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hii….i m priya..who comment in RAGSAN ffs……actually i got one story in my mind…dont whether u people will like it…but pls do read n say me if anything is wrong….as this is my first attempt to write any own story….so pls bear with this guys…..and i m not reading some ragsan ff as i didn’t get time…but l surely read when i was free…and in something i m not cmntng….as my schl reopened i m getting little bit of time to come to tu page…so pls my sisters don’t think that i m not reading ur ff’s hope u l understand….and this os is fully dedicated to all ragsan ff writers…..

one big mansion is shown….in the entry of the mansion , it is written as MAHESHWARI MANSION….there was one big garden in that mansion….some children are standing in circle…where we can see one 12 years boy beating a 6 years boy…suddenly one man comes there shouting “SANSKAR DADA” (yes the boy who is beating is sanskar)…

sanskar questioned”what happened kaka????why are you shouting??”…the boy who got beatings from sanskar stood up in the nook gap and said “ramu kaka(servant of maheshwari mansion , the one man for whom sanskar gives respect) , thank god u saved me from him.did u saw how he is beating just to show his supremacy of being a elder brother”…ramu kaka patted the boys shoulder and said “laksh dada, you come with me your ma is calling you” (yes the boy who sanskar was beating is laksh)by saying this kaka held both laksh and sanskar hands and took them inside with him…all friends of sanskar left to their homes too…while entering the house , laksh left kaka’s hands and run to one lady and hugged her…the lady turns and saw laksh bruises”ma bhai beated me like this” laksh said ….annapurna(mom of both sanky and lucky) she saw sanskar and asked”why did u beat ur younger bro like this” sanskar didn’t answer he went inside his room and took one photo from his cupboard…
sanky’s pov:
dad why u left me???after u nobody is caring abt is always supporting laksh….she always loves him only…she is not scolding him but scolding me alot whenever i beat laksh…there is nobody in this world for me…i love u papa…i miss u papa…ma said you wont come back…but i will always love you..(yes dp is dead in one accident)…he cries …
sanky pov ends…
ap saw this from door…ap pov:
why r u thinking like that beta???i know u love ur papa the most..but i love u both in an equal way…i scold you because you r beating laksh and thats not good for you to do so…but you r feeling i didn’t love you….tab tumhe pata chalega sanky ki mei tumse bhi utna pyar karta hun jitna laksh se karti hun..she turns to dp pic which is hanged in wall..see ji how he was when u were alive…and how he is when u r not in this world….she cries and left from their..pov ends…

(guys sanky loves his father alot…he thinks that his father is his role model…from childhood he love to be with his father by playing video games etc..dp is like papa cum best friend zyada to sanky……more than being a mom’s son he was always a papa ka ladla…when he was of 8 years dp died in an accident sanky gone into depression after his dad’s death…in that time laksh was just 2 so laksh doesn’t know a lot about dp… as he is small ap used to be with laksh by taking care of him…she loves sanky too ..but sanky feels like ma is not loving him)like this that night goes for them..
Next morning..

Door bell rings…
Ap opens the door…she exclaimed with tears “dada”..(guys ap is seeing her brother after 5 years as he is in abroad…he came to culcutta and settled their recently and ap is in delhi)..she hugged him…sanskar came and saw him and hugged him by saying “dev mamu”( his name is dev singhania)they spoke alot …ap was happy to see her son like this after 4 years…laksh came and saw him but couldn’t recognize ..sanky left as soon as lucky enters…dev came and sat beside him and said” i m your mamu “laksh was happy as he got one mamu like his friends and hugged him…
The whole day dev noticed sanky behaviour …how he is not speaking with ap and laksh…then he asked ap about it…she said him what all happened…he said to ap “i will take sanskar with me to Calcutta…i will change his behaviour ..we will say na when we r away from our lovable ones we will recognize how much we love them but not showing…that will happen with ur sanky too…i promise you he will soon come to know about ur love and he will also know that u love both equally…send him with me”….ap goes to sanky room and said that dev is willing to take him to Calcutta…he was happy that he is going with his mamu…
Next day they left eventhough ap doesn’t want him to go but she herself consoled her as she want her son back…
They reached Calcutta….sudha(dev’s wife) she is not okay with sanky staying with them..but for her husband sake she permitted sanky…days passes but sudha didn’t took good care of sanky..eventhough sanky felt bad he didn’t consider it as he is happy playing with his badi sis uttara(dev and sudha daughter…13 years old)…uttara always took care of him…
10 years leap:
One pleasant morning:

