Changes in relationship Part 1

The cool breeze with a strong wind in Mumbai. Lot of people with a big dreams and desires come to BSS college. The background music “Aisa kyu hota hai” performed by all the characters
The scene opens with a crowd cheering in the college for a exclusive show on stage
Host : Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to show
Sound of claps echoes on the venue
Host : Now the round of applause for the one and only for who you are waiting eagerly Abhi Mehra
A dashing personality with a grand entry wearing a red leather jacket on stage with his guitar performs on EK Pal Ka Jeena with great passion
The crowd cheers loudly towards the end of the rocking performance with Abhi giving flying kiss to the crowd.
Host : That was the last rocking performance for tonight, enjoy the party and best of luck all the fresher for the four years
“Hey Abhi” a loud voice came from behind with guy of the college named Raj
Abhi : is this time to come, don’t you know we have to move stuff tomorrow
Raj : Sorry dude you know this traffic problem in Mumbai
Abhi : don’t blame the traffic, you have to always miss my performance
Raj : don’t worry I will watch it later after all you are already famous now
Abhi : Stop battering now and lets leave, I have to meet the basketball coach tomorrow
Next day all the freshers come to the college.
The plot introduces a spark of beauty called named Bulbul with a cheerful smile on her face and sparkling eyes like stars flaunted on the night sky, walks towards her hostel room.
Somebody jumps in joy by holding the letter
“Yes, yes, I am finally going to my destination, BSS college here I come” (turns around) said by none other than innocent and beautiful girl called Pragya

In college everybody sees a yellow car coming in the campus, tall girl with spunky look wearing a short pink dress
“Hey Sonia” a voice came
Any : Welcome Sonia to BSS college
Sonia : thank you so much, by the way when is the basketball game
Any : On friday
Sonia : Great, then lets go, I need to setup my room
Anu : Oh yeah, I hope you have a good room partner
While everybody heads towards their room. Bulbul who is already in the room tries to set up her room when Pragya comes in with her bags
Bulbul : You are Pragya right
Pragya : Yes, I am Pragya
Bulbul : And I am your roommate Bulbul who will chew your minds for next four year (says teasingly)
Pragya : Pleasure to meet you, I hope we get set up this room today, after tomorrow we will not have time
Bulbul : I know because I will be busy with my all activities
Pragya : Acitivites?
Bulbul : Yes, I am a hockey player
Pragya : Wow, thats great you look athletic
Bulbul : Thanks but I just wish the coach will not be so strict
Other side Sonia goes to her room which is across the Pragya and Bulbul’s room. She goes to see her neighbors
Sonia : Hey girls, freshers
Bulbul : what do you think
Sonia : Looking at your things that you are freshers, anyway I am Sonia
Bulbul : I am Bulbul,
Pragya ; Pragya
Sonia : Nice to meet both of you, i just came to inform you that warden said that there is a meeting later tonight in the lobby
Pragya : Thank you so much
Sonia waits for her room partner to come when she gets somebody’s call

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