She changed me ( RagLak) three shots second shot


Hey guys kashish here… with second shot of raglak three shots…. hope you guys like it too…
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first shot

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second shot….
We see Ragini gets up from the sleep and gets ready and comes downstairs wearing a blue frock… as laksh choice laksh sees her and gets mesmerised seeing her he goes to her and starts kissing her lips he bites her lower lip and then after sometime… he haves bf with her and pecks her lips and leaves from there…..
Ragini was cleaning the store room… when a book fells down from her she picks it up.. and it was a diary… she opens it and goes to her room and starts reading it…
That day changed my life… was written on it.. she starts reading it….
The day when my mom and dad were going on a car to jaipur a truck came and hitted their car and there were spot dead from that day I locked up myself in a room and never talked to anyone and stayed alone one day some goons came and took me somewhere…. at that place they were many drugs kept police reached there and kept in prison they also kept me in prison at that time I unknowingly shooted the police officer and the goons took me and escape from there… they madde me grown up with them and when I was 25 years old they make me their boss from then I became a rude merciless cruel gangster who was innocent happy go fun loving and caring boy…. that day changed my life…
From laksh
Ragini read the whole diary and kept it back in the store room…. she thinks now I know the whole truth I have to make my husband laksh like before who used to care and love everyone I have to change him any how…. this is Ragini laksh maheshwari promise I will surely change him and make him like before….
She says it with a determined face…

At night
Laksh reaches home and was shocked to see his parents and his picture in the hall and all his favourite dishes were ready…. he sees Ragini in a se** night and gets shocked… Ragini goes near to him and puts her both hands around her shoulder and kisses his lips and sucks them he also starts kissing her lips and sucks them…. then after sometime they both stop…. Ragini makes laksh have the food with her own hands…. after making him have the whole food he kisses her hands Ragini blushes…..
He picks up her in his arms and takes her to their room… he then makes her down… Ragini says laksh where are u parents are???? Laksh says it is none of your business… and turns backward… Ragini says so wow amazing laksh now you are hiding from me the truth I have read your diary and I know the whole truth… why laksh u have changed so much… why can’t u be the same fun loving happy go lucky and caring boy… please laksh be like before… why you have changed so much… I know you love your parents so much but think once they feel happy when they see u like this…. think once laksh just the sake of your parents… they will not be happy na so become like old laksh if they see you like this they will be broken… will u be happy seeing them in broken state.. Think laksh before it is too late… and she leaves from there…..
Laksh was deeply thinking about Ragini words….

Screen freezes on laksh thinking face….

Precap: – laksh took a decision….

So guys how was the second part… so guys it’s a bye from kashish love u all take care and do drop your comments….

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