ka kuch faida hua???? (is there anything good in dating Rudy?)
S: Kya Didi… us protein shake ko to romantic bhi hona nahi aata…. Shivaay bhaiya ko hi dekho… kitne romantic hai…. (No Didi.. that protein shake doesn’t even know how to be romantic.. look at shivaay bhaiya..he is so romantic..-
A: Arrey, Vo? Please.. (him? Plz..)
S: Accha, to breakfast kamre mein Kaun leke gaya tha? Vo bhi aapka favourite? (Oh really,, who took your breakfast in the room? That to your favorite?)
Ishana..tu kuch zyada nahi bolti?(ishana.. don’t u say a little too much?) Anika says and shoots a killer look towards her.
Kya Didi.. Ab apni behno se kya sharmana???(what Didi.. what’s there to shy in front of your sisters?). Ishana and soumya says..

Chupkar (Shsushh.) Anika says… (she us now as red as a tomato)
Arrey di… aapko ek poem yaad hai..
Laal laal paka tamatar hoon mein… jaldi khalo mujhko abhi … aage kya tha?? Soumya says..
Anika gets a bit irritated and she grabs a pillow and starts hitting ishoumya.. resulting in a pillow fight.. the feathers from inside the pillow start to spread everywhere.. and when they are done they start laughing… after they recover from their laughter they start talking again.
** after the day is over basically night**
Ishana and soumya and Anika go their respective rooms to sleep

*Shivika’s room*
Shivaay is working on his laptop. Anika enters and he says.. “Finally pati dev ki yaad aa gayi?” he says.. a bit upset. Arrey .. isme upset hone ki kya baat hai? Mein somu ke saath hi to thi… Anika says.
OK baba Ab soye? Mujhe neend aa rahi hai. Anika gets a bit suspicious of him because he doesn’t usually sleep so early. But anyway replies… OK. Let’s sleep. She replies.

At 12AM
shivaay is still awake and as he sees it is twelve, he kisses Anika’s forehead. “Happy Birthday jaan!” he whispers.
He hears a knock on the door and he opens the door and quietly let’s the gang in the room. (Anika is still fast asleep)
Ivanku and anshu gently whispers in Anikas ears”Mom… mom… wake up!!!”..
Anika slowly opens her eyes… and now she is fully awake. Happy Birthday!! The entire gang scream!!! (Bursting party poppers and confetti all over Anika)
Anika is totally surprised….. but slowly recovers from the shock… and she hugs each and every member of the gang. She thanks everyone for such a wonderful surprise. She is super happy when Rudy chirps in “ Arrey bhabhi…this is only part 1!! Aap kal dekhna.. aapko apne life ka best birthday present milega.”
Rudy ke bacche.. don’t spoil the surprise… om and ishu say…
After a while, everyone go back to their rooms to rest.

Okkkkk… so finally down with the update.. I know it was long but I know I had to compensate for the late update. And I think many if u might have guessed that the birthday bash is going to start. So plz give your comments and support! Love u all.

With lots of love,

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    Hi ? Priyu ?? how are you? Hope so you enjoyed with your grandparents and did lots of masti. Today’s epi was sooooooooo sweet Ani being teased by IshSoum was really amazing and their pillow fight was to hilarious. I just love ❤ this side of Mr. Bagaad billa he is sooooooooooooooooooo cute.
    So it’s party ? time ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? hmmm means lots of masti. So waiting for Ani’s birthday ? bash.
    Update soon and take care ?
    Keep smiling ? and stay blessed.
    Bye ? bye ? I will take your leave now meet you soon dear?.

    1. Priyali

      Thank u sooooooo much di… I love u too and thank u sooo much for all your well wishes and blessing!! I’m Soooo happy to see u back on TU .. plz apna bhi ff upload karo na.. I really like it and m waiting desperately for it!!!

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