changes( swasan) part 2


aa efforts ..
swara nods nd said- ok u come to my place by evening….nd we will discuss rest project over their…nd i will text u my home address….
sanky nodes nd they bth left for their respective places….
@ swara’s home…
swara- yr tat champu is nt tat bad…he is sooo good atleast better than mr.writer bt he jst need a makeover bt no worries when swara gadodia is here…i will change him..yar bt his eyes r soo pure nd lovely….haye..yr swara stop thinking all this warna bhai will kill u….

Nearly at 6
swara’s house doorbell rings nd she goes to open the door nd found sanky standing their…wid heavy heavy books smiling at her…dhe greeted him nd made him come inside…( guys swara nd laksh are orphans so tats why he is more protective towards swara nd also noone else lives in their house except them both)..

They worked on project for long hours nd after that sanky left to his home at 9….
this goes on regularly for abt 4 -5 days nd they both came too much close to eo nd also started talking freely to eo…

On one fine day…..

Sanskar was working on project in swaras home….swara came..
Swara- sanky will u plz go wid me for 2morows party…
Sanky was all shocked to hear this as he was nt expecting this at all from her…
Sanky- me???
Swara- yeah sanky plz plz plz… dont say no i dont have any partner nd i cant trust anyone else than u….
After soo much struggle finally sanky agrees bt….
Sanky- bt will u go wid me i means i am….
Before he can complete swara interuppts…
Swara- no worries i m here na…so i will give u a new look…
Sanky denies bt swara forces him….

So makeover of sanky starts…..
First of all she removed his specs nd gave him lenses….
He was shocked to see lenses…
Sanky- hw r u having them…???
Swara- wo..wohh i prepared everything from before….nd bites her lower lip…
Sanky was amazed to hear that….

He wear the lenses….nd then next step she pushed him in washroom nd asked him to wash his hairs….
Sanky— huh?? Bt why…???? Nd he was nt at all ready to remove tat oil from his hairs…
At last swara in anger herself takes him inside the washroom nd made him stand nd on the shower….letting cold water flow thru his hairs nd body…sanky again tried to go bt swara stops him nd puts shampoo on his hair nd started washing them….in this process she also hets drenched…..
After smetym they both realises their position…bt instead of moving back they started coming more closer to eo all lost in eo’s eyes….
And soon their lips meet nd they started kissing eo passionaltely by roaming their hands on eo’ body…nd playing wid eo’s tongue….
Bt suddenly light goes off and they both cme back to their senses nd realises what they were day dreaming abt nd smiles as well as were shocked at their dream…?? …..

Next day…..
Swasan went for shopping together so tat they can wear matching outfits in the party bt our sanky was in his champu avtar nd swara was frustated to see him again like tat as he put all her efforts in vain….

at night….
@ swara’s home…
swara was getting dressed up nd was blabbering to herself…
swara- yaar i did this much for him to chnge him bt he will remain champu only….now again he will come by applying chameli ka tel…omg…..

Bt her complaints were left in middle we she heard a horn sound from outside nd she goes downstairs aftrr getting complaetely ready…nd opens the door….
nd she was shocked to see the scene before her…..she was abt to fall bt the man standing at the gate held her from her waist giving her support…bt she was still shocked nd was seeing the person widout blinking and wid open mouth…..
Ya till now u must have guessed it….she was shocked to see Sanskar only….he was looking breathtaking handsome nd extra cute…( as he ws looking in gpa ??)
He was also nt less shocked to see swara…she was looking like an angel in black knee length dress….her hairs left open nd a few strands falling on her face curled up….
He made her stand properly widout breaking the eye contact… he bows down nd asked her hand…she laughingly placed her hand on his nd both left towards the car…it was a black levish mecedes….
She was shocked nd saw sanskar for an answer bt he only smiled….so widout any further questions sanskar made him sit in the car nd they both left the place…..

@ party hall…
When swasan entered the hall….everyones jaw almost dropped seeing them and especially sanskar…. girls were like omg…nd boys were also shocked nd were also jealoused as their partners instead of them were busy staring him…??…

They enjoyed the party nd swasan were dancing romantically on the song….nd were totally lost nd didnt care abt the world…

Then after smetym sanky left widout telling anything to swara…. so she felt awkward nd widout anyone noticing leaves behind him almost spying him….??….
Their she was shocked to see sanky hugging smeone nd ws not able to believe her ears nd eyes….??

The person who was hugging sanskar ws revealed as rohan…
Nd she was shocked to know tat they both r brothers nd sanky is only her mr.writer nd rohan was jst helping to hide his identity……

She was sooo much shocked to get different different shocks in a day nd tat to from her love…. she gets confirmed tat she loved her… so widout wasting any minute she ran towards sanky bt bt bt…. she was pulled by smeone…

Precap- last episode…

Thanks for bearing me guys…. nd plz do leave ur comments….??

Credit to: ridhima

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