for a change (swaragini) Episode 14

Hii darlings iam really sorry for last update it is very short but wt to doo situation demanded

Rag:what??bulbul is ur sister that means u r son of rajnath laksh rajnath goenka

Laksh:in an anger don’t ever dare to call me with his name iam only laksh got it


Laksh:I don’t want to talk about this (little louder)

Rag:sorry .

Laksh:ok now what will u tell in ur house about job

Rag:ohh noo I forgetted it I have applied for another channel today is interview .she saw time nd said ohh shit how can I reach there with in a hour at from this heavy traffic (she applied for this job first only)

Laksh:really if u don’t mind I will drop u

Rag:can u

Laksh:started his bike nd signed her to sit

She sat nd kept her hands onhis sholder they left .on the way due to seepbreakr by the jerk rag fall on lakshh her brest touched his backk (current flowed for both) immedietly she settled..

They reached the destination she was avoiding eye contact

Rag:tnk u (by seeing down)
Laksh:all the best nd he left
Rag unknowingly smiled

Rags tern came for she went inside the cabin
Rag:may I come in sir

Person:yes come In

Rag came.nd sat
Person:soo miss …
Person:ok ragini y u want to join in our channel ur channel was popular hear naa
Rag:well Iam intrested in risking tasks which no other channel not dare except urs .nd by this I can improve my skills .

Person:impresive ok then I should also check weather u r capable for our channel or not

Rag:yes ofcourse
Person:ok tel me u came hear 10min before what have u observed in this room

Rag:with out taking any time told him about how many potrets ,pens nd books
Rag:by seeing ur desk it seems u are very puntual
Person:how can u say ?.
Rag:ha ha its very simple In this small desk u have 4 watches
Person:ha ha ha u impressed mee miss ragini u are in
Rag:tnk u sir,nd she shaked her hand nd now the face of the person is,shown
Person:not sir call mee manav (susanth /manav/pavitraristha)
Rag:ok manav I will come from tomorrow

Rag left from there nd called puu
Rag:puu I got the job but I should come there to take my sertificates

Puu:what happend to u here all are discussing badly about u

Rag:what ??

Puu::u meet mee xxx I will tell u every thing

Rag:ok tell me y u called mee .
Puu:in office a rumour was spreadex that u fell low to impres shourya sir nd hee rejected nd suspended u
Rag eyes were full of tears
Voice:how dare hee I will not leave him
Rag saw the person nd was shocked
Rag:laksh ??
Puu:I called him to ask exactly what happened yesterday I know u will not tell mee
Laksh:come with mee I will teach him a lesson
Rag:noo laksh plzz control
Puu:can anyone tell mee what happened
Rag explained him every thing

Puu:this much happened nd u atleast didn’t informed mee

Rag:sorry .ok leave it how doo I get my conduct certificate

Puu:it iss very imp to join in other channel nd it should bee signed by rajnath .hee will never doo that .what to doo now if we tell in ur house our marrage is pucca

Laksh is shocked by listening to word marriage


Rag:day after tomorroow is our engagement nd don’t know how to cancel it .nd now one more,problem .my life is full of problems.if I min iam happy there will bee some or other problem will come to torture mee

Laksh:don’t worry now iam with u naa nothing wrong will happento u nd forget about certificate I will bring

Rag:really tnk u very much she took lakshs hand nd kissed on it unknowingly

Laksh nd puu look each other faces .rag realises what she done nd said sorry in exitement I have done it

Laksh nd puu started smyling

Puu:ok I wil leave now
Rag:y should meet bulbul or what ?(to tease him)

Puu:noo actually too give u twoo some privacy(by blinking his eyes teesingly)nd left

Smile on rags face vanished thet two were really embarrassed

Laksh:ok I will leave now
Rag :bye

Both laksh nd rag were thinking about each other Episode ends with smyling faces of rag nd laksh

Recap:not yet decided
Urs darling pavani

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