Changes in Relationship Part 4


In the afternoon Pragya and Purab meets each other and has came to issue a same book which has only one copy in library

Pragya : Its okay, you can take it

Purab ; are you sure? Actually I need it for my project reference

Pragya : then it is more important for you, I was just taking it to read

Purab : thank you so much, by the way I am Purab (shakes hie hand)

Pragya : I am pragya

Purab : I will return this book as soon as my project is done

Pragya : oh don’t worry, its fine

Later in the evening Pragya notices a female student named Jiya standing on the terrace of the college who is hanging. She goes up the terrace but finds it hard because the student closed the door from inside to reach the stairs. Pragya finds another side and climb through the pipe and reaches the terrace.

Pragya : what the hell are you doing (Asks her angrily )

Jiya is scared and does not say anything after hearing Pragya’s question

Pragya ; okay don’t worry, give me your hand and come back

Jiya : No I won’t, you go from here

Pragya : don’t be stubborn give me your hand

Jiya : I don’t want to live (starts getting emotional)

Pragya : don’t say that life is a nature’s gift to everybody you cannot end it like this

Jiya : but it is not a blessing for me

” what happened, tell me your problem “ asks Pragya very calmly

Jiya : what will you do, nobody can do anything

Pragya : tell me, maybe I can help you (says with lot of concern)

Jiya : somebody ditched me and nothing is good in my life, that guy insulted my parents and I left my parent’s house for that person, I know my parents are not showing it but they have right to be angry at me

Pragya : You want to give up your life just for a sake of new love, and do you think your parents will be happy seeing their child’s dead body in front of her

The words strikes hardly on Jiya’s mind

Pragya : Your parents are angry and you have to prove that you care them because your parents brought you in this world and you have to make them proud and tell the people that a small rejection cannot break your confidence

Jiya : You know what you are right (wipes her tears), I will show that cheater the result of insulting my family

Pragya : thats the spirit, now come on give me your hand (forwards the hand)

Jiya is bit hesitant to give her hand as she is scared

Pragya : don’t be afraid, I promise nothing will happen to you

After getting some motivation Jiya gives her hand to Pragya who in process to bring her up hangs at the edge making Jiya scared. She goes down to call but the door is jammed. Everybody comes out when they hear Jiya’s scream loudly.

“Please help somebody” Jiya shouts loudly to call everybody

Bulbul is extremely worried looking at Pragya who is holding at the edge

Sonia : please somebody help

Abhi immediately goes up but cannot open the door as it is stuck.

Purab : what happened

Abhi : Damn it, this is stuck

Purab : Look there is another door there

He hears shouting coming from downstairs and climbs from the pipe. He gets on terrace only to find Pragya whose hands are ready to leave the edge

Abhi : are you okay? (says with heavy breath)

Pragya : what do you mean I am okay? can’t you see my hand is slipping

Abhi : okay give me your hand, come on

Abhi is able to bring Pragya up who falls on top of him getting little uncomfortable

Abhi : are you okay

Pragya nods slightly

Bulbul : Pragya, lets go back to room, I will put first aid on your hand

Pragya : thank you so much

Abhi : My pleasure, why were you hanging here, did you came here to suicide

Pragya is trying to say something but Abhi continues to speak

Abhi : do you know suicide is such a bad thing, only coward people do that who don’t value their life

Pragya : Do I look fool from my face that I would come here to jump

Jiya : actually I came here to jump and she helped me

Abhi : Oh,but why was she quiet then

Pragya : you need to keep brakes on your tongue to hear other people

Bulbul : okay stop fighting, lets go back

Principal thanks Pragya for saving their student’s life

Pragya and Bulbul goes back to the room

Bulbul : you are too much, you could have called somebody

” there was not enough time” Pragya says doing the dressing

Bulbul : okay now be careful with this dressing (bandages Pragya’s hand)

Purab sees a Pragya’s pendal on Abhi’s desk

Abhi : what happened?

Purab ; why didn’t you return her pendal?

Abhi : I tried to give her but never for a chance, you know it happened first time with me that I am feeling an attraction towards her

Purab : But she seems to be not your type, I mean she is like studios girl not caring about love stuff and all

Abhi : you are right, but I can see the reflect of my childhood friend in her sometime

Purab : childhood friend? (asks confusingly)

Abhi shows him the picture of his childhood with his friend

Purab ; who is she?

Abhi : I never got a chance to know her real name, because I always called by her nick name pinky

Purab : do you know where she is now

Abhi : No I don’t but I hope to see her once in life and I know one day I will meet her

Purab : don’t worry you will find her one day

Later at night all the girls go the dinning hall for lunch

Purvi : thats scary man

Bulbul : don’t worry everything is fine now

Sonia : wow, this food is delicious

Bulbul : hey girls, I heard musical show is coming next month

Sonia : thats really exciting, I can’t wait for it

Purvi goes to put her plate and suddenly turns

Purvi : By the way I am going home in weekend

Warden comes behind her as everybody tries to signal her but Purvi continues to talk

Bulbul : she is finished today

Purvi clashes on warden whose dish falls on floor due to Purvi

Purvi : I am so sorry ma’am, I didn’t see you

Warden ; Its okay, go from here

Purvi ; let me get you another dish

Warden : I said its okay, you can go

Sonia takes Purvi away before warden gets more angry

Next day everybody gets to another day of BSS college

Shukla : before you guys move ahead, I want to tell you all I decided the topic for your projects.

Purab and Bulbul starts to work on their project but Bulbul tells him about her tight schedule of her hockey game

Bulbul : we can fix certain time for our meeting because during the day I have my game schedules

Purab : Look I understand about your game but I want to let you know that I do not like careless people and you better focus on this project because it is very important for us

Bulbul : dont’ worry, even I am very much concerned about this project, but you will have to adjust too with my time

Purab yeah sure, then when is your game today

Bulbul : 4:00

Purab : Library closes at 3 so we can meet at noon, will that be okay

Bulbul : thats fine

Purab : See you then (leaves)

Pragya goes into a musical room and sees a piano and suddenly starts playing the piano which triggers her memory of an incident during her childhood when music became her enemy.

Sonia : hey I did not knew you play such a great piano

Pragya : nothing, I was trying to play it

Sonia : so you know how to play piano

Pragya : No way, I have class I am going (leaves)

Sonis gets in confusion seeing Pragya’s behavior

Sam ; Hey princess, whats up

Sonia : you know Pragya right

Sam : Oh yeah the scholar one, what happened

Sonia : She was playing such a great piano but she denied it saying it

Sam : If that is the case then she should participate in the musical show, I am sure she will rock it

Sonia : But seeing her like this, I don’t think she will agree

Abhi overhears the conversation and decides to make Pragya participate in musical show at any cost

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