Channa mereya by priyali (part 10)


Hi people. Priyali back with my ff. I won’t say anything about the comments because I’m getting the feeling I’m not a good writer.. only 12…. I get so disappointed when I see others ff having so many comments comparing with mine. But plz plz plz comment… even one word or emoji will do… plzplzplzpzl comment guys… and that is also the reason I update late… bcoz I don’t feel motivated to write my episode…
Now enough of my bakbaks and let’s move on to the episode.

Recap- plans to go the oberoi farmhouse. Ishu has her first round of morning sickness. (Pri yes ishu is pregnant.)

Present episode.
Anika and ishana in the living room.
A: what will u have for breakfast?
I: ummmm…. Pancakes!!!!
A: OK wait. Abhi bana ke lati hoon. (I’ll make it and come)
I: aapka breakfast?(your breakfast?)
A: vo.. tere jiju mere liye room mein leke aae the ( your jiju brought In the room for me.)
I: Awww how sweet.
A: ikr…. (Coming back to her senses.)
Anika leaves to the kitchen smiling.

She is making the pancakes when ivanku comes to the kitchen.
I: good morning maa…
Ivanku gives Anika a hug.
Good morning beta.. slept well? Anika says. I: yesss….
A: anshu uthi??
I:Nahi, still sleeping.
A: Chal go wake you sister up.
I: OK ma.
Ivanku goes to her and anshu’s room where anshu is sleeping.
I: Anshu.. uth… maa bula rahi hai. (Get up anshu… mom is calling.)
A: nahiii…5 more minutes… Pls…
I: oye… mein tere 5 mins ko bahut acche se janti hoon… 1 hour ho jata hai… (I know your five minutes very well..1 hour it becomes.)
A: whatever ..
I:accha bacchu. Ab tu ruk… Tujhe uthakar hi chodoongi..(okk. Now u wait.. will wake u up only and rest…)
Ivanku pulls anshu by her legs off the bed..
Anshu gets comfortable on the floor and sleeps there(total sleepyhead)
Ivanka is shocked. She gets another idea to wake anshika up. She goes to the bathroom and fills a bucket full of water. She comes back and throws it on anshu. SPLASSSSHHHH
A:Ivanka ki bacchi… yeh kya haiiii…( ivanka,,,, what is this) in crybaby voice
I: tujhe uthane ka tarika.( a technique to wake u up)
A: ughh ok.. M getting up.
I: good

*scene changes to anika in the kitchen*
Anika is making the pancakes and thinking of shivaay..
Suddenly, her phone rings.and she picks it up. Hello?Anika says.
S: Guess who?
A: Shivaay I’m busy right now… say what you want to quickly.
On the other side of the phone, shivaay gets surprised.
S: how did you know it was me?
A: U think I can’t recognize you by your voice? BTW, phone kyu kiya?(why did you call?)
S: was missing you.
A: Office mein aaj kaam nahi hai kya? (Is there no work in the office today?)
S: How mean!
A: Joking baby….
S: Tum kya kar rahi ho(what are u doing?)
A: nothing… ishu ko breakfast mein pancakes khane the… toh was making that… (ishu wanted pancakes 4 breakfast..)
Their chat continues……. Finally when it ends,
S: Bye, love u.
A: love u too!!muahhh
Shivaay is surprised and also happy. He cuts the phone. At this point of time… Anika finishes making the pancakes and she goes out to give them to ishu.
I: thank u di…
A: welcome…. Pehle tu kha.(first u eat

Ishu happily starts eating and finishes them quickly.
Suddenly anshu comes running with ivanku right behind her..
Chachi thank god aap dikh gayi… bachao. Plz…
Arrey slow down both of u… Anika says.
Mama dekho na… isne mujh par kitna Sara pani giraya hai… ivanku says.. (mama see naa. She spilt so much water on me..)
Toh pehle paani kisne mujhpar feinka tha?anshu says..(but who threw the water on me first?)
Mom.. that was different.. ye uth hi nahi rahi thi… ivanka complains..(she wasn’t waking up)
Both ivanku and anshu continue bickering.
OK both if u stop!ishu shouts. Go and change ivanku and then continue bickering.. ivanku andbanshu both leave…
Ishnika(Anika and ishu) both start laughing.

