Changes in Relationship Part 3


Abhi finds his room partner is none other than Purab. Both of them gets happy to be each other’s partner
Next day everybody with a new ray of hope attends first day of college.

In hostel
Pragya gets ready at 7 am and does her prayer as usual, she hears Bulbul’s alarm who is in deep sleep. She tries to wake her up and starts leaving for her class. Sonia also gets ready and sees Purvi still sleeping.
Bulbul and Purvi suddenly wakes and is shocked to see time
Purvi : Oh god, how can I be so late for the first day
Outside the college Pragya meets Sonia
Pragya : where is Purvi
Sonia ; I don’t know when I left room she was still sleeping
Pragya : I hope these two are not late for class today
While Pragya clashes onto somebody and her papers flew, she is about to fell down when a strong hand holds her back none other Abhi. mesmerized by beauty of simplicity and gorgeous face he ever saw before.
Pragya : thank you
Abhi helps her pick up her paper and looks at the innocent eyes. Both of them interrupted when the bell rings. Pragya goes to her class leaving her pendal on floor which is noticed by Abhi.
Purab, Bulbul and Sonia are in same class. Bulbul quickly takes a seat in the class before the professor comes in. She sits near Purab when she sees there is no other seat available. Purab looks at her confusingly.
Sonia : where were you
Bulbul : Sorry, actually I woke up late again,
Purab : If you are so fond of coming late then why don’t you join in military. you will wake up at 4 everyday
Bulbul : I am sorry, what are you trying to say
Purab : No I mean there are lot of people in this college who does not like to wake up early
Bulbul : I am an athletic not a army officer
Purab : Athletics uses their body more than mouth
Both stops arguing when the professor enters, Professor Deodar
Deodar : Class, I am your professor for economics
Abhi, Pragya, Sam and Purvi gets into same class. Sam and Abhi confronts again each other
Sam : don’t think that if that day we shake hands we can be friends
Abhi: Our thinking are so similar, wow, I can say that same thing

Everybody settles down when the Professor enters the class with a stern voice. Abhi watches Pragya entering the class and sits across her seat. While the Professor comes in and starts to check the attendance. Purvi runs when the Professor Shukla calls her name.
Purvi ; Sorry Sir
Purvi takes her seat near Sam who sees her panting
Sam : take a deep breath and drink water
Purvi : Thanks, thank god I am saved
Sam : madam, not saved, because I heard he is the strict professor you will ever meet in this college
Purvi : WHAT (shouts)
Everybody looks at her surprisingly including Professor ,
Shukla : do you have any problem
Purvi : No problem Sir
Sam tells her to keep her voice slow
Purvi : are you trying to scare me
Sam : don’t worry, I am sure this year your voice will definetly slow down till you finish this class
Shukla : Before I start I want to let you all know that I want total silence in this class and I do not want any type of shouting here, is that clear?
“Yes Sir” voice of students says
Professor Deodar gives tasks to the whole class for a project with a partner
Bulbul ; Sonia, how will we know who is our partner
Purab : I think you should get your ear checked
Bulbul : don’t try to mess with me
Sonia : there is a list over there, lets go check
Buibul finds that her partner is none other than Purab making him shocked
Sonia : what happened?
Bulbul : I don’t know who is Purab Khanna
Purab puts cotton in his ears and tells her he is Purab
Bulbul : why did you put cotton in your ears
Purab : because I do not want to become deaf at young age
Bulbul tries to hit him with book but Sonia stops her. After both class leaves Abhi tries to go to talk to Pragya but she leaves before he calls her
Purvi : Pragya wait where are you going
Pragya : I am going to library why
Purvi : nothing I was bored, and I don’t want to go to canteen alone, do you want to come with me
Pragya : Sure, lets go

Sonia : Hey girls, how were your classes
Purvi : why do I meet strict people always
Sonia : So that you keep control on your mouth
Pragya : I think she will definetly do that because she tried to mess up again with professor
Purvi ; where is Bulbul
Sonia : She has meeting of hockey
Purvi sees a flyer and gets excited about it
Pragya : what is it
Purvi ; Musical show next month are the audition
Sonia : what are you saying
Purvi : Oh my god so exciting, I will be right back
Pragya : I am going to library I will see you both in evening, bye
Sam meets Sonia in cafeteria
Sonia : Oh hi, don’t you have any work today
Sam : No, by the way that girl is amazing
Sonia : who purvi?
Sam ; yeah, I mean she seems tuff
Sonia : You going on wrong way, she is very dangerous
Sam : Leave that, tell me when is your sister coming
Sonia : I told her to finish the last year in this college, you know how stubborn she is
Bulbul goes to the meeting of her hockey coach named Yohan
Yohan : From tomorrow I want everybody to be in hockey uniform
Bulbul : Then what are we doing today Sir
Yohan : I am going to make you all run 5 rounds of the full grounds, and I want everybody to be on time and if you are late than be ready to run 10 rounds of this ground, today you all can do some warm up exercise and then I will dismiss you all early

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