A guy is running behind a girl…her duppatta is falling on his face…more jiya plays…….she slipped by a stone their he catches her at the right time …they have an eyelock..she looks like a angel….boy shouts wow!!!!!!!!!(guys its a dream of our hero)..suddenly he felt some water on his face…and woke up his face is shown he is none other than our sanky…he says di…..uttara exclaimed “aaj yeh di vi nahi chalega jaldi utto office jaana hai ya nahi”…sanky get up unwillingly and went into washroom by thinking abt the dream girl…her angelic face came into his mind…

He freshened up and got ready in white shirt and black pant and went out ,had his breakfast and went to office while going to office his mami came out shouting(till now she is hating sanky)”pata nahi kisne churayi thi paise…” she came near sanky and questioned him”if u took the money then please give it to me”( sanky sleeps in that room where she kept money so she is questioning him) sanky got angry and went out of the house fuming in anger…
Another mansion is shown…which is written “GADODIA MANSION”

A girl ,who is wearing a baby pink anarkali type gown, came running hugged her ma “ ma aaj meri office ka pehli din hai..ashirvad do na” and took blessing from her ..she smiled and hugged her by saying “ mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhe proud feel karvavogi…all the best ragini…”(yes that girl is ragini)…”ok ma bye” by saying this she went out and saw a man who is watering plants and hugged him from back and said”papa bye i m gng to office”….lady came out and said “ ha shekar say her bye otherwise she wont go out”(the man is shekar , ragini ‘s papa)..”sumi my daughter is the best why wont i say bye to her…ragu i l come and drop u wait i will be back” shekar said and was upto go inside the house to get ready..ragini hit her head with her hand and pouted” papa i m not a kid …i m a big girl …u came with me for the first day of school from 1std to 12th ….u even came with me for college’s first day i didn’t say anything..but i wont allow you to come with me for office today..” shekar try to interrupt her …sumi interrupted”jaane do na shekar agar akeli nahi jaayegi toh kaise seekhegi…ragu tum jaavo beta…” ragini bid bye and kissed their cheek and left…
On the other side:

Sanky is shown …he is sitting in the garden …that is absolutely shown in his eyes that he is in that much anger…he is fuming like a volcano…when some voice came from behind…”excuse me , sir”…sanky didn’t answer ..” excuse me , can u pls help me???” the voice came again..this time he cant control, he turned with anger but he is mesmerized to see the angelic face again ,that too infront of him …he didn’t know if it is dream or reality….the girl said “ sir, will u pls help me ..i want to know where is xxx office????” he was still looking at her…she shaked him and asked “ do u know where it is??” sanky asked “ who r u??? What is ur name and where did u want to go???” girl said “ i m RAGINI GADODIA..(yes guys the girl who came in sanky’s dream is ragini)..i want to go to xxx office i work there… can u pls tell me where is it??”…sanky fall for her innocence and cute face while she is asking help…” even i m working there..i will take you” sanky said with a warm smile..she gives a little smile and said” ok ..lets go”..
A day passes ..ragsan become a good friends …month passed..sanky love for ragini increased ..even ragini is feeling something but she didn’t want to believe that it is love..( guys ragini doesn’t believe in love..)one day again sudha irritated sanky….

sanky felt bad and went to the garden crying where he first met ragini…ragini comes there after going to temple , she saw sanky there and went near him …she closed his eyes with her hands to surprise…she felt wetness in her hands as sanky is crying..sanky recognized her and said “ragini…”she came and sat near him.. and asked “ what happened???did ur mami said anything??”( guys ragini knows everything abt sanky ..she thought to explain sanky that he is misunderstanding his ma..she also loves him like his brother..but she didn’t say it as she don’t want to advice him in his personal matters)sanky said with tears” haan …she scolded me again..”