Evening.shivaay comes home from work.
Anika is standing at the same place near the poolside in their room. Shivaay comes and back-hugs her. Anika smiles knowing its her billuji. How was your day at work? She asks. How do you always know it’s me? Shivaay wanted to know.
A: I don’t know… I just know that it’s u.. maybe because I love you?
S: Oh really? I love u too anu..
Shivika continue to look at the moon in each others arms… after a while, Anika remembers… oh no.. we are going to the farmhouse tomorrow and I haven’t packed a single thing.. dimaag se philsal hi gaya..(I haven’t packed a single thing… it just slipped my mind..)
Screen freezes on Anika’s tensed face.

So that’s it for today peeps. I hope u liked it. Plz plz comment.

With lots of love,

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  1. Samaira20

    It was excellent dear….ur ff is superb….just love it….?

  2. Anujohnson

    It is superb di!!!

  3. Sat_9492

    Nice episode…..

  4. Jayashree

    Osum… waiting for next part 🙂

  5. Akansha

    Waiting fr d holiday in farm house.. Post is soon

  6. Hrishi03

    It s nice yaar waiting for nxt part?

  7. Shivika

    Amazing….ff was gr8

  8. Nansshivika

    Sweet lovely feel good

  9. AWESOME…pls post d nxt part ASAP

  10. Fama

    Wow… it was really lovely ???????? and please do update next one soon

    1. Priyali

      Thanks fama dear?

  11. Shakthi

    Sooo nice update…very interesting!!! waiting fr d next update…. update soon

    1. Priyali

      Thank u shakthi dear?

  12. Shivika22kapoor

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? rulai gi kya pagali aaj toh emotional kar Diya tuna aaisa lag raha tha Ki mummy subha subha mujha utha raha hai. Mai bhi paanch paanch kar ka pura ghaanta laga deti hoon uthna Mai.????????????????
    You totally rocked it today especially the sisters part was awesome aab kya karu aapni reality dekh kar Mai anshu ka dard saamajh Sakti hoon na.
    ?????????????????? ?????????????????
    Loved the update it was amazing but I am angry ? on you as you always make me wait for your ff. Bad girl?.
    Anyways the epi was super duper hit.
    Well try adding Shivaay’s scenes with his daughter and
    Waiting for lots of maasti and fun ? in the farmhouse.
    Post next today itself pls Pls pls pls I am waiting dear.
    Keep smiling ? and keep writing dear and don’t be upset with low comments as its part and parcel so just focus on the ff and try being regular dear.

    1. Priyali

      Thank u soooooooo much for this lovely comment… I will surely try to add shivaay’s scenes with his daughters… thanks for the suggestion? and unfortunately I’m super busy this week coz my nana and nani ate coming over .. sorry dear won’t be able to post today… I’ll surely try tomorrow.. love u loads???

  13. Well thanks dear for the links frankly speaking tum pagali hi ho joh yeh soochi hai ki woh aacha Nahi likhti yeh sabse bada joke tha???
    Uff SHIVIKA aur ab unki beti bhi paanibaazi ki race me wow…. Loved it if this fever of I am not a good writer goes so plz remember me….
    Aur agar phir bhi kabhi yesa lage toh friends kisiki help ke liye banaye hai god ne !??

    1. Priyali

      Thank u soo much di.. it means a lot..????

  14. Nainaa

    WOW!! Dear!! It’s awesome and I am just awestruck after reading…. Anshika and Ivanku’s scene reminded me of me and my brother…
    I am excited for next episode…Keep going… love you…

    1. Priyali

      Thank you di. Love you too????

  15. Tulasi

    Hey dear….nyc one…. i liked it a lotttt…..❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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