She changed me ( RagLak) three shots last shot

Hey guys kashish here with final part hope you guys like it too… thanks for your support and comments….
Final shot…

Recap: – laksh took a decision….

He thought about Ragini’s word whole night… in the next day he finally took a decision… Ragini get up from the sleep and she wears a white knee length frock… and goes downstairs and sees laksh in a white coat with white shirt and blue jeans… Ragini says hi to him…
Laksh: Ragini wish me as it is my first day in my office..
Ragini gets very happy listening to this….
Ragini: all the best laksh I know u will be definitely selected I am so happy that u finally changed…
Laksh: thank u Ragini for coming in my life because of u only I changed otherwise this had not been possible and Ragini I took a decision I just want to ask u I know u were forced for this relationship so do u want to take divorce from me if u want I have no problem I will free u from this unwanted relationship…
Ragini( sad): – no laksh don’t think about the past now u have changed that is enough for me… what happened if we can’t be lovers… we will be best friends and will be there for each other difficult times… so u leave for office and don’t think about this….
Laksh nods and leaves for office…

Like this days passed and laksh started loving Ragini he now loved Ragini deeply truly and unconditionally… one day he decided to confess his feelings for her…
He takes leave from office and he sends Ragini for shopping… she comes in evening laksh blindfolds her and takes her to there room… he opens her eyes she was shocked to see the whole room was decorated with candles and on the bed they were rosess… and she sees candle light dinner and their was music system also.. and there was a heart shaped in which it was written raglak…
Laksh kneels down in front of Ragini and pulls out a ring….
Laksh: – Ragini I started loving u the day u changed me and showed me the reality…. the one who was cruel merciless gangster u changed him to normal fun loving happy go lucky and fun loving boy… you are different from other’s Ragini… you are a best friend and a caring wife of mine… I love you Ragini I love you more than my life…
Ragini gets shocked and says; no laksh this is just your attraction I forgive u that doesn’t mean I will love u no laksh the moment u proposed me our friendship with each other is no more…. I don’t love u laksh I don’t I am sorry but now no more we are friends…. you live your own life and I will live my own life…
Saying this she leaves from there…. laksh falls down on the floor with a thud… the whole night he was crying like a small kid…. he was fully broken after this incident….
Like this many months passed and Ragini ignored him totally… laksh was totally broken from inside and out… he was pale and dull all the time he always fake a smile to show others…. one day laksh said Ragini this is divorce papers sign on them and u will be freed from this unwanted relationship… Ragini cries seeing them and broke down in front of them…laksh also broke down and cries….

Laksh was really going to sign the papers and then was going to give it to Ragini when he was about to sign… Ragini shouts laksh and throws the pen on the floor…. and shouts laksh what are u going to do i love you so much…. I am sorry i have not realised your true love for me I love you so much I realised the truth when I was away from u in these all months… please forgive me I am sorry that I did not realised the love for you before… please forgive me I am really sorry… please don’t leave me laksh I love u more than my life… saying this she hugs him…
They again get married with all the rituals… this time raglak were so happy…

At first night.
Laksh throws the jewellery on the floor… he sees her lips Ragini closes her eyes and nodes in positive… laksh kisses her lips and sucks them she also kisses him… after sometime they stop… laksh puts he in the bed and takes out her saree…. Ragini unbuttons his shirt and throws it on the floor… they both consummate their marriage…

Five years passed…
Ragini laksh were talking when a cute girl comes and says papa mama…. yes it was raglak cute daughter… swati laksh maheshwari… they both hug her and kisses her cheek… she slept in few minutes… they adore her seeing her in sleep… they hug each other they were now a happy and complete family…

The end

So guys how was three shots… hope you enjoyed it… so it’s a bye from kashish love u all… will post my both ffs asap… till then bye take care….

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  1. Varsha

    love raglak a lot, it ws a nice TS. Pls cm wid a new FF if u cn

    1. Kashish8456

      will try dear for sure but let me concetrate on my present going on ffs also na yes will come back with a raglak os or ts if i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for now my upcoming os will be on ragsan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Varsha

        will be waitin dear

  2. Teja

    Wow kashish I love it

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      thank u teja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u sindhura di

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  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    too good yaar kashish i just love ur stories and m so happy u started a ff on edkv

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u jo yipeeeeeeeeeeee thanx a lot for loving my stories… yes i started a ff on edkv because i love shraman sooo much…..

  4. wow it’s outstanding dear and loved it a lot. Plz come back with another Raglak ff or os

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u ammu yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanx a lot for such wonderful comments will try to come up with a raglak ff or os if i get any new concept till then u can read my destiny raglak and ragsan one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u ammy yipeeeeeeeeeee u liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  5. Megha123

    Wow !!! It’s really very amazing ……

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      thank u megha123 yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Janviiivyas

    Kashu …heads off to you

    1. Janviiivyas

      It was really nice

    2. Kashish8456

      thank u janvi for such amazing comment well heads off to me i don’t think so well yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u liked it

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      thank u lovely

  7. Fabulous

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  9. Sreevijayan

    Really nice one dear

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      thank u sree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The two updates were fabulous Kashish. It was nice reading Laksh’s transformation. Oh and I loved RagLak’s love confessions and their happy ending. Thank you so much for writing this ??

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u so much fats yes i love happy ending stories so no worries in my ff/os/ts because i love happy ending very much whether it is movies serials or ffs yipeeeeeeee u liked it well pleasure is mine love u loads for such wonderful comment….

  11. Awww
    …chooo chueeettt…reallly awesome ending dear….loved raglak a lotzzz…..keep rockng n plz post ur ffs soon ,waitng for it dear 😉 😉 🙂

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u will try to post my ffs asap for this whole week i maybe post my destiny only because i am ending it in 15 episodes… 15th one will be the epilogue then i can concentrate on my first ff that is ragsan/sangini ff…. because i like to concentrate only one thing at one time…… anyways will soon come back with a os that too on ragsan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in ff i get time i will start a new ff….

  12. Shana98

    Awesome happy ending ????❤️

    1. Kashish8456

      thank u shana98 thank u well pleasure is mine happy ending stories are just fabulous so i like all the happy ending stories….

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