Ragini felt bad by seeing him like this and decided to say him what she wants” sanky listen to me …ur aversion towards ur mom is just an infactuation..u love ur ma alot..she loves u too…and ur misunderstanding her that she doesn’t love u…u don’t know sanky ur mom l think abt u once daily…some ma will be introvert in showing love and some will be extrovert…and sanky ur ma loves u…u know what we l scold those persons whom we love alot…say me one thing u believe me right????u will do something for me???”sanky saw her and said” yes ragini…u r my best friend..i believe more than anybody else and i can do anything for u …i promise..say me what u want???” “ sanky u go back to delhi…go to your ma …u l feel better …sanky u may say that u didn’t love ur ma but i know u love ur ma and miss her… pls go to delhi and meet ur ma ..i m sure …u will understand that ur ma loves u….u misunderstood her…” ragini said …sanky is shocked” what r u saying ragini??” ragini looked by making her eyes small” u promised me Mr.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI”..” ok i will go ..” sanky said with pain..but he felt happy in nook of his heart as he is going to his ma…but he didn’t recognize it…they bid bye to each other…
At night sanky house:

Sanky went to dev and said” mamu i have decided to go back to ma..i took tickets tomorrow morning…i want to go..can i??” dev is happy that he came to know abt his ma..and he want to go to her” yes…eventhough i will miss u…i m happy that u want to go back to your ma”..
At night Gadodia mansion:
Ragini is sitting in her bed by holding a pillow and eating aam papad ( for tension control..haha)she said to herself” ragini why r u feeling bad that sanskar is going back home..oh god what is happening to me????no ragini sanky is going to his ma how u r with ur ma papa…sanky is going to his ma..pls don’t feel bad…” her thoughts was broken by one knock in window..suddenly someone came into her room..she was abt to shout..but he closed her mouth ..they have an eyelock …soch na sake plays….(thats none other than sanky)
He said “ its me ….dont shout”…ragini removed his hand from her mouth and questioned” what r u doing here that too at this time” by seeing her watch…he said” i came to meet my friend”
Ragini: oh…yy??

Sanskar: ragini..i m leaving thought to meet u ..tomorrow is Sunday u l wake up at 9 only na…and my flight is at thought to meet now….
Ragini : hmm…good decision..
They spoke like that for 2 to 3 hours ..ragini felt sleepy sanky recognized it..and said “ you sleep ragini..i m leaving…good night…may be this is good bye…have a happy future “ragini gave a fake smile don’t know y she want to stop him but she didn’t” hmm ….happy journey sanky have a great future too” they hug each other and say bye….hamari adhuri kahani plays….
Ragini is feeling like crying but don’t know y…by thinking so she slept..
Next day sanky boarded to flight by bidding by to mamu and uttara di..he landed in delhi..he went to maheshwari mansion..enters the house …he put his bag down and went inside the kitchen and hugged his ma and started to cry…” i m sorry ma, i didn’t value u…i miss u ma…now i know u r the best ma…i wont hurt u from now on..promise” ap becomes emotional and hug him..laksh comes and hugs sanky and said” bhai wont u forgive me??” sanky said “ no..” laksh was shocked tears flowing from his eyes..” lucky i l not forgive u as i m not angry at u my chote” said sanky by hugging passes like this…week passed …ap feels something bad abt sanky…as he is happy but something is missing in him…
Next day
Ap says “ sanky i have planned ur marriage..if u meet that girl and confirm then i l be happy” sanky doesn’t want to but he said ok as his ma wanted him to..she said”that girl will come to meet u tomorrow evening wait for her at garden”..

At 4 pm the next day
Sanky went to garden and stood there one voice came from behind which was so painful, happiness and all mixture of all emotions” sanskar…” sanky turned and said “ ragini…” ragini came running and hugged him…and said “ i missed u sanskar….”
Ragini: sanky u did right by leaving Calcutta …because of that only i came to know about my love to you.( still hugging)
Sanskar: ( break the hug ) what r u saying??
Ragini : ha sanky i love u…i know u also love me…aunty said this to me.
Sanskar:i love u too ragini and hugged her…
Sanskar: how did ma knows??

That night ap saw a letter in which sanky has written” i love u RAGINI”…at the same time sanky got a call from ragini…as he was talking with laksh…she didn’t pick it…but called and said dev abt ragini…dev asked uttara abt ragini…uttara said him that sanky loves ragini and said abt her(sanky shares everthing with uttara) spoke to shekar and sumi…they also accept it as ragini is also not happy those days…they spoke to ragini she hugged her parents…and said “tq ma papa…ya i love sanky but couldn’t recognize it…i love sanskar”
Fb ends
Ragini: this is how all happened…
Sanky was happy…and they went to home and hugged their parents..they said that ragsan marriage is fixed after 4 days..

At night:
Sanky pov:
I never thought that this will happen…..ragini u made me realise abt my ma…YOU CHANGED ME RAGINI…i am happy that my love is coming into my life soon…pata nahi ragini tab mujhe tumse pyar hua tha…but hogaya …ab bas ek hi samay ka wait kar raha hoon ragini…please come into my life soon….not being my wife but being my life….i love u RAGINI GADODIA..i will never let a tear come from ur eyes..

Ragini pov:
I never thought that i l fall in love…i never believed in it…but sanky u came in my life and proved that love exists…..u r my love sanky…i will never leave u…YOU CHANGED ME SANKY…i love u so much Mr.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI….i promise u…i love u as a friend and will be with u and support u in every consequences…

They got married and lived happily…

Hope u people liked it…sorry if i bored u…please comment and say how is it guys….love u all…i m eagerly waiting to read all ur ff’s…i will try to post one analysis regarding ragsan ff’s….

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      Tq so much ….ya i can write it as a ss…. But i l not have time na…thats y…i got this concept while reading a story.. Where the boy dont like his ma…he goes to mama house there his aunt will say him criminal…and he l suffer alot…i thought to write this in an another way…i mean like a love story and that is a story of 7 years boy..i just took the boy character and wrote my plot…

      I was free today after cmng from schl…so that only wrote di…

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        Short story….

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    1. Priya15

      Hi di….ya i have read it….ya i have read ur ff…sorry for being a silent reader..i didnt get time to cmnt di…dont take me wrong..but its just amaxing….no priya is my nick name…i cant say my real name di as my dad didnt allow me to say n public site…di r u register mem here…if no…pls register.. I l send it to u as a private message. ..pakka…i just stepped into 11th di..

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    Still active in skr page? And wait u have become a Shraman fan han? Even l too like them that is why my first 3 shot was dedicated to them…
    Well love u dear and would love to chat with u more but gotta go now?

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di….ya l try to write…whenever free…haha di my eng was so poor…u r saying i l become a writer in future???but tq di…i l surely do it…just to improve eng…

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      Tq dc…sorry couldnt cmnt n ur ff bcoz of my studies…. Ya tq for saying that dear…but i have a great study load n cant be regular in posting ff and ss and all…thats y dear…tdy i was free so that posted it…and waiting for ur ff…..

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      Tq so much di….ya i know even my ma l miss her mom …so i can understand how it feels….but ur ma is always with u di…in ur heart…i l always say my ma…that u r not away from nani…she is not physically present near u…but mentally she is with u…same to u di…

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      Lol ? u md ramnath ravanath haha ?.. Nice comparison.. I said in sad on skr pg as u made me sad… U made me emotional ?? nice u remember rules bt still u said sorry in ur OS I’m angry ?.. Mam ur autograph pls ✒?…… U called me cutie.. Bt I’m on my elder sis.. That means u made me cute.. Btw aha aha aha the end superb… Agar aap chaho to ek film storyteller bi ban skte Ho u r so talented,, one OS on shraman also haan??? Will u write,, pls tell

      1. vanshu sorry and thankyou rule is only in skr page not here ! am I right priya di 😛 ?

