Changes in Relationship Part 2


A girl jogs near the beach listening music with her headphone and is doing some kind of yoga. Somebody parks his bike on near a car parking. While Abhi tells the person to move his bike as it his parking. The person removes his helmet, It is none other than another charming personality named as Samarth who refuses to move his bike. People gather around when both of them argues.
Abhi : This is my parking
Sam : I cannot see your name anywhere, can anybody see it
Abhi : For your kind information I reserved this parking before you came
Sam : But now you can find another parking for your car
Abhi : Don’t mess with me, you don’t know me
Sam : are you a superstar? you don’t look like
A small fight ensues between both of them when Sonia comes and stops the fight
Sonia : stop it, what is going on
Both of them are called to principal Saxena’s office
Saxena : dishum dishum, I know boys love to fight when they have to show their strength , right
Sam : right Sir
Saxena : fighting, and everything else is against rules, now who will do the honor to tell me that what is the reason for this famous fight for the very first day
Abhi : Sir, he took my parking
Sam ; Is that your dad’s parking
Abhi : Actually it is, the half college is built by my dad’s trustee
Saxena : Okay, enough now, shake hands like gentleman come on
Both of them shake hands with tensed face

One endearing personality comes to college when all girls drools at him. Abhi plays basketball in the court when the ball is about to hit somebody but the guy catches it named Purab Khanna.
Purab : watch out dude
Abhi : Oh, sorry, are you here for practice
Purab : No, by the way I saw your performance yesterday. must say multitalented guy you are
Abhi : Thanks, but I am only born to be a basketball champ
Purab : I am Purab
Abhi : I don’t think I need to tell you my name, Abhi
Later Sonia’s roommate does not show up making her worried
Bulbul : what happened
Sonia : Nothing, I heard that warden is very much strict and punctual and my partner did not show up
Pragya : what is her name
Sonia ; I think her name is Purvi, I mean we were supposed to be in the hostel till evening
Later in the evening all the girls in the hostel come down at lobby for the meeting while Sonia still waits for Purvi. While warden comes and everybody gets scared hearing her sterned voice and there is silence.
Warden looks around and starts calling out the name and realizes one absence when suddenly a girl jumps in with a loud voice which makes everybody shocked. She tells her name Purvi
Purvi : I am so sorry, I am late (says smilingly)
When nobody responds she asks whats wrong
Sonia signals her to be quiet when Warden stares at her
Warden : If your comic commentary is finished can I say something
Purvi ; sure, its your mouth you can say whatever you want
Bulbul : this girl messed up with the warden very first day
Warden : I want to inform all of you that there are certain rules to be followed if you all want to live here
Purvi : obviously we will follow rules
Warden : 1st rule when I am talking nobody should say in between
Everybody looks at Purvi with confused face
Warden : Unless there are certain circumstance you have to inform me, everybody should come back to hostel before 10:30 and if you are late then you will be given warning first and should be taken seriously, all lunch and dinner will be served at scheduled time, is that clear?
Everybody nods

Warden : One last thing, I do not want any kind of loud music, party in this hostel and I want serious discipline here and whenever any problem occurs I expect you to inform me or any other staff, you all can leave
All the girls leave quietly
Sonia and Purvi goes to their room as well as Pragya and Bulbul
Bulbul : that girl is the one who is not scared of warden
Pragya : I know, she seems little bit overconfident
Sonia : I am Sonia, where were you
Purvi : Hey, I was stuck on the road and I woke up so late this morning after my jogging
Sonia : I hope you remember that we are in college now, thats why I am telling you don’t mess with warden or she will throw you out from this hostel
Purvi : why are you so scared of her? everybody looks strict at first meeting and then they seem to forget it
At night Pragya opens the window and feels some fresh air
Bulbul : what are you looking
Pragya : Dreams?
Bulbul : what?
Pragya : I want to rise big in front of world (says with determination)

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