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        Yes twinkle Dear……

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        Vanshu tum mujhe chida toh nahi ho na……oh ok dont be sad dearthats a os so can Say sorry…oh really i made u cute…ha ho toh hai…mera autograph???priya with love haha………mei aur movie???koi nahi dekhega vanshu……os on shraman …l try for sure…but want a good concept………

        u asked y sumo crying n my dp na???that is the scene were one false news will come that ramnath dead…shravan l be depressed so sumo l hug him n cry……that is the pic of that scene…i loved that scene alot…it made me cry when i saw it…i literally cried while seeing shravan love for his dad…its a diff bond……¿

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      Tq so much di…but i m angry with u….y u didnt update ur first ragsan ff..i m really missing it..n ya i m reading this ff of ragsan…think i missed to cmnt bcoz of busy schedule..

      And ff..i can’t say pakka…as i have lot to study…but i can say i may come up with os…whenever i m free…i l not get alot free times so ff is not possible di..but ya l try to come with us…sorry for that…. Pls update ur ff…i m missing it..

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    That was one emotional and sweet OS. Loved the way you depicted a mother-son relationship.?
    And then RagSan’s cute one, Ragini handled Sanskar with love and care and made him realize that his mother will always love him. Annapurna’s surprise for Sanskar was awesome, for a second I did thought that she may have chosen some other girl for Sanskar but when I read it was Ragini I got so excited you know that I accidently bit my tongue ?
    Loved the OS. continue writing ?

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much di…oh god bited ur tongue…it l pain alot na di..oh sry i was the reason for that..tq once again..and ya i l try to write os like this..

      1. Megha

        Don’t be sorry ? I am quite used to it now, it happens all the time when I get excited ?

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    how ragini made sankaar to go to his mother n how he realized his family’s value
    his relation with uttara was god too
    at last ragsan r together n happy
    ragini’s bonding with her parents is awesome
    over protective father n loving mother
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    1. Priya15

      tq so much di..ya di we wont value people when they r near us..but when they left us..we l follow their advices..and actually shekar being a protective father idea came from my papa and bade they r like that..there is many fathers who take their daughters for the first day of office too..tq once again di..

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      di…dont worry kabhi kabhi hota hai di.…ffs is not possible di…as i have a big study load…but l surely write os…tq di……take care u too di……love u.……

  29. Beautifully written…you rocked it dear ☺☺.. great job. It’s true that you would never value the person when he/she is near you and would know their importance in your life when you move away from them…you have carved nicely the bonding between each and every character… well done dear… will be looking forward for many other ff’s from you…. All the best my dear little sweet sissy….. Tc … love you☺☺

    1. Priya15

      Tq tq so much di……dont expect ff from di pls………as i cant write……but l surely write os like this di pakka………love u too di……tc……

  30. Awesome story dear

    1. Priya15

      Tq so much piya dear.…………

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    1. Priya15

      Oh… cant say tqs to u………but trust me i know how it feels to read another pairs story……u read it for me……even i feel difficult to read swasan stories……so my pleasure that u read it sweety……

    2. but but when the story and the writer both things are super duper awesome then the pair does not matter 🙂

      1. Priya15

        ha…ryt twinkle..

  32. Zuha Fatima

    It is very nice dear…and yeah may I referyou as “di”….It was very nice.. For a change read such a different character of Sanky…Beautiful…Love you dear! ♥♥
    Best regards,
    Zuha Fatima.

    1. Priya15

      Ya ofcourse…y not??u dont have to ask permission dear…tq so much dear…love u too sweetie……

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    1. Priya15

      Ya remember u……sangini ff writer na di……tq so much di…

  34. Nita D

    Priya dear…..your os is just awesome….wonderful story….u should write some more…??

    1. Priya15

      ya di planning that only …will post it tdy or tmr or this weekend…when i l post i l say it through pm